What is Rbc Business Banking 2021

Rbc business banking is a type of an account created for business owners for fast and efficient way of managing their business.

Whether you are a start-up or a large corporation, RBC has the tools you need to start and run your business all in one place.

Rbc  business banking helps for a faster means of payment, which saves you time & money by integrating your payments electronically.

Not only that, you will get an alert immediately toyyour account, when payments are made for greater tracking and security.

Rbc business banking

Rbc business banking

Rbc business banking helps you in knowing your cash position at any given time allows you to make more informed on the spot decisions.

It saves you a bunch of time in Save time when you automatically deposit recurring payments – directly into your payees accounts.

You as a business account holder can make payments in U.S. and Canadian currencies, maximize your cash flow with the ability to pay vendors immediately.

Rbc business banking account facilitates the process of sending electronic payments via email or text message to payees anywhere in Canada with Interac e-Transfer.

It also helps you to pay your domestic and international vendors, in over 30 countries in the name of wire transfer, and it can be in can be in Canadian or foreign currency.

The Royal Bank of Canada business account is best for;

  • International payments required in a foreign currency
  • Large domestic purchases such as real estate or a product shipment
  • Urgent payment requirements
  • Payments that are final upon sending and require a certainty of payments
  • Businesses that want to reduce their use of cheques paying established suppliers through the payees available online
  • Paying multiple bills at once
  • Separating business and personal expenses
  • Keeping track of business expense which may be tax deductible
  • Large companies that send and receive multiple payments each day
  • Businesses looking for a secure way to to store vendor payment information
  • Companies who need a customized file transfer solution to meet the unique needs of their business
  • Businesses that want to save while banking in multiple channels
  • Businesses with low to medium transaction volume

Royal Bank of Canada business account easily helps you to manage your day-to-day business banking with an operating account that lines up to what your business needs most.

You need to make and receive business-related payments, want to pay bills, deposit funds and manage your business expenses on your schedule.

It also helps if you’re looking for online tools to simplify your regular business transactions.

Rbc business banking helps to supplement your cash flow by providing your business with a line of credit that you can access anywhere at any time.

You can also buy or refinance your income-producing properties with competitive-rate mortgages over $1,000,000.

You get purchasing power, flexibility and security plus earn cash back on every purchase you make on the card;

  • Earn 2% cash back on purchases made on your card in the first three months.
  • Earn 1% cash back on card purchases after that
  • No annual fee

Rbc business banking account gives you a convenient and affordable choice that gives you access to funds when your business needs it.

  • Keep your business and personal expenses separate for simpler tracking and managing of your business expenses
  • Build a credit history in the name of your business

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Keep your business running smoothly with the right mix of accounts and services to support your full range of banking needs using rbc business banking account.

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