Gtbank Mobile Banking Registration

You are welcome to this great financial website and right here i’ve provided a well detailed post on how you can register for gtbank mobile banking registration.

It so so easy and you don’t even need to visit any guaranty trust bank around you in order to set up your account.

It all involves downloading the gtbank mobile app and start using the mobile banking for airtime and data top up, money transfer, bill payment and bookings etc.

Gtbank Mobile Banking Overview 

Airtime & data purchase | check  balance | flight  booking | bill payment | money transfer | check bvn & account statement | contact customer service 

What is gtbank mobile banking: 

This is a services provided by the bank to its customers, in order to make the the customer to have his or her financial services 24/7 available with them.

The bank customer have almost 70% control of his or her account, any transaction made, the customer sees it on his or her device.

I don’t know if you’ve experienced a  moment when your account will be credited but the bank wouldn’t send a credit notification to you?

It does happen and i’ve experienced that.

But with gtbank mobile banking app, any credit or debit made to your account, you will see the transaction on your dashboard which includes the time and date.

Features of the mobile app 

  • Check balance
  • Stop and confirm cheques
  • Purchase airtime (Airtel, 9Mobile, Glo, MTN, Visafone)
  • Purchase both domestic and international flight tickets
  • Pay bills (DStv, Lekki Concession Commission (LCC) toll, PHCN, Swift Networks
  • Transfer money – Own account, other GTBank accounts, NIP & NEFT to other banks.
  • PIN & Fingerprint authorization
  • Send emergency cash via Cashout

To start using the Gtbank mobile banking today, you need not to visit any bank branch, but rather download the app and register your account.

However, before you can go ahead and start with the registration, get the following requirements ready;

  • Gtbank Naira debit card(atm card) or credit card
  • Email address registered with gtbank
  • The pin you will use(master the pin number)
  • Internet connection or internet data

I noticed that some of us will go to the bank and use someone email address during account creation, or some have forgotten the email address or password they used during account creation with gtbank or other banks.

To use this mobile banking, it is a must that you have a working email address and that which you used to create your bank account with guaranty trust bank.

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If you’ve forgotten the email or the password or the account is no longer in use.

Please you need to change that email address before proceeding on gtbank mobile banking registration.

How to change gtbank email address/phone number 

Using internet banking account

  • Log on to internet banking with your User ID and Password
  • Click on ‘’Self Service” option on the menu bar
  • Click on “Customer Information Update”
  • Click on “New request
  • Complete the form displayed
  • Enter the “Answer to your secret question”
  • Review details captured to confirm accuracy
  • Click on ‘’Continue”
  • Enter your “Token code”
  • Click “Submit” to automatically update your email or phone number

Using the Atm

  • Locate any GTBank ATM nearest to you
  • Insert card into ATM terminal
  • Enter your “PIN” and press “Proceed”
  • Select “Perform other transaction”
  • Select “More services”
  • Select “Update Phone Number”
  • Enter your “Mobile number” and press “proceed”
  • Enter “PIN” and press “Proceed”
  • Confirm phone number displayed and press “Proceed” to update your Mobile Number

If you’ve done the above tutorial or have a  working email address, proceed below on gtbank mobile banking registration.

Gtbank mobile banking registration Procedure 

To get started, download the app from the link below;

Gtbank mobile app for android

Gtbank mobile app for iOS

After installing the app, open or launch it.

The first window you will see is the login page, and if you look down a bit, you’ll see a sign up buttton which is beside forgot password like on the pic below.

Gtbank mobile banking registration

When you click on the sign up button, the next page you will see is the page which requires you to type in your gtbank account number.

Do that and make sure that you typed correctly (though wrong account number can’t go through) and click on the continue button.

Immediately you click on the continue button after typing in your account number.

Gtbank will send a six digit pin password to your mobile phone number or email address linked to your bank account.

You’re to confirm the pin within one hour after receiving the pin code.

Gtbank notification

Check your phone message or email address to see it.

After that, type in the code on the space written OTP and type in your atm card pin number on the space written Card pin. 

Click on continue to proceed to the  next window.

Next is for you to authorize the use of gtbank mobile banking app on your smartphone.

The bank need your approval before you can continue.

Click on YES, AUTHORIZE THIS DEVICE, like the pic below.

Gtbank mobile banking registration

Next on the screen is to choose a transaction authentication method, you’re to select between pin or token.

I recommend to select pin as it is faster compared to token.

Token doesn’t come for free.

You’ll have to go to the bank to get it, gtb charges N3000 or more for it.

So click on pin, next page is where you’ll have to agree to an indemnity form, click on I agree and move to the next page.

The next page is where you’ll type in your gtbank mobile banking details.

Please please please, note down the pin which you will use for it.

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On the page, first you’ll see is enter transaction pin, followed by confirm transaction pin.

This is the pin which you will use when you want to transfer money, buy airtime, pay bill etc from your mobile banking app.

For example, if you want to transfer money or buy airtime etc. Using the gtbank *737# on your mobile phone, for it to go through you will need to type in your pin number.

That’s how the mobile banking app works and you can as well use the *737# pin for this. In order not to make you forget your pin number.

I use the same *737# pin number for my gtb mobile banking, they two are the same except for one is offline, while the other requires internet connection.

Type in your preferred pin and confirm the pin you typed in the space written Confirm transaction pin.

 Next is to get your atm card and type in the last six digit of the number.

From the last number, count six numbers and get the last six digit.

The last six digit numbers on the pic above is 284078. You should get yours like that.

After typing in your last six digit atm numbers sent to you for your gtbank mobile banking registration, next is to type in the expiry date.

Check your card and you will see “valid date”.

On the pic above it states 04/22.

The 04 is the month while the 22 is the year, that is 2022.

So use the above pic to get yours and type it on the space written EXPIRY.

Gtbank mobile banking registration.

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Next is “card pin”, this is the pin number used for your atm.

When you go to the atm to make withdrawal, the pin you typed in, that’s what you are being asked of here.

On the space provided for it, type in the pin and click continue.

Gtbank mobile banking registration

When you click on continue on the previous page, gtbank will again send another otp code to your email address and phone number.

Check your email and phone number, get the code and type it in the space provided for it.

Gtworld app

Type in the code and click on continue.

You will receive a congratulatory message from which you are asked to login.

Click on the gtbank mobile banking login.

For login details, guaranty trust bank will send it to your email address, get the login details from your email.

Note that your are required to change the password, and it should be a six digit code.

Gtbank mobile banking registration.

So you better try and master it or simply note down a six digit number that you will use.

After you’ve done everything, login to your account and you’re good to go.

You can use fingerprint sensor to login and if you phone supports it.

During the registration, you will be asked to use a fingerprint sensor to login to your account.

When you’re on your gtbank mobile banking page or dashboard, the first thing that you’ll see is your account history, search and range, the type of account you’ve with the bank which includes the account number and account balance.

When you click on the navigation menu on the top left corner of your screen, you will see options like transfer, quick loans, cash out, airtime, bill payment, sports and gaming, my services, settings and help.

In sports and gaming, those that loves to gamble (betting) can use this option and pay directly from their bank account, no need of going to any center.

It doesn’t have the popular bet9ja, but betking and nairabet are there.

Under services, you can request for statement of account, book for events and contact gtbank customer service representative(Gtconnect).

With the gtbank mobile banking app, you can transfer more than N1,000,000 per day and recharge up to N50,000 airtime in a day.

This is something that can’t happen using the *737# used code.

The maximum transfer limit is N3,000,000 while the *737#ussd code is N200,000 though increased to one million naira.

The mobile app gives you the opportunity to request for account statement, a feature that is lacking on the mobile ussd code.

To make it better and more secured, you can unlock your account with your fingerprint.

If you open the app and leave it for more that 15 minutes without doing nothing, it will automatically log you out and you’ll need to login again.

Also if you exist from the app, you will also have to login in.

This is a way of protecting your account from preying eyes and giving you the maximum privacy that you needed.

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Next post is getting started with the gtworld app, having done with gtbank mobile banking registration, you don’t have to register to use the gtworld app.

The app is more advanced and have better features and user experience compared the one on this post.

Next post is about the gtworld app, any questions, suggestion or inquiry or on gtbank mobile banking registration is highly welcomed.

That’s all I’ve on how you can register for gtbank mobile banking registration.

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