Zenith Bank Internet Banking – How to Register for Zenith Bank Online Banking

This blog post is about zenith bank internet banking and how to register or enroll for Zenith bank online banking.

Zenith Bank was established in May 1990 and commenced banking operations in July of the same year. On 17 June 2004, following a successful IPO, the bank became a public limited company. On 21 October 2004 its shares of stock were listed on the Nigeria Stock Exchange (NSE). The bank’s shares are traded on the London Stock Exchange (LSE) following a listing of the $850 million worth of its shares at $6.80 each, in 2013. Zenith Bank is a large financial service provider in Nigeria and Anglophone West Africa. As at 31 December 2016, its total assets was ₦:4,739,825 million with shareholders’ equity of ₦:616,353 million. The shares of stock of the company are listed on the Nigeria Stock Exchange and the London Stock Exchange.

Zenith bank internet banking is one of the best method of banking if you are zenith bank customer. With zenith bank internet banking, you can transfer money, pay your bills and it is more secured. If you want the fastest and most secured way of banking and also managing your finances, zenith bank internet banking is there for you.

Benefits of Zenith Bank Internet Banking

1.  You can easily transfer money any bank and anywhere.

2. Pay bills through online.

3. Check your account balance.

4. Cancel or request for an atm card etc.

5. Convenient – banking can be performed from the home or office.
6. Banking is available 24 hours a day, thus extending banking hours.
7. User-friendly.
8. Notification of certain transactions can be sent to the customer via SMS and email. Keeping customers informed at all times.
9. Easy account management saving both time and energy.


1. View real-time account balances.
2. View real-time transactions on your account.
3. View transaction history on your account.
4. Transfer money between your accounts and other accounts within the bank.
5. Download and print account activity and consolidated activity of all your accounts in any format.
6. View uncollected funds on your account.
7. View and track status of trade finance transactions – Letters of credits payments, confirmation and establishments, form M and bills of collection.
8. Order for cheque books and bank drafts.
9. Make bulk payments to employees, contractors, suppliers.
10. Pay bills such as DSTV and setup standing orders.

How to Register or enroll for Zenith Bank Internet Banking

There are two ways that you can get the Zenith bank internet banking or online banking form. You can head over to the bank and request for the form through the customer service. You will be given the form to fill and afterwards submit it back to the customer service. He/she will tell you what to do next.

Zenith bank internet banking

But you can ask well get the form through zenith bank website HERE. Fill the form correctly without any mistake and head over to the bank and submit it. After 24hrs, you will receive a message saying that your zenith bank internet banking is ready, you should go to the bank and collect it. It contains your zenith bank online banking details.

Note this is totally free unless you request for Zenith bank token which costs N1500.

Next step is to activate your zenith bank internet banking account.

How to login to zenith bank internet banking account

After getting your details, next step is to login to zenith bank internet banking account and below is how to go about it.

Visit the zenith bank internet banking portal through Here, go to the login and click on it.

Enter the Access code, username and password given to you by the bank and click on LOGIN.

After logging in, you’re required to change the password to a new one before you can do anything on your account.

After changing it, you can now login using the Access code, your username and the new password. Alternatively, you can login using your account number and and token code by ticking the token login check box at the top of the login area. You can only use the token login after changing your password.

After this you can start using your zenith bank internet banking and enjoy easy banking with it.





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