How to change number on bvn (Name and date of birth)

Looking for how to change number on bvn which also includes how to change your name or date of birth on your bank verification number.

This article will guide you on how to do that and more especially how to correct my bvn name.

How to change number on bvn.

Have you been in a situation where you want to check your bvn using the *565*0# ussd code, and couldn’t cause the number isn’t linked with your bvn.

However, it can be more painful when trying to link your bvn to your new bank account and couldn’t cause of name or date of birth mismatch or arrangement.

This situation is really annoying and the only way is to resolve the issue, and i will only guide you on how to go about it.

How to change number on bvn

If your looking for how to change my bvn phone number online, i’m sorry to tell you that it isn’t possible at all, especially at this moment.

To change number on bvn, you have to head over to your bank and speak with the customer service representative.

All you have to do is request that you want to change the phone number, linked to to your bvn.

The customer service representative will request for your bvn, and means of identity.

This is to tell you that if you’re going to the bank, go your ID card.

Be it voters card, national passport and make sure that the name, date or birth, address and picture tallies with your bank verification number.

This will make the bank customer service representative confirm that you’re the owner of the bvn. After the confirmation, he or she will change number on bvn to the phone number.

With that you can access your bank verification number on your new phone number.

If you’re looking for how to change bvn phone number online, that isn’t possible cause the bank need to see your face, your means of identification (ID) before they can go ahead to do it.

Do you know that there is a situation whereby you want to enroll for bvn, on getting to the bank and get yourself registered, the bank will tell you that the phone number is already linked to a bvn.

In this type of case you can dial *565*0# to see if it will bring out 10 digit numbers. If it does, then be rest assured that the number is linked to a bvn.

What you need to do is to buy a new sim card with latest number and not old reshuffled number, use it to register for bvn.

How to correct name and date of birth on bvn

how to change number on bvn

Looking for how to correct my bvn name, this issue is very common especially if you opened a new account and wants to link your bvn to it.

You will be seeing mismatch error message on your screen.

At times it can be name arrangement that didn’t tally with how your name is written on the bvn.

How to change number on bvn.

For Example: Your name is Obi Chukwuebuka Samuel, Obi is your last name, Chukwuebuka is your first name, while Samuel is your middle name. And this is how it is on your bank account.

But on your bvn, Obi is your last name, Samuel is your first name, while Chukwuebuka is your middle name.

Some banks wouldn’t mind that the name arrangement isn’t correct and link your bvn, while some will request that you should correct it before linking your bank verification number to your account.

In the case of wrong name, you only need to correct it using your ID card like voters card, national ID card, international passport etc.

Go to the bank you did your bvn, move straight to the customer service section and speak with the representative.

You’ve to tell them that there’s a mistake on the name written on your bvn.

After that you’ll be issued a form (bvn amendment form) to fill, complete it and return it back to the customer service representative with your means of identification.

The customer service representative will make a photocopy of your ID card and attach it with the bvn ammendment form. Right there it will be rectified, though it will not reflect immediately.

In the case of wrong date of birth, you will have to swear an affidavits in the court, which proves that the name on your ID card is correct and that is your real date of birth.

Even if you go with your birth certificate, the bank won’t accept it unless you have your affidavits plus your ID card with you.

Through the affidavits given to them, they will change your date of birth to the correct one.

Note: Changing or correcting your name and date of birth usually take effect after two to seven days, though it depends on your bank. How to change number on bvn.

How to change my bvn phone number online

I’ve gotten lots messages of people asking if it is possible to change my bvn phone number online?

At this time of writing this post, the answer to this question is hundred percent NO. 

There’s no way you can change anything on your bvn without going to the bank.

Bank verification number is treated with lots of precautions, so banks always request that an individual that wants to makes any changes to its bank verification number must do it in the bank, and this requires the use of id.

You cannot change your bvn number through internet banking, mobile app, ussd or by calling your bank.

But better still you can still contact them and they might assist you especially if you’re not in Nigeria, or staying in a remote area.

If there’s any changes to this, that is changing the phone number linked to your bvn and also how to correct my bvn name online, i won’t hesitate to post it on this post.

However, you can still contact your bank in order to be one hundred percent sure that there’s no way you can make any changes to your bank verification number through online.

So i hope I’ve answered the question on how to change my bvn phone number online.

If you have any further question question on bank verification number, please kindly direct it to your bank thanks based on this topic of how to change number on bvn.

How to link your bvn to your account

There are up to four methods which you can link your bvn to your bank account, and they are;

  • Through ussd code
  • Through internet banking
  • Through bank bvn portal
  • Through sms

Through Ussd Code: Requires you to dial your bank ussd code and through it you can link your bvn to your new bank account.

For example, *945*bvn#.

And it will immediately link your account to your bank verification number.

Through Internet Banking: For those that have internet banking, banks made a provision that their customers can link their bank verification number to their account.

To do that, simply log in to your internet account, click on the option menu and you will see the option to link your bvn.

Through SMS: Another method is through sms, banks like Access bank and Gtbank made a provision that one can link their bvn to their bank account by simply sending an sms.

How to change my bvn phone number online

Please kindly know that you cannot change the phone linked to your bvn online, rather you have to go to the bank, lick up a bvn ammendment form and change the phone number linked to your bvn.

Remember, you must go with your ID, and some banks even require that you bring a court affidavit in order to amend your bank verification number. So that’s it on how to change number on bvn.


I don’t know why I kept on receiving multiple emails and WhatsApp chats about people asking if they are to make changes to their bvn in another bank other than the bank they enrolled or registered for bvn.

The answer is simply NO!!! 

You can only change bvn phone number, date of birth, and your name on the bank you enrolled or registered for bank verification number. 

You can’t register for bvn in Zenith bank and go to first bank to make changes to your bvn because you have an account with first bank.

It isn’t done that way at all.

I repeat again you’ll have to go to the bank you registered for bvn to make any changes to your bank verification number.

I hope I won’t be seeing more questions on this guys.

Please endeavour to read this post and also the comments before popping out your own comment.

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That’s it on how to change number on bvn. You can add more to this post by dropping your comments in the comment box.

101 thoughts on “How to change number on bvn (Name and date of birth)”

    • Hello ajayi, please know that this website isn’t an official gtbank website or affiliated to any bank. For your case, you can only change the number linked to your bvn by going to the bank.

      Please go with your ID.

      Disclaimer: I edited the numbers on your comment.

      • please i made a mistake with the name and date of birth,so i want correct so that i can link it to my bank account

        • If it is a case of poor name arrangement and wrong date of birth, you will only provide the bank with an ID and court affidavit.

          If the name on the bvn was wrongfully written, you will get a newspaper publication, a court affidavit and an ID. However, contact your bank to know the actual problem and their requirements cause they might not need a newspaper publication from you.

          • You’re correct o jare! That’s the exact way I went thorough it at FCMB, but those guys at CBN or wherever updating the BVN details are quarks, they made errors in rearrangement of my name two times giving me names I don’t bear. Not that alone, my bank account was banned, so I have to wait till they’re able to spell my name correctly.
            My issue with database system in Nigeria is that they’re not standardised. If CBN can spend millions of dollars to secure their databases, what’s the problem with BVN database that BVN details are updated manually? Why banks cany do the update right from their servers and update CBN and let’s the update in real life.
            This country don tire me. Common local ICT infrastructure not working.

    • Rukiyat, please you need to go to the bank and change the phone number. The bank is the only place to change the phone number linked to your bvn, and whereas this isn’t Polaris bank website or affiliate.

  1. Do I have to go the particular brand branch I registered
    Like I registered is gtbank ilorin
    Can I change it at Gtbank Lagos branch

    • Yes of course, you can do that.

      For example, you did your bvn in zenith bank in Akure or Enugu, you can go to zenith bank branch in LAGOS or kogi state or any location in the country to change your bvn phone number.

    • Lawal, if you want to change your bvn phone number, you have to go to the bank where you did your bvn. Go with your ID and tell them that you want to change your bvn phone number to this phone number.

      The bank will do that for you immediately.

      • Please I did my bvn at rivers state and currently I am in oyo state, should I just go to the bank I did the bvn or I must go back to rivers state again…

        • I wouldn’t advise you going back to ph, go any bank branch and oyo and explain everything to them. Though sometimes bank will require someone going to the bank branch where he or she enrolled for bvn.

          However, because of the distance, they will help you notwithstanding where you enrolled your bvn.

    • Happiness, you will need to provide a court affidavit, newspaper publication and a means of identification.

      All the three requirements must bear the new middle name on it. With the three requirements, you can make ammendment to your bvn by going to the bank which you did your bvn.

  2. Can I change the number in another bank (eg registered in GT Bank trying to change in Wema) where you’re in a place where the Bank you registered for BVN isn’t available?
    PS: I have accounts with both.

  3. Hello, if you read the post, you will see where I stated that you must go to the bank you did your bvn to change your name, date of birth and phone number linked to your bvn.

    In the case that the bank you did your bvn isn’t available in your location, you need to contact the bank. They will tell you what to do.

  4. I’m odunayo but am trying to change my bvn phone number and I went to the bank but the workers told me to get an ID card and Affidavit but when I Called the MTN to retrieve my line and the customer care is telling me to go to court and swear that am the owner of the Sim… it’s very suck because that’s my first time of hear such thing…. but how can I get the iD card they’re talking about and the Affidavit maa…and my last question is that,I was given a bvn number and I will like to open another bank in zenith Bank but I just want to ask, can I request for a new bvn number in zenith Bank because I don’t want to Link the one I have with it

    • Odunayo, you don’t need to panic or be afraid.

      A court affidavit is a written notice from a court stating that a personal details of an individual is correct. This includes your name, date of birth, address, phone number, etc. But more especially your name and date of birth.

      To get a court affidavit isn’t difficult and you may not even go inside the court. What you will have to do is to locate any court around you, go there and within the premises ask for those doing a court affidavit.

      Many a time if you go close to a court building, you will see people calling you to ask if you want to do an affidavit. To get a court affidavit shouldn’t cost you more than N1500 though it depends on your location.

      For the ID, you should get a national ID card probably the nin ID, or the permanent voter’s card, driver’s license or international passport. So if you have any of the listed ID, go to the bank with it along with the court affidavit.

      Lastly, you can’t do bvn twice, it is not possible.

  5. Hello please I go to union bank 3weeks ago for changing of Bvn name and phone number but I did not see the change since then.

  6. Hello. Please, I’m having issue with my bank account. Wrong spelling and also it’s three, I wanted to change it into two name (first name and surname )I wish to remove my middle names, because my academic certificate is bearing two name which is (first name and surname) hope it’s possible if so, what steps should I take

    • First, your academic certificate has nothing to do with your bank account as long as your ID or birth certificate has three names on it.

      However, if you wish to remove the middle name and leave just only with firsr and last name, then you need to get a court affidavit and a newspaper publication in the case of changing your bvn name.

      The three requirements are an ID, court affidavit and a newspaper publication.

    • The ID I’m talking about is the voter’s card, international passport, driver’s license, and nim ID. You must have any of the IDs.

      Some bank might even require that you get a court affidavit to change the phone number on your bvn. I will advise you to contact your bank to know the way out since you don’t have any of the IDs.

  7. Please, I want to change the phone number that was used to open/linked to my BVN but the problem now is that I enrolled for BVN in UBA at Ebonyi State and currently am in Abuja. My question is can I go to any nearby branch of UBA here in Abuja to request for change of phone number?

  8. Am a student just opened an account recently done my bvn last 2 weeks but haven’t seen the bvn sent to me by the bank???

  9. I done change of name in union bank past two months the name did not update,please help me out

  10. I did a changing of number on Bvn and I can now use my new number to check but unable to do some stuffs online
    The OTP always goes to my former number

  11. I have already changed the number I used to registered my bvn,but I don’t receive otp on the new number and whenever I used *565,0# it always shows my bvn on my new number

    • What do you mean by the OTP to your bvn?

      OTP codes are usually sent to mobile number linked to a bank account, and if i may ask, how are you generating the OTP.

      Remember you didn’t answer my question above. I asked you, did you also changed the number on your bank account, I didn’t mention bvn.

      • I mean when am about to do any online transaction that requires bvn,and there’s a message sent to the number I used for my bvn

        • Did you just say an online transaction that requires a bvn?

          What kind of online transaction is that. Please you need to be very careful doing an online transaction with your bvn.

          Honestly, I don’t understand your question cause even online transaction requires the card details or a bank account number except if an employer requires a bvn from an employee.

          Please kindly contact your bank by tuesday and lay down your complain.

  12. I lost my sim card that is linked to my bvn and I don have my bvn off head and I don’t know how to get it again

    • You have to dial the ussd code on the phone number linked to your bank account, and remember, you must register first using your atm card or token.

  13. Ma like the Sim that I used in my bvn number I have misplaced the Sim card so I went to the gt branch they told me that I should bring national identity card and I have not done it I only have my school identity card, so I went to the ATM machine then they told me that I should update my phone number, my question is that as I have updated my phone number, so the phone number I used to update it, so is the phone number updated in my bvn??

    • No, the phone number linked to your bvn won’t be changed or updated with the process you stated.

      You can only change the number linked to your bvn by going to the bank using your ID, I recommend you to enroll for nin and get the slip. With the slip you can change the phone number linked to your bvn.

  14. The date of birth on my BVN is different from the one on my NIN and also I registered my BVN with my mum’s number coz my phone was stolen prior to the time I register my for BVN so I made use of her number (she used that same number for hers)how can I rectify this, I will appreciate if you can help me out on this.

    • First, Two mobile numbers can’t be used for different bvn enrollment, so I don’t understand how possible you and your mum uses a number for two different bvn enrollment.

      For the date of birth on your bvn, if the date of birth on your bank account is same with the date on your nin then you have a case. However, if the date of birth on your bank account is same with the date of birth on your bvn, then you absolutely has no case cause bank will see it as a falsification.

      All in all you need to get a court affidavit to prove that the date of birth on your nin is the correct date of birth.

      • Please i want to change my name on my bvn and bank account have done the necessary things but i don’t know if the date of birth on my nin will affect it
        Please help me out ma

    • Very long time ago? Bvn enrollment started in 2015 and that’s when most Nigerians enrolled for bvn including myself.

      What you have to do is to go to the banks you have account with and make inquiry if you enrolled for bvn in any of these banks.

  15. Hi. I registered my bvn in a hurry i an environment with series of banks in 2015.. Now i cant figure out the particular bank i registered with. Is there any way to know the bank i enrolled through?

    • I don’t buy this story at all cause you can enroll for bvn in a bank you have an account with.

      My advice is to go to all the banks you have or previously had an account with, and inquire if you enrolled for bvn in their bank branch.

  16. I enroll for bvn but is not coming out
    I enrolled 4 time but it not coming out
    Firstly I use 2005 and this last one I use 2003 which is not my real DOB
    Pls what can I do

  17. How many times can l change my date of birth on bvn. I have once changed it thinking it will reflect on my nin to avoid 15k payment of nin date of birth change but did not. I need to change it back so that lt can ryme will my birth certificate and other documents. Pls what do l do

  18. I lost my sim a year ago and can’t remember my bvn I want to link it to my new sim card …you said they customer care representative will ask for the bvn
    What do I do since I don’t know it by heart.


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