Gtbank online transfer and how it works

Gtbank online transfer comes in two ways, one which is through internet or online banking, and the other which is through the gtworld mobile app.

Both methods which i will discuss on this blog post, gtbank online transfer.

Do you know that you may choose to block gtbank *737# and go for their online transfer, some do see it more secured compared to the ussd code.

Gtbank Online Transfer

You should know that without internet connection, you can’t use the online money transfer.

This is where the *737# ussd code flawed the online banking.

In as much, i will always prefer the the gtbank online transfer as i can send money from my account to another, even if i don’t have my registered sim number with me.

So let’s see the two methods which are the internet banking and the other which is the mobile banking.

1. The Internet Banking

You can call it internet banking or online banking, they are the same.

With gtbank internet banking, you can transfer money from your account to another using any browser, be it mobile browser or windows browser.

Before you can transfer funds using the gtbank internet banking, you will first enroll for it and it is 100% free without any charges whatsoever.

All you need to do is to go to any bank branch around you, request that you want to create an internet banking account and create your account.

You will be given a form to fill, after which you will be issued an initial username and password, you’re to change the username and password immediately.

Please note that before creating an internet banking account, your email address must be active cause that is where your login details are sent to.

If you don’t have the time and energy going to the bank to create an internet banking or gtbank online banking account.

Gtbank online transfer.

Gtbank online transfer

You can do that on your phone.

What it requires you is to open your mobile browser or pc browser, go to this gtbank internet banking registration page and correctly fill out the form.

You will also need your registered email address to be active, verification and login details will be sent to your email address.

Upon receiving your login details, you will have to change the password immediately, afterwards login to your account.

For gtbank online transfer using their internet banking page, click on the top left corner on your screen, you will see many bank services which includes money transfer.

Simply select the option and follow the onscreen instruction to transfer money from your account to other bank or same bank.

Gtbank online transfer on their internet banking attracts a total fee of N52 per transfer no matter the bank and the amount transferred.

Please i don’t advise saving your password on a browser, be it personal or on a shared computer.

2. Mobile Banking

Currently the most common method of gtbank online transfer.

Gtbank online transfer.

When you realise the number of users that downloaded the app, then you’ve got to know the number using gtbank mobile app for their day to day banking services.

I can’t remember the last time i used the *737# or the internet banking, but rather gtbank mobile banking.

The app is so easy to understand and to navigate, with nice user interface.

Gtbank mobile app is of two types, one is the first mobile app called Gtbank on google play store, while the other is called Gtworld.

The former is their recent app though the two works best.

I prefer the the first, cause it enables me request for statement of the, though the gtworld has new features and very beautiful design.

You can transfer money online using any of the two apps without having any issues with but first you must register before proceeding.

I’m sorry that i’m not going to say the procedure on this particular post, as i’ve already made a post for it and it will guide you through.

Go through this post to know how you can register for gtbank mobile banking today.

Having registered for the mobile banking, to use it for your online transfer, open the app and login.

On the screen, click on the three line option, you will see many services which includes transfers.

Click on the transfers, next window shows; own account, to gtbank account, other banks, pre registered transfer.

Depending on what you want to do, select your preferred service.

For example if you select to other banks, next window will show your account number with the balance, which you’re required to click on it.

Next window is to type in the beneficiary account number, this is followed by the recipient bank name.

Next page is for you to enter the amount you want to transfer and click on the submit button.

The next page will bring out the whole details, thid includes the recipient name, bank name, amount you want to send and if you scroll down, you will see a space to type in your four digit pin number.

Cross check that all is correct and click on the submit button.

You will see a success notification on your screen, you can also download the receipt in case the need may arise.

Gtbank online transfer using their gtbank mobile app also attracts a fee of N50 plus N2 extra charges, making it a total of N52 per transfer.

No matter the amount you transferred, the bank will deduct N52 from your account and if the money in your account is less than N52 after the transfer, bear in mind that the transfer is bound to fail.

You must have the N52 transfer fee before making a money transfer.

For example you have N50,000 in the account, and you want to transfer the whole amount from your account to another account.

Such transaction will fail cause none is left for transfer charges and whereas some banks will not all you to have N0.0k as your account balance.

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So these are the methods with which you can use for the gtbank online transfer in 2020. Your suggestions or questions are welcomed.

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