How to create pin for zenith bank token

Looking for how to create pin for zenith bank token, i’ve the very detailed steps that will guide you through on activating and creating your pin for transfer, airtime recharge, bill payment plus others.

Zenith bank token is one of the safest way to protect your account from hackers or thieves or even people around you.

No one will have access to your account except the use the token hardware.

Not only for security purpose is the reason why zenith token is a necessity. There are features of zenith electronic banking that you can’t your pin number to do, but rather will have to generate a pin from the hardware token.

Things like changing of email address and phone number will require a token else you’ve to go the bank and do that.

GTBank will give you the op to change your email address through their internet banking or mobile app using your pin number, but that is not the case with zenith bank or zenith bank token

To change your email address and phone number, you have to use the token hardware.

How to create pin for zenith bank token

Before using the hardware device, you will first activate and create pin for zenith bank token.

Follow the steps below to do that.

I’m giving you this tutorial based on the fact that you have Zenith bank internet banking or mobile banking app installed on your phone.

Please follow the instruction below to activate and create pin for zenith bank token.

Having gotten the token hardware, go to Zenith bank website and click internet banking on the top right side.

Click login to internet banking, and choose how you will like to login by selecting either pin and token code or password.

Will advise you to select password. Afterwards kindly login with your account number and internet banking password.

If you cannot remember your password, you may initiate a password reset by clicking on ‘’forgot password’’ below on the logon page and follow the prompt.

A default password will be sent to the mobile number/email address where you receive alert.

Create a new password following this format- kindly begin with a capital letter, followed by lower case characters, at least 1 number and a special symbol.

Note that the password should be within a range of 8 to 11 characters.

Locate and click on settings immediately after login and click on create online banking pin.

Enter a unique four digit, (e.g. 4915) do not repeat any number nor use numbers that are serial like 1234.

You’ve to pay an attention to this part. You have to confirm the unique number sent to you by pressing the token device given to you.

Enter the number that comes up on the device (please note each token reading expires in one minute, you’ve to very fast about it) and enter it in your otp field.

Finally click submit to activate the token.

You can also use this method to activate your Zenith bank token hardware.

Go to Zenith bank token activation page and type in your zenith bank account number and click on submit.

Without wasting time you will receive an otp pin number on your phone or email address registered with the bank

Kindly key in the otp number sent to you, and enter your hardware serial number which is a 10 digit code written on the back of the token.

Mind you, you don’t have to type the dash, just write the numbers on the hardware only. The last is to type in your preferred four digit pin.

Please note, you can use your atm pin for easy remembrance or use any numbers that you won’t forget but not a serial number.

Click on the submit button and you will receive a successful message on your screen. With that, you’ve successfully activated zenith bank token hardware.

Next is how to create pin for zenith bank token. 

If you want to make a Zenith money transfer, airtime/data recharge or bill payment etc, you can use the token only if you have selected the option to do so.

If during account creation that you choose to use pin number instead of token for confirmation, you can change that option.

On your internet banking page or mobile banking home page, click on the left op menu, and you will see settings.

You will see an that is written to switch token and pin, from there you can switch to use the token instead of pin.

To create a pin for zenith bank token, during money transfer or any other, on the last stage which is to type in either the token or pin number, turn on the token and click on the button to generate a pin.

The pin lasts for just one minute, quickly key in the pin you generated and click on confirmation.

That’s it. Creating zenith token pin isn’t a difficult one but rather activating it and if you follow the steps very well, you wouldn’t find it difficult at all.


How to create pin for zenith bank token

It adds extra security to your bank account, compared to the pin number you’re using in protecting your account.

You can transfer up to N1,000,000 from your bank account using the zenith token hardware, this is what the normal pin won’t give you.

On Internet and mobile banking without the token, the highest you can transfer is N1,000,000 daily.

You can use it to change your registered phone number and email address both on the internet and mobile banking platform.

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So this is how to create pin for zenith bank token, and have your account properly secured. Mind you it costs N3500 and you can buy it from the bank only.

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