How to transfer money from first bank on phone

This blog post or article will give you a detailed guide on how to transfer money from first bank to other bank on phone.

I didn’t mention the atm, but rather on your mobile device, be it android, ios smartphone or even Java.

Currently in Nigeria, there are three methods with which you can transfer or send money to another account without going to the bank or using the atm.

How to transfer money from first bank.

This is the best and fastest means of money transfer.

We have to thank technology that has really helped us cause back in the days it was through post office or going to the bank was the only option we had, but technology has really changed things.

If you want to transfer money from first bank to another bank account or same with first bank and anywhere you find yourself, there are three methods which you can use.

They are the internet banking, mobile banking and lastly the ussd code. How to transfer money from first bank.

The internet and mobile banking requires internet connection before you can use it, whilst the *894# ussd code doesn’t require internet at all.

This is why most people prefer to use the *894# cause it supports all mobile phones and doesn’t make use of the internet.

Internet and mobile banking requires you to have either android or ios smartphones, before you can use them to transfer money from first bank.

For me, i always prefer the internet and mobile banking as a means of money transfer using my first bank Nigeria on phone.

You maybe be wondering the reason for that, is because it shows the details of the transfer, and my account book.

How to transfer money from first bank to other bank

What ways can you transfer money from your first bank account to another bank, the procedures are here for you to make your choice.

1. Through internet banking

Internet banking is one of safest way which you can transfer money from first bank account, and that which you can transfer up to N1,000,000 in a day

I know people who have enrolled for the internet banking are using it to transfer money, but for those that haven’t, you should try and get registered today.

Registration is free and no stress in registering at all.

Apart from money transfer there are lot’s of features that it is in the online or internet banking, which you can’t see on the mobile banking and the *894# ussd code.

This includes option to download and print out your statement of account, confirm cheques, transfer up to N1,000,000 in a day or contact the customer service without login out etc.

Again you can view your bank account number, balance and bvn without paying a fee cause they are displayed on your screen.

However, if you dial *894# to check your first bank account balance or number or bank verification number, you will be charged N15 each time you checked it.

These are the reasons why you should try and get yourself registered or enrolled with first bank internet banking.

The best feature is that you can register yourself without going to the bank.

Seriously i love this so much and it really works.

All you need to do is to head over to this first bank nigeria internet banking registration page and get yourself registered.

After the registration, login to your your account, on the left menu you will see send money.

Tap on it and follow the prompt on how to transfer money from first bank account to any other account.

There’s nothing much there other than type in the recipient account number, bank name and the amount, followed by your pin number and click submit.

Note that to transfer more N500,000 from your first bank account, it requires you to use a token. 

The token hardware which is called FirstToken, is a security device that generate security code used as second factor authentications for transactions.

There is the hard token and the soft token; the hard token is a physical device that customer can use to generate security codes.

While the soft token is an app that can be downloaded on the your phones and used for generating the security code.

The hardware token costs N3000 and can be purchased in the bank (first bank branch), while the soft token can be gotten by downloading the application on google play store or Apple store.

The app once downloaded and activated can work offline, and it requires the customer to input a 4 digit pin before a transaction code is generated.

The codes generated have a display period of 30secs before it expires.

Download the FirstToken for Android and for Ios users respectively.

2. Transfer money from first bank to another bank through mobile banking

How to transfer money from first bank on phone

Mobile banking is another method you can use if you are looking for how to transfer money from first bank to another bank like gtbank, zenith bank, access bank, uba or any other bank.

It only requires you to download the First bank mobile app get registered and use it to transfer money.

Just like the internet banking, you register using your account details like phone number, email address and account number.

Registration is free and will take you just 15 minutes to finish up.

To transfer money from first bank to other bank or first bank account, open the the FirstMobile app and sign in using your login details.

You will see the option to transfer money to first bank or other bank, make your selection and type in the recipient account number.

Next you will see is to type in the recipient bank name and this is followed by the amount and your pin number.

Go through what you’ve written before clicking on the submit button.

You will receive a successful message stating that you’ve successfully transfered money from first bank to the recipient account.

The daily transfer limit is N500,000 to first bank account, and N150,000 to other bank account.

But recently fired bank announced that you can now transfer up to one million naira using the hardware token or the soft token.

3. Through *894# ussd code

Whenever we talk about how to transfer money from first bank to another bank like gtbank, zenith, fidelity, fcmb etc, people always think of the *894# ussd code.

It is the common and popular means of money transfer in Nigeria.

Most people don’t think of Internet banking or the mobile banking, no, but rather the first bank transfer code.

The transfer code is very easy, not internet connection required and can be used on any type of mobile phone.

If you have android, ios or java (Nokia touch), you can still make use of the ussd code.

No registration needed, other than you’ve to create a five digit Personal Identification Number (PIN) to be able to use it.

To create five digit pin for first bank transfer code *894#, follow the below guide. 

Dial 894*0# on your registered sim number with first bank, enter your four digit Personal Identification Number (PIN) linked to the debit card (atm card).

Next is to create a five digit PIN that you will use for money transfer or for the *894# ussd code, and the registration is complete.

How to transfer money from first bank using *894# ussd code

To transfer money from first bank nigeria to another bank account, simply dial *894*Amount*Account Number#.

For example *894*100000*1234567890#.

Next is to select recipient bank, followed by the amount, the recipient name.

Enter your five-digit PIN and then select account to debit.

That’s it, you will receive a successful message on your screen.

Know that the maximum amount of money you can transfer in a day using the *894# ussd code is N100,000 and it requires the use of an atm card or the token.

There’s other features of the first bank ussd code that i love, like to buy airtime and data bundle.

For airtime, simply dial *894*Amount# to recharge for self or to recharge for others, dial *894*Amount*Phone Number# and enter five-digit PIN.

The highest amount you can recharge for airtime and internet data is N10,000 per day.

To check your first bank account balance, using the ussd code dial *894*00# on your phone and it will be displayed on your screen.

Please kindly note that checking of account balance on first bank attracts a fee of N15 per per check.

However, if you continue checking your account using the ussd code. The more money the bank deduct from your account.

You can also use the *894# code to generate a mini statement or account, to do that dial *894*Account Number# and you will see your first bank statement of account.

But to generate a proper or a complete list of your statement of account, you will use either the internet banking or the mobile app.

The transfer charges

To transfer money from first bank nigeria to any bank account attracts a fee of N52, both on the internet banking, mobile banking, and the *894# ussd code.

You can view your account number, balance, bvn number for free on the internet and mobile banking, but through the ussd code attracts a fee of N15 per check.

It you feel that these methods are not worth it or maybe there is a very poor network coverage in the area you are.

You can use the atm to make your money transfer or simply go to the bank.

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This is where i wrap it up on how to transfer money from first bank to other bank on phone. I’m here to assist you with your questions, inquiry or suggestions.


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