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First Bank Transfer Code: How To Transfer Money From First Bank To Other Bank

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First bank‎ transfer code and how to transfer money from first bank to other bank got easier with *894# as you can able to perform any money transaction on your mobile phone without the need for internet connection or internet data.

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 I can recall that any money transaction on mobile is just for airtime recharge and nothing again but recently many banks added new things which includes transferring money or funds from one bank to another through a USSD which first bank is *894# CODE which first bank recently introduced. 
With First bank nigeria transfer code service, there is no need for you to queue up at the banking hall just to deposit small amount of money. It’s fast, convenient and secure.

Features of First Bank Transfer Code Using *894#

 Below are the features of first bank transfer code.
>> All services can be performed using ANY type of phone (feature and smart phones).
>> The number being used to access the service must be the number registered with First bank.
>> Money is deducted directly from your bank account.
>> Allows you select the account you want to transact on if you have more than one accoun in the bank.

User Enrollment

 How to enroll or use Mobi Kora first bank transfer code
>> Simply dial *894*0#
>>A list of masked debit card numbers linked to your account is displayed
>>Select your preferred debit card
>>Enter the 4-digit Personal Identification Number (PIN) for the selected debit card
>>Create a new 5-digit PIN
>>Your number is now LIVE on the FirstBank USSD Quick Banking Service

Without a Debit ATM Card

1. Simply dial; *894*0#
2  Provide your 10-digit First Bank account number.
3  Create a new 5-digit Personal Identification Number (PIN).
4. Your number is now LIVE on the FirstBank USSD Quick Banking Service.
You don’t have to fear if without atm is secured, both with or without atm card are secured as long as you have your private or personal identification number or pin code.

Benefits of First Bank Transfer Code

Key benefits of first bank transfer code.

1. It is the fastest , most convenient
2  With first bank transfer code, money can be transferred anywhere, anytime(24/7) and on-the-go.
3. Works on all types of GSM mobile phone handsets.
4. Transaction takes not more than 10-15 seconds to complete.
5. Beneficiary’s account name and number are always displaced for your confirmation before completing the transfer.
6. Funds are instantly sent and the beneficiary receives the money instantly.
7. There is no minimum single transaction amount
Maximum single transaction amount is N100,000.


1. There is no minimum single transaction amount.
2. Maximum single transaction amount is N100,000.
3. Daily transfer limit is N100,000.
4. All fund transfer transactions require PIN.
5. Instant transaction alerts.
6.With 894, you can transfer money within FirstBank and to other Nigerian banks.

 Transfer Money From First Bank To Another Bank Using 894#

First bank transfer code

 First you should know that you can’t use any sim other than the sim card or number used in creating or opening bank account with first bank or any other bank(s). First let’s go through the option menu when you dial *894#.
1.Dial *894*Amount*Account Number# (For example –  Dial *894*5000*1234567890# to send N5,000 to account number 1234567890).
2. Select the bank you are Transferring to
Confirm beneficiary’s name, amount, and enter your 5-digit PIN.
3. Your accounts are displayed for selection, (if you have more than one account with FirstBank).
4. Select account to you want to Transfer from
Transaction is processed and completed.
So this is the guideline on first bank transfer code and how to transfer money from first bank to other bank using *894#

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