First Bank Nigeria ATM Withdrawal Limit (Daily)

This post gives you the information you needed on first bank Nigeria ATM withdrawal limit in 2021. As a bank customer, you’ll be able to know the amount you’re liable to withdraw in a day from your first bank account.

Every bank have it’s limit on the automated teller machine withdrawal, so as first bank nigeria atm withdrawal limit. 

It is a compulsory to that every person should know it’s bank limit on withdrawal, so as to avoid hindrance when collecting your cash from the atm.

In Nigeria, banks have their limits on atm withdrawal.

Some are N100,000 while some are N150,000 per day and i’m yet to see a bank that exceed the hundred and fifty thousand naira daily limi.

So what about the oldest bank in Nigeria, what is actually first bank nigeria atm withdrawal limit!

First bank nigeria atm withdrawal limit

First bank nigeria atm withdrawal limit

Right now in 2021 , First bank nigeria not only increased their daily money transfer limit, but they did also on the atm withdrawal.

The limit which was hundred thousand naira per day was increased to hundred and fifty thousand naira per day limit.

So if you’re going to the atm with your first bank visa card, bear in mind that you will withdraw up to hundred and fifty thousand naira (N150,000) in a day especially on first bank atm.

First bank money transfer limit

This post isn’t only applicable to the withdrawal limit, but also first bank money transfer limit.

With the recent changes, first bank customers can now transfer up to one million naira from their account each day, though it requires a token.

Before the limit was five hundred thousand, but they recently increased the amount after customers especially those with corporate accounts complained.

So both the withdrawal and transfer limits have been increased respectively.

About First Bank Nigeria

First bank Nigeria Plc is one of the oldest financial institutions and indeed the largest retail lender in Nigeria, it’s the 1st bank to be established in West Africa.

The bank was incorporated in Liverpool as a Limited Liability company in March 1894 with the name Bank of British West Africa.

The bank was listed on the Nigerian Stock exchange (NSE) in March 1971 after which it acquired its name – First Bank of Nigeria in 1979.

Following the CBN induced industry-wide consolidation in 2005 the bank acquired its merchant banking subsidiary, FBN Merchant Banker ltd and MBC int’l Bank Plc.

FirstBank maintains a subsidiary in United Kingdom which has a branch in Paris, the bank also has representative offices in South Africa, China and Dubai through which it offers offshore financial services.

First bank Nigeria offers a wide range of wholesale, retail and consumer banking products and services in ensuring that it keeps true to its name as the 1st bank of choice in the country.

One of the good feature that i like about the bank is it’s superior performance too strengthen the bank’s brand, leverage and upscale the customers’ experience through delivery of excellent services.

Another feature is professionalism, which helps to revolutionize the Bank’s operations in line with the dynamics of the operating environment while ensuring that we provide the best financial services unmatched.

The last feature i like about the bank is it’s customer centricity.

The customer is the king and the reason we are in business, their demands should be met in line with bank’s policy.

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Let me repeat it again, first bank Nigeria atm withdrawal limit is hundred and fifty thousand naira (N150,000), while the money transfer limit through their visa card is one million naira (N1,000,000). Your questions, inquiries and suggestions are welcomed.

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