Natwest Bankline: Everything you need to know

Natwest bankline is a business account and for business men or women, used for the sole purpose of managing multiple business accounts, make national or international payment and see all accounts is transaction.

One can also say that Natwest bankline is a type of corporate account introduced by natwest to assist business men and women on how to financially manage their account 24/7 as it is always available and with them.

Features of Natwest Bankline

Below are the features that comes with natwest bankline services.

Easily accessible

Get online access to real-time banking information. Once a registration has been approved, that user can add additional accounts themselves – there’s no limit to the number of users.

Payment power

Natwest bankline offers Import payment files and get instant, accurate views of your finances. Send money quickly and cheaply using standard domestic payments, CHAPS, Faster Payments or international payments.

Flexible control

Natwest bankline system administrators have complete control over users, roles and functionality. Payment limits can also be set for individual users.

Streamlined processes

With natwest bankline, you can view accounts individually or in groups, access recordings of key activities for auditing purposes and see online copies of paper vouchers such as cheques.

Safe and secure

Natwest bankline keeps your finances safer with the latest security and encryption technology. Multi-level password, PIN and user ID protection, smart card security for making payments and Trusteer Rapport for extra protection.

Comprehensive support

Get support from our FAQs, user guides and the Bankline telephone helpdesk. And there’s no need to download new software – updates are made automatically.

One good advantage of having natwest bankline(corporate account) is the fact that you as a business person will have a total or complete control of your account.

On natwest corporate account, You as a business person can set a payment limit for single payments made from your accounts, and the level at which authorisation is required to process it. You can also set individual payment limits for each of your users.

Bankline allows you to view balances in several different ways, it includes;

  • Last night’s ledger: the ledger balance, including all uncleared items, as at the close of the previous business day.
  • Last night’s cleared: the ledger balance excluding all uncleared cheques credited to the account, as at the close of the previous business day.
  • Today’s ledger: the ledger balance including all uncleared items, plus debit and credit transactions known to us at the beginning of the business day.
  • Today’s cleared: the balance for the account, including debits and credits that have been cleared or are due to clear that day. Please note, this balance doesn’t reflect items that are reversed and other items passing throughout the day.

Please note: only balance information for accounts held with us are available in real-time in Bankline. This means that items are shown as they are received and processed during the day. However, items are subject to verification and possible reversal or adjustment.

While this provides an indication of the balance which can be paid from your accounts,  items can still be returned unpaid and this balance doesn’t guarantee that finality has been achieved on these items.

For example, funds may show as cleared for interest and available funds purposes, however, you should allow at least four working days before you use the money from a cheque paid in.

In some cases cheques may still come back unpaid after this time.

Natwest bankline helps in the process payments and transfers immediately, the next business day or on a date you choose. You can view all payments and inter-account transfers that have been confirmed and see the real-time status of the transaction progress.

Domestic payments

Natwest bankline

Your business can make payments using Faster Payments or CHAPS through Bankline.

  • Faster Payments is a service for making immediate payments under £250,000.
  • CHAPS is an electronic, same-day settlement network for commercial and inter-bank payments.

International payments
When transferring funds between any of your sterling and currency accounts registered in Bankline, you can choose the currency you wish the transfer to be made in.

For international payments or currency inter-account transfers, you can book a foreign exchange rate in advance or let Bankline automatically book a rate for you.

Inter-account transfers (IATs)
Your business can transfer funds between sterling and currency accounts registered on Bankline as often as you like.

In most cases the transferred funds are visible and available for use immediately. Interest continues to be calculated on the closing balances of your accounts every day.

If your business holds accounts with RBS and NatWest, you can transfer funds between these accounts as a Faster Payment (value up to £250,000).

Templates/Bulk Lists
If you make regular payments to the same beneficiary, you can save time by creating a template for future use. It’s also easy to create a template for regular IATs.

Payment file import and data export
Payment files can be imported into Bankline from accounting systems such as Sage and Pegasus as a comma separated variable (CSV) file format or BACSTEL- IP format.

You can also export account information from Bankline enabling you to manipulate it into a more convenient format, or use it in other applications. Data can be exported in a range of formats: Bankline (.csv), SWIFT and BAI version 2.

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How to Register for Bankline

You can’t register for bankline online but rather you will have to give natwest customer care desk a call on this number 0345 030 3109, and request that you want to create your bankline account.

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