What is uba secure pass and activation

What is Uba secure pass: this is a mobile app designed in such a way that it will act as a token to uba customers.

The app is solely to use in authorizing transactions and identity management on all of UBA’s digital channels.

You can use the secure-pass uba app for generating token number or pin for Internet Banking solution, Mobile Banking solution, EmailMoni and others which require authorization of transactions.

This is actually a soft token, like we have the hardware token which is device.

But the secure pass is a software application which is available on android and ios.

You can download the uba secure pass for IOS and also for Android users. Having downloaded and installed the app, next is to activate it to work with your account.

They only way to use the secure pass uba application to generate a token, is by having uba internet or mobile banking account.

You need to use your username and password (ID) to sign in to the app.

Registering for uba internet banking isn’t a stressful one, you can register yourself without going to the bank. Go through this page to get yourself registered.

Having enrolled or registered for uba internet and mobile banking, next is to head over to the secure pass app.

How to activate Uba secure pass app

What is Uba secure pass app


To activate uba secure pass application, open the app and sign in using your internet or mobile banking username and password.

You know uba full meaning is united bank for Africa, so it isn’t just for Nigerians. On the app, you need to select your country which is Nigeria and click OK.

An OTP will be sent to your registered phone number andeemail address to complete the login process. So simply type in the Otp numbers sent to you and click “Ok”.

The above process is actually how to login to the uba secure pass app, next is to generate a token pin, through the application.

After logging into your account, you will see a self administration service, which has many options like unlock, reset, install and I’d like to request a uba secure pass

Please select the last option which is I’d like to request a uba secure pass.

You will see a verification especially if you signed in using your internet banking account.

The verification is a security question, which you created why registering for Internet banking.

Please provide the correct answer to the question and click OK. If you sign in to the uba soft token generator app using your mobile banking details, you will not see any security question to answer.

Next is to give a name for your new token identity. You can use choose your name, type it in the space and click OK.

Afterwards, you may be asked, “Have you downloaded and installed the UBA Secure Pass application onto your mobile device?”, at this point we have, so click “Yes”.

On the next page, you’ll be shown a page to activate your UBA Secure Pass Identity, simply tap on “Activate UBA Secure Pass”.

A successful activation message will be displayed on your screen and you can now create your token pin.

You can create a token pin using the token hardware or a soft token. Creating one using uba token generator app is called soft token.

Next is to create a pin which you will use for money transfer, bill payment on your internet or mobile banking account.

After activating your UBA Secure Pass, click “next and you will be prompted to create a 4 digit pin.

Type in your preferred pin number and confirm it, then click on the “submit” button. This will generate your first token code.

Subsequently, you will need to provide this 4-digit pin to generate token codes, so make sure it’s something you can easily remember. Note that the soft token pin expires in the next 60 seconds.

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This is what uba secure pass is all about, and also how to activate it. With the soft token pin, you can transfer a maximum amount of N5,000,000 in a day.

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