27 thoughts on “The Best Fixed Deposit Rates In Nigeria 2021 (So Far)”

  1. What is the current fixed deposit rate for Stanbic Ibtc (6months)as at 9th August 2021.Kindly update the charts with variable sums applicable.

  2. Wonderful,you are a trained teacher,
    Well organized write up on the subject matter.
    What is the latest up date we are now on fixed deposit with our financial institutions.
    Thank you

    • Go to the bank, meet with the customer service and request that you want to open a fixed deposit account. In some banks, they will refer you to the section for investment.

  3. Please, take a second look at your calculations on rate of interest calculation. I think there is some mistakes in calculation of the monthly interest and total take home at end of the tenure. Thank you.

  4. Hello ma, great job and wonderful blog. Please me I have a question, if as a company I bring 15 billion to a Nigerian bank for investment, can they give me 30% per month for fixed deposit?

    • Did you just say 30%!!!

      Here in Nigeria in 2021!

      30% is a huge percentage, they might offer up to 15% but with the amount you stated you have to go into a deep negotiation. I recommend stanbic, uba, fcmb as at this moment, and you can also try gtbank.

      But the truth is with that huge amount of money which you want to invest in a financial investment, I will recommend treasury bills instead of fixed deposit.

      Fixed deposit rates are very poor especially from the banks.

    • It depends on the financial institution and the amount you’re investing though I’m yet to see 20% interest rate for a fixed deposit.


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