How to check bvn on gtbank account

Looking for how to check bvn on gtbank account?

Look no further as i have the procedures or the method with which you can easily see your bank verification number enrolled with gtbank.

Right now in Nigeria, any financial services that you want to enroll or use, requires the use of the bvn. Without having a bank verification number, you can’t enjoy or enroll yourself.

For example, you can’t receive or transfer money if your bank account is not linked to any bvn, even to buy airtime or pay for service online or offline.

The only solution is to enroll and get your bvn.

But there are some people that registered for bank verification number and have forgotten it, looking for a way to check bvn on gtbank or any other bank. I have three methods which two of them are superb and wouldn’t cost you a dime.

How to check bvn on gtbank

So how do you check bvn on gtbank, one is through internet banking, second is through online banking and lastly is through ussd code.

To check bvn on gtbank using internet banking or mobile banking wouldn’t cost you a dime, but will cost you N15 on *737#.

So let me shoe you how you can go about it.

1. Through internet banking

Most people seems to run away from this, reason i don’t know. They prefer the ussd code, not knowing that gtbank internet banking is the best in terms of offering good banking services.

How to check gtbank bvn on phone or computer using their internet or online banking, first you have to register.

Registration is 100% free and no charges whatsoever, and it wouldn’t take you 30 minutes and you’re done with it.

All you need to do is to head over to any gtbank branch you know, walk straight to the customer service, greet them good day and request that you want to enroll internet banking.

You will be given a form to fill, and after filling it and done all the necessary things, you’re good to start using the internet banking.

Having registered for the Internet banking, and to check your bvn on gtbank account, login to your account, tap on the left option menu.

You’ll see your bank verification number displayed on your screen.

Both the bvn, account number and account balance is always displayed on your internet banking page.

You don’t need to press or tap on any thing just to check it, and better still no cost or fee on this at all.

How to check bvn on gtbank account

2. Mobile banking

The second method on how to check bvn on gtbank is through mobile banking app. It works similar to internet banking but just that it is a mobile app.

You will also have to register, but can easily do that wherever you find yourself.

Registering your account for gtbank mobile banking isn’t a stressful one, just a thing of 15 minutes and you are done.

You can read more on Gtbank mobile banking from here

After downloading and registering for gtbank mobile banking, next is to use it to check bvn on gtbank account.

So how can i do that on my mobile phone?

Immediately you opened the gtworld mobile app on your android phone or iPhone/iPad and sign in, click on the left option menu and you will see where it is written bvn: 1234567890. 


Checking your bank verification number on your gtbank mobile app won’t cost you anything other than 3kb of your internet data.

3. Check bvn on gtbank via *737#

The last method on the list to check bvn on gtbank account. This attracts a fee of N15 per check, so the more you check it the more fees gtbank charges you.

To check your bank verification number, dial *737#, and select the 8th option which to check account balance.

Having done that, gtbank will display your account number, bvn number and your account balance the same time.

You have the opportunity to copy it on a piece of paper and store it on your phone for future use.

You don’t have to be given gtbank N15 in order to check your bvn, write it down on on a paper and save it on your phone.

You mustn’t save it with bvn as the name, if you si much care about your security.

Next is for those that are having issues linking their bvn to their new bank account.

Have experienced this before and i want to show you how i solved it.

How to change your bvn name arrangement

Having issues with how your bvn name is arranged, and wants to update change or update it, follow this guide.

I don’t know if you have tried linking your bvn to your new account, and the bank telling you that it didn’t go through cause of the name arrangement.

For example you created account with zenith bank and enrolled for bvn using your zenith bank account, then it happens that the bank made a mistake and arranged your name another way round.

Like your Surname is Chukwu, First name is Tobe and last or last name is John.

The bank wrote Tobe as your surname, John as your first name and Chukwu as your last name.

If you create a new account with a new bank using your name as Chukwu Tobe John, linking your bvn account will not work.

The only way to resolve is to change your bvn name arrangement or ask your new bank to register your just like it is on the bvn.

But the problem is how do you know how your name is arranged on the bvn or even the bank making a mistake on spelling.

To check how your name is written on the bvn, either you visit the bank you enrolled the bvn and request that you want to know how your name is written, or you go through this page Bvn validator.

That bvn validator is approved by the central bank, it will show you how your name is written on your bvn. But it will cost you N25 to check it.

If you don’t want to spend that amount, go to your bank and inquire from them.

They will run a check and give you a feedback on how it is written. If it is not correct or there’s a misspelling, you need to change that quickly.

To change your bvn name arrangement or the name itself, go to the bank that you registered your bvn, request that you want to change your bvn name or the name arrangement.

You will be given a form to fill, complete and return it. Having done all the necessary things your bvn details will change within the space of one to seven days.

Please note you need to have your ID before going to change your bvn name or other details, failure to do that, the bank will not listen to you.

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So guys this is where i round it up on how to check bvn on gtbank account and also how to change your details. Any questions or inquiry, i’m open to it.

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