Zenith bank mobile app | How to register

Zenith bank customers, this article is a tutorial on how to register for zenith bank mobile app using your account number, both savings and current account.

This isn’t zenith bank ussd type of mobile banking, but requires the use of mobile app and internet connection.

Zenith bank mobile app is so easy to understand and use, has all the features that you needed for your banking services.

You can even dump the *966# ussd code and start using it cause for me, it is way better especially when it comes to transfer limit.

Paying of bills is made convenient using the zenith bank mobile app.

For example cable TV subscription like dstv.

You can easily subscribe your dstv, gotv, irokotv, startimes etc using the zenith mobile app.

All you need to do is to select cable TV and you’ll see the options for you.

Payment is so easy, just type in your decoder number and the amount.

Click on continue button and confirm the payment by typing in your pin number.

Another feature i like on the mobile app is that you can request for statement of account through the app for a maximum of ten years.

You don’t have to contact the bank to request for account statement for a particular month or year, just download zenith bank mobile app and you’re good to go.


The features in the zenith bank mobile app includes the following;

  • Transfer to zenith and other banks
  • Airtime and data payment
  • Bill payment like utility and cable TV
  • Checking of bank verification number (bvn)
  • To request for zenith statement of account
  • To deactivate your naira debit card
  • Book for flight online
  • Change your debit card pin
  • Open a new bank account
  • Request for a checking account (cheque)

When you download zenith bank mobile app, then you’ll see all the features in it.

Download Zenith bank mobile app

Below is the download link which is only available to android and ios users.

Other devices can make use of the ussd code or the internet banking.

Download zenith bank mobile app for Android and also for ios.

Having downloaded and installed the app, next is to proceed on how to register your account number and device on the banking app.

How to register zenith bank mobile app

Zenith bank mobile banking


This will only take you just one minute to five minutes and you’re done with the registration.

Before you can proceed, please get your token or naira debit card readily available.

To get started with the mobile banking app;

Open the installed app on your smartphone and you’ll see the homepage, which consists of Login button, Register button, Open Account and Help.

As a first timer, you should click on the register button like the pic below.

Zenith bank mobile app





When you click on the register button, next on the screen is to type in your account number and click confirm.

If you type an incorrect or wrong account number, it won’t go through.

After that, you’ll be presented with three options or methods which you can register.

They methods are;

  • Through the use of token
  • Through the use of debit card
  • Through the use of otp

Through the use of token requires you to have your token hardware, and when you press on the button on the hardware, it generates a token number.

So if you have the token hardware, you can use it for the registration.

The other is through naira debit card (atm card).

All you need to do is to locate your naira debit card, check the number on your atm and count the last six numbers.

You’ll use it for the registration of zenith bank mobile app.

The last option is through otp, the bank will send an otp message to your registered phone number and you will use it for the registration.

NB If you use the otp method, you’ll still need to verify your device using a token or a naira debit card. 

I will start from using the naira debit to register for zenith bank mobile banking.

Tap on the debit card and it will mark it with red colour.

You’ll have to type in the last six numbers on your atm, and also the pin number.

Having done that, click on the continue button.

Next is your login password which is a six digit numbers.

For example 895656.

The password is what you will use to login to your Zenith bank mobile app, along with your bank account number.

However, you can also use your finger print sensor to login to your account.

But the reason why i really don’t fancy it at all is that some can use your finger print to unlock your mobile banking app when you’re taking a nap and you wouldn’t know.

Your bank account details is your privacy so i don’t recommend using the finger print as the password.

But if you want to, you can go ahead and use it. You have to make your decision based on what you want.

So after typing in the password and confirm the password by typing it again, next is to type in your transaction pin.

This transaction pin is what you will use to finalize every transaction on the mobile app.

For example, money transfer, buying of airtime and data, paying of bills etc.

On this part, you can use your atm pin for it.

So type in the pin number and also confirm it by retyping it again. Then tap on confirm button.

Immediately you tap on the confirm button, zenith bank will send a notification message to your phone, notifying you about the registration.

And on your mobile app, you’ll see a congratulatory message and that’s it you’ve registered for zenith bank mobile banking app.

In the case that you selected the option to use otp, the bank will send an otp code to your registered phone number.

You’ll h to verify it by typing it in the space provided for it.

Follow the above step to get your account registered. Having done that, you will have to register your device.

I prefer using the naira debit card unless you’ve the token hardware with you.

You have to type in the last six digit on your atm card, along with the pin number and that’s it.

You’ve successfully registered your device for zenith bank mobile app.

Your dashboard will look like the pic below;


NB I block some writings on the pic above, for the sake of privacy. 

You can transfer up to three million naira to another account, using the zenith bank mobile app.

Not only that, you can as well but airtime of twenty to fifty thousand naira using the zenith mobile banking.

The navigation is so easy and even a novice will understand how to use the application.

In terms of money transfer and to request for a full statement of account, is one advantage the mobile app have over the ussd code.

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Seriously i can’t remember the last time i used the zenith bank ussd code as i have seen that the app is way better.

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