Banker Definition: Duties And Responsibilities

This posts is all about banking and the banker definition, duties, general responsibilities and the basic skills required from a good banker to its customers or clients in the financial institution or sector.

Banker definition 

A banker is an individual who advises a client with regards to financial matters.

Duties concerning savings, loans, taxes, investments, and securities are all within the job ream of a banker.

The usually help in providing financial assistance to the client in accordance with their required needs.

Ordinarily, people sees a person who works in the bank as a banker, this is certainly not the case.

A banker is usually a corporate body who has been licensed to do banking business. J.W Gilbert said that a banker is a dealer in capital, or more properly a dealer in money.

Banker definition and duties.

He/she is an intermediate party, between the borrower and the lender, he borrows off one party and lend to another.

Positive traits which bankers should possess 

Banker definition and duties.

There are a number of positive traits all good they should possess.

The first positive trait is that in order to do their job to the best of their ability is preciseness.

Since they work with many figures and various financial accounts, it is crucial that all figures and tabulation formulated by the banker is precise in nature.

This will ensure that all the calculations reached by the banker are as accurate as can be.

They should also be good with people. Having a personal nature will make the them that much effective when they deal with clients and employees of various businesses as they will be able to relate better to a banker who has this positive quality about them.

They will have to correspond with individuals on a daily basis and by being good with people, the banker will be best able to do his/her job effectively.

They should also possess a good Mathematical mind.

Being good with Mathematics will help as the individual deals with finance and numbers each day and needs to be able to adequately unde them.

Banker definition and duties.

A banker who has good Mathematical mind will find that the job is that much easier to complete.

Bankers should be determined in nature.

One who shows determination in their profession as a banker will do everything in their ability to obtain the best financial outcome for a customer.

The banker who is determined will review all possible financial options and only settle when they have found one which best suits the client.

Professionalism is an additional positive attribute which bankers should possess.

Since they will not only be dealing with customers but individuals from other financial entities and organizations as well.

Banker definition and duties.

It is important that the banker exhibit a great deal of professionalism.

This will make all the dealings between the banker and others go as smoothly as possible.

Duties of a banker 


The role of a banker is one filled with multiple duties and responsibilities. They comes in many different forms and each one is unique in their own specific ways.

Banker definition and duties.

Some of the individual work for a large corporate conglomerates, while others work for a small town financial institution.

The role and duties of a banker will vary among individuals, and each one has their own set agenda in their role.

Banker definition and duties.

It is important to discuss the general duties of a of a banker, to learn more about the profession. The duties includes;

1. Bankers Helping clients with financial needs

The overall duties of a banker is to help clients with their financial questions and needs.

In order to do so, the banker must correspond with the client and determine what type of banking help they are looking for.

They can meet with the bank patrons in person or speak with them over the phone.

The banks will mostly have numerous meetings with the client to fulfill their desired requests.

2. Checking client financial status

They must review a client financial history and current standing to determine if their financial needs can be met.

The banker will also inform them the best way to meet their financial goals through banking institution.

3. Dealing with financial transactions

A banker will have to deal with various types of financial transactions. One specific duty of a banker may entail arranging student loans for clients.

Banker definition and duties.

Many financial institutions offer student loans as a way for clients to pay for their college education or that of their children.

They will represent the loans which they offer to students, review the individual’s credit and help the client with their student loan needs.

4. Keeping accurate financial records(banker duties)

The daily job duties of a banker will also entail keeping complete and accurate records of the financial institution’s transactions which they carry out on daily basis.

Banker definition and duties.

Items such as loan applications, bank statements and other accompanying documents must be reviewed and properly filed by the banker to ensure that they can easily be recalled should need be.

5. Getting information from clients

They must also meet with the client business associates and representatives, to gather information related to the client financial needs.

Banker definition and duties.

By speaking with various individuals, a banker can gather the necessary information which they may need to prepare loans and accounts for the client.

6. Disbursing of fund

They must disburse funds time to time to the client and associated parties. This is done in the instance of bank accounts and loan disbursement.

The type of disbursement will vary from customer to customer.

7. Selling of financial instruments

Some of them, may sell financial instruments like stocks and bonds from time to time.

This will depend on the type of financial institution that a banker works at and whether it is within their job description and ability to do so.

Skills required by a Banker 

Banker definition

Becoming a banker is more than studying banking and finance as a course and scoring good grades.


Managers and owners of bank recruit multi talented persons with both analytical and interpersonal skills.

The skills and talents discussed below are commonly required of an intending professional banker.

Banker definition and duties.

1. People’s Skills required from a banker

Bankers should be good with people, he or she must be a team manager. Being able to pull together persons to make a presentation for a client is a challenge.

He or she must be able to relate and correspond with individuals on a daily or regular basis.

2. Analytical/Mathematical Skill

A banker must need to be extremely dedicated, have good spreadsheet skills and be analytically fluent.

Besides anytical and accounting skills, math ability is a plus. Some jobs in banking call for strong mathematical proficiency.

3. Communication Skills required from bankers

Lacking people’s skills always slow down banking business, the banker must be in a position to read people as surely as a balance sheet.

He or she must be able to able to communicate any idea, build deep networks, and must be persuasive and passionate about the work to do it well.

Banker definition, duties and skills.

They usually, communicate with external parties such as clients, accountants, consultants, lawyers etc.

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Furthermore, many client representatives tends to be extremely scrutinizing, well respected and often short tempered, and you’ll need to know how to deal with them in order to get deals or transactions concluded.

4. Creative Ability

They must possess creative skills, he or she must be self confident.

A banker must need self esteem to assess and understand the client needs and the creativity to find the right solution in order to exceed expectations.

5. Business Skills

They must be sales people and as such must be in a good position to negotiate with clients and close deals.

Banker definition, duties and skills.

In addition, professionals wishing to move beyond mid level positions should understand political changes, macroeconomic variables, and market trends as they all effect deal outcomes.

6. Computer Skills

Bankers must be computer literate, and this includes the following tasks;

  • Opening, saving and printing files
  • Reading and sending email messages
  • Using the internet to find information
  • Formating simple document using Microsoft Word or other word processing software
  • Creating tables and databases using software such as Microsoft Word or Microsoft for access or excel
  • Editing digital photographs
  • Building basic web pages
  • Proficiency in banking software relating to the industry

7. Entrepreneurial Skills

Starting off as an investment banker, a jobber or a broker in security or insurance business, finance consultant, or any other related business requires entrepreneurial skills of initiative, creativity, and risk management.

Banker definition, duties and skills.

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These are the duties, skills required from a banker, and i hope that you’ve understood the definition and what is all about.

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