2 Best guide on zenith bank online transfer

What is zenith bank online transfer?

The means of money transfer through online, or maybe money transaction.

This article gives you the best guide on the zenith bank online transfer and how you can go about it in this new banking era.

When it comes money transfer, using the online method gives you the best thar you can get in a money transfer.

It gives a high amount of money to be transferred compared to the bank ussd code which is usually low.

For example, using the zenith bank online transfer, you can transfer up to five million naira per day (N5M) without using a token hardware. This is something zenith bank *966# ussd code can’t offer.

The maximum amount of money a bank customer can transfer using the zenith ussd is three million naira using a hardware token which costs N3500 as of last year.

Zenith bank online transfer

There are two methods for zenith bank online transfer, and they are;

  • Internet banking
  • Mobile banking app

So let’s get started.

1. Zenith bank internet banking

If you’re looking for a way to get the best out of zenith bank online transfer, you don’t have to waste time or hesitate on registering for zenith bank internet banking.

With zenith bank internet banking, you can transfer up to five million from your bank account to any other bank in Nigeria.

The question is, how can I register for zenith bank internet banking.

You can only register for zenith bank internet banking right inside the bank. The bank only made a provision for their customers to download the form, complete and submit to the bank.

However, since it requires going to the bank for submission, you can skip downloading the form and head straight to the bank to register your account for the internet banking.

As it is essential in zenith bank online transfer, I request that you register for zenith bank internet banking today.

Upon going to the bank, you must have your ID with you.

The likes of international passport, driver’s license, permanent voter’s card, national ID card, etc is required or compulsory.

The next requirement is your bank account number and phone number to get started with the registration.

The bank will issue a form to you, based on the type of account you have with them. For example, savings account or a corporate business account.

The two forms differs, and also the money transfer limit. Zenith bank online transfer on corporate internet banking is higher compared to personal internet banking.

As the corporate account is a business account, a customer can transfer up to ten million naira. However, zenith personal internet banking is limited to five million naira transfer per day.

So you have to notify the bank the type of bank account you have with them, and if you have both the personal and corporate account, it is your duty to notify the one you want to enroll for the internet banking.

You can as well enroll the two accounts for zenith bank internet banking, at least it gives you the opportunity to transfer up to fifteen million naira per day.

That’s fantastic for zenith bank online transfer I must admit.

When you’re done with the internet banking registration, you’ll be issued your username and password.

Note that it shouldn’t take more than fifteen minutes to get things completed unless there’s a technical issue with the bank at that very moment.

What follows after this is to get started by signing in to your Zenith internet banking account using your username and password.

Now you’re set for zenith bank online transfer.

To transfer money from your bank account using the zenith internet banking account, simply login to your account. Tap on the navigation menu and you’ll see where it states transfer.

Click on it and it will bring out options to complete the money transfer. If it is zenith bank, you select it but if it is other bank, you also select the option for it.

Go through and complete the whole information needed from you which includes the password or pin for the money transfer.

Having checked if everything is correct including the, go ahead and transfer the money the money.

Like I said earlier, you can transfer up to five million naira using the zenith internet banking without using a hardware token.

That’s the best zenith bank online transfer and you can get that using the internet banking account.

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2. Zenith bank online transfer using the mobile banking app

The second and last method to use for zenith bank online transfer is the bank mobile banking app.

It works similar to the internet banking and requires registration.

You don’t have to get pissed off hearing that the zenith bank mobile bank app requires registration just like the internet banking.

The truth is, it won’t take you more than five minutes to complete the whole registration, and you don’t have to go to the bank.

I repeat, you don’t have to go to the bank.

You can register for zenith bank mobile banking right inside your office, house, hotel or anywhere you find yourself as long as there’s an internet connection or coverage.

The requirements includes a token hardware or a naira debit card and if you have a domiciliary account, you should use a dollar debit card.

No token hardware or debit card, no zenith bank mobile banking app for you.

You must have any of the two requirements, and it is compulsory.

To get started,

Download Zenith bank mobile app for android

Download Zenith bank mobile app for ios

Having downloaded and installed the mobile banking app, launch the application immediately and make sure you have the debit card or the token hardware with you.

Again, the token hardware costs N3500 and very good for zenith bank online transfer.

You’ll have to sign up using your Zenith bank account number.

Tsp on the register button to get started with the registration and this is followed by entering your Zenith bank account number.

Mind you if you type an incorrect or wrong account number, it won’t go through.

You’ll be presented with three options for the zenith bank mobile banking registration, and they include;

  • Through the use of token
  • Through the use of debit card
  • Through the use of otp

To get the best of zenith bank online transfer, I recommend the hardware token, seconded by the use of a debit card.

If you go ahead and use the OTP method, you’ll have to verify your device and this requires using a debit card or the hardware token.

If you’re so serious about the zenith bank online transfer, you should have a zenith hardware token or the bank debit card.

To continue with how to register for zenith bank mobile banking app, please kindly go through this link for more.

So now you have registered your account for tthe bank mobile banking app, and set for the zenith bank online transfer.

Now to get started with the money transfer using the zenith mobile app, open the application on your android or ios smartphone.

Sign in using your bank account number and the login pin you created.

Tap on the navigation menu and you’ll see list of options given to you, this includes Transfer.

zenith bank online transfer

Tap on transfer to continue with the money transfer.

Lot’s of options will be displayed on your screen, go through the options to select the one you’re interested in.

For example, money transfer to own account, zenith bank, other account, foreign transfer, and open account for a beneficiary.

zenith bank online transfer

In select source account, tap and select your bank account. Next is followed by enter destination account.

Enter the recipient account number if it’s zenith bank. However, if it is other banks, you’ll have to first select the recipient bank before entering the account number.

All these are essential when it comes to zenith bank online transfer.

Next is to enter the amount which you want to transfer, and the transfer description.

In the transfer description, you can simply write money transfer to Amara, or maybe monthly allowance to George.

Just enter anything right inside the transfer description and move onto the next step. Tap continue and on the next screen enter the pin which you created and that’s it.

You have successfully transferred money from your account to another account using the zenith bank online transfer.

The zenith bank mobile app gives you the option to save the recipient account number as a beneficiary.

This simply means saving a bank account for more future money transfers.

Save as beneficiary helps to save a bank account to your Zenith mobile app, and save you from typing the bank account anytime you want to transfer money.

Maybe you have a particular person which you send money to always or every month, setting the person as a beneficiary saves your time from requesting and typing the person’s account number anytime you want to send or transfer money to the person.

Very commendable in zenith bank online transfer, and you can’t get this feature in the bank ussd code.

The Transfer Limits

There are limit in the zenith bank online transfer, more especially the bank mobile app.

By default, you’re limited to twenty thousand naira (N20k) per day. You can increase it to a maximum of two million naira per day.

To do that, sign in to your mobile banking app and click on the navigation menu. Tap on settings and you’ll see transfer limit.

Accept the indemnity form.

Select your account and zenith transfer. In the limit amount, enter your preferred daily limit amount and know that it won’t exceed two million naira.

Confirm and enter the last six digits of your naira debit card to finalize the settings.

This also goes with the zenith bank internet banking though the limit is five million naira per day. This is why I prefer it to zenith bank online transfer.

However, if you want to transfer more than two million naira using the zenith bank mobile app, you have to visit any of branches and request for a token hardware.

Note zenith bank online transfer attracts a fee of N15 per each money transfer though it is also applied to the bank ussd code.

Advantages of zenith bank online transfer


  1. 24/7 available to the bank customers
  2. One of fastest means of money transfer in 2021
  3. You can save a bank account as a beneficiary for future money transfer
  4. Money transfer made easier and very convenient for the bank customer
  5. High amount of money transferable compared to the bank ussd code
  6. Bill payment is way better and made a lot easier for understanding
  7. You can easily buy airtime, data, check account number, account balance and bank verification number



  • Internet connection is a must and the bank customer must have a working Wi-Fi or mobile data bundle.
  • If technical issues occur, zenith bank online transfer can be very frustrating and will not work until the issue is rectified.

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Looking for zenith bank online transfer?

Don’t hesitate in opening an internet banking account or going for the bank mobile banking app today.

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