How does cardless ATM withdrawal work

How does cardless atm withdrawal work?

You need to not ask more as I’ve explained it right on this post for you.

Almost all the banks in the world have adopted the new atm cardless withdrawal.

This is currently trending in most parts of the world, though many people especially in the developing countries are yet to know about the cardless withdrawal.

This new method of atm withdrawal has a huge impact on the society and the banking sector in general, and the way I’m seeing it, this might faze out the use of the atm card by 2040.

You may or may not have heard about the new method of atm withdrawal without using the atm card, I’ve explained it here and also how cardless atm withdrawal work.

What is Cardless ATM Withdrawal 

First, let me explain what it is all about though the name explained clearly on what it is.

Cardless atm withdrawal is the process of collecting cash from the automated teller machine(atm) without the use of the atm card.

The explanation above is so simple and easy to understand just like the name itself.

Just imagine the case that you want to make a withdrawal through the atm, but getting there, you found out that you’ve forgotten your atm card on your table.

With the cardless withdrawal, you can still get your cash from the atm.

Let me use myself as an example, based on what happened to me;

I woke up one morning and planned to make a withdrawal of N70k through the automated teller machine.

On getting to the atm, I searched my bag and found that I’m not with my debit card (atm card).

I was really furious with myself as I needed that money for basic payment.

My house is a bit far from the atm and I can’t just go back to get it, what did I do, I remembered the cardless withdrawal through the atm.

I brought out my phone, dialed the mobile banking code for cardless atm withdrawal, and followed the procedure according to my bank.

The process took me five minutes to finish, and the final which is going to my bank atm that has the cardless withdrawal feature.

Even in this 2020, not all ATMs have this feature so you should inquire from your bank the particular atm location you can do this.

I went to my bank atm, hit three buttons, and boom!!! The atm dispensed my cash.

No atm card was inserted. 

Let’s head over to your question which is how does cardless atm withdrawal work?

Okay, let me explain that to you.

How Does Cardless ATM Withdrawal Work

This explanation might differ from bank to bank, but I’m writing this based on the Gtbank cardless withdrawal.

On gtbank, there are three methods which you can use for the cardless withdrawal, they are

  1. Internet Banking 
  2. Mobile Banking 
  3. Ussd Code 

Most banks use internet banking or the mobile banking app for this, but the ussd code makes it easier and better in the case that you ran out of internet data or maybe poor network connection.

Internet Banking 

Cardless withdrawal


The internet banking is for those that have enrolled for it, and this method of cardless atm withdrawal is secured compared to the ussd code.

This is the process for internet banking based on Guaranty Trust Bank;

  • Log on to internet banking with your User ID and Password
  • Click “Account Transfers”
  • If you want to withdraw from a GTBank’s ATM machine close to you, click ”Cardless withdrawal (GT-Rescue)”
  • If you want to withdraw from any Other bank ATM, click ”Paycode (Cardless withdrawal)”
  • Complete displayed form with your “Names”, “Mobile number”, “Account to debit”, “Terminal type” and “Cash-out amount” etc.
  • Confirm details captured are accurate and complete
  • Enter “answer to the secret question”
  • Enter “Token code”
  • Click the “Submit“ button to complete your request

Mobile Banking (cardless withdrawal) 

Mostly used by banks for withdrawal of cash on atm without atm card.

This requires you to download and use your bank mobile app for the process.

For Example

  • Download the GT-World application on your “Playstore” for Android phones, “Appworld” for BlackBerry phones, and “Applestore” for iPhone
  • Log on to Mobile Banking with your User ID and Password
  • Slide your finger on your Mobile phone to display outstanding menu items
  • Click “Cardless withdrawal” options on the “Banking” module
  • If you want to withdraw from a GTBank’s ATM machine close to you, click ” Cash out (GTBank ATMs)” option
  • If you want to withdraw from any Other bank ATM, click the” Cash out (All ATMs & POS)” option
  • Complete the form displayed
  • Click “Continue”
  • Enter your “4 digit PIN” or “Token Code” and click “Done” to complete your request.


The best and my preferred method though not applicable to all banks across the world.

This does not require an internet connection and can be done on any type of phone, smartphone, or not.

All you need to do is to dial your bank mobile ussd code and the cardless atm withdrawal code and follow the on-screen instruction.

For Example

  • Dial *737#
  • Input ”8” to select next page
  • Input ”1” to select cardless withdrawals
  • Input ”1” or “2” to select either “GTBank” or “Other Bank”
  • If Option is “Other Bank” then, enter “Terminal” as “1” or “2” to select “ATM” or “POS”
  • Input ”Amount”
  • Enter any 4 digit code to set your “Cash-Out PIN”
  • Enter your pre-selected 4 digits PIN to complete the cardless withdrawal request.

The three methods above require you to go an atm to complete the transaction.

Many banks do send a reference code immediately to your mobile phone via SMS, which you should locate the nearest ATM to make your withdrawals.

On the Bank


Getting to the atm, you will have to key in the code sent to you by your bank, and which you can finally receive your cash.

Gtbank has two ways in which you can withdraw cash from the atm, one which is on the gtbank ATMs and the second which is other bank ATMs.

And they have different procedures.

For Examples Using Guaranty Trust Bank 


  • Locate any GTBank ATM
  • Press the “Enter” button on the ATM
  • Select the “Cardless Withdrawal(GT-Rescue)” option
  • Enter “Reference Code” received on your mobile phone
  • Enter “ Amount” (This should be the same selected when initiating request on Internet Banking, USSD, Mobile Banking)
  • Press the “Enter “ button to proceed
  • Collect your Cash For Other Bank’s ATM


  • Press the “Enter” button on the ATM
  • Select the “PayCode” option
  • Enter “PayCode number” received on your mobile phone
  • Enter pre-selected “Cash-Out PIN Number” selected on Internet Banking when initiating a request
  • Enter “Amount” (This should be the same selected when initiating request on Internet Banking, USSD, Mobile Banking)
  • Press the “Enter “ button to proceed
  • Collect your Cash

Please you need to contact your bank for inquiries for information and the procedure cause cardless withdrawal differs from bank to bank.

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In as much there are a number of reports on the cardless atm withdrawal fraud, I see it as one of the best ways of withdrawing money. Always come to your rescue when you don’t have your atm card with you for withdrawal.

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