How to find bank transit number on cheque

How to find bank transit number on cheque?

It isn’t a difficult one at all. It’s just a seconds of looking on the digits number on your cheque and you’ll find it.

A transit number are digits number used in identifying a particular bank and it’s branch.

Every bank have it transit number as it is compulsory cause during money transfer, it the number not the bank that are used to identify a bank.

What is a transit number

Find bank transit number on cheque.

Like i said, this is a five to nine digit numbers used in identifying a bank or a bank branch especially during domestic or international money transfer.

You can say a transit number or a routing number or even aba number. They all mean the same thing.

In some banks, their transit number is up to nine in digits while others are five digit numbers.

Find bank transit number on cheque.

So you can’t necessarily say that it is a five digit number, or a nine digit number.

It all depends on the bank you’re banking with and more especially your location or country.

For Example, a transit routing number in the United States are nine in number, while a transit number in Canada are five digits.

Every financial institution be it commercial banks, investment banks, credit unions, brokerage firms, etc all has a specific transit number.

Without it you can’t be able to identify a bank if you’re sending money to someone.

How to find transit number on cheque

This is actually the easiest way to find a transit number, though it is only applicable to those with a checking account.

To find your transit number on cheque, take a look at it and on the bottom of the left corner of the cheque you’ll see a five digits number, that’s your bank transit number.

You’ll got to see that it numbers are separated by a colon.

Find bank transit number on cheque.

On the cheque you’ll see a three digit numbers which is the cheque number, after it is a five digit numbers which is the transit routing number.

This followed by another three digit numbers which is the financial institution number and the last digits which is your account number.

Below is a typical example of it or how to find bank transit number on cheque.


find bank transit number on cheque

The above cheque is a sample of TD Bank cheque, which bears the details including the cheque number, transit routing number, institution number, designation number and account number.

This is quite different when you see a cheque from wells fargo, chase etc cause in the United States it is different.

Find bank transit number on cheque.

You’ll see the routing number which is the first digit numbers on the left corner of cheque, followed by account number and then the cheque number.

Apart from having a checking account and using it to identify your transit aba number, there’s other way to find it.

Find bank transit number on cheque.

Through internet banking. 

It you don’t have a checking account in order to find your transit number on cheque, you can use your internet banking page to locate your transit number.

Simply login to your internet banking account using your username and password.

Find bank transit number on cheque.

From there you should easily be able to see the account number of the account you would like to use, the institution number of the bank and the transit number of the branch.

The importance of transit number

Find bank transit number on cheque.

The initial purpose of using the transit number was to help banks send the checks they received back to the banks that first issued them.

But right now it is not the case. It helps banks to keep track of their transactions, and when i say transactions i mean to say anything that involves money.

Find bank transit number on cheque.

For Example, a TD bank customer wants to send $5000 to a recipient banking with Scotia bank, will have to get the recipient full name, bank name, and also scotiabank transit number before the money transfer can go through.

Irrespective of the fact that you provided your bank name, without the routing aba number the transaction won’t be a successful one.

Bank transit numbers are essential to our banking system in today’s world.

With thousands upon thousands of transactions taking place every day, banks need a way to quickly identify each other.

And it can only be possible through the transit routing number.

Find bank transit number on cheque.

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Find bank transit number on cheque.

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With the tips you won’t find it difficult to find your transit number on cheque.

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