Zenith bank internet banking registration guide

Zenith bank internet banking is undoubtedly one of the best banking services in we have in Nigeria today.

With so many features accompanied with the online banking, is something that you should enroll for.

The bank offers the internet services to both customers with personal account and those with a corporate account which is also called business account.

2019 is almost ending, with 2020 fast approaching, lot’s of people are enrolling for the zenith bank internet banking, not just because they’ve seen people using it, but because of it’s usefulness.

For example, those with a corporate account that enrolled for the zenith bank internet banking uses it in making payments or to receive payment through POS.

Not only those with a corporate account, even with a personal account.

Money transfer have been made easy through this) zenith bank internet banking, sending money from your account to another account even in the midnight.

This is one of the best thing that i like about the zenith online banking, you can transfer money to anyone even in the midnight, like 12am or even 3am.

This is what is called 24/7 services available to bank customer.

Have you ever been in a situation whereby you’re watching a dstv program and suddenly it expires, like 10pm in night?

Through zenith bank internet banking, you can subscribe your dstv cause by that time, their store is already closed.

There are exciting features that i love about the  zenith bank internet banking, and not just about money transfer, like buying internet data plan.

You don’t need to visit any store to buy airtime for your mobile data, all you need to do is to enroll yourself with zenith internet banking and purchase your airtime or data bundle.

Forget about airtime or data recharge, money transfer or bill payment, you can get your Zenith bank statement of account through their internet banking.

It will only take you 30 seconds to register for the zenith bank internet banking, and you have right there with you.

If you’re the type that makes use of zenith bank *966#, you can testify that anytime you check your account balance, the bank deducts N15 from it.

But can they do that on their internet banking page?

The answer is no.

Reason is because anytime you open the page, your account balance is displayed on your screen.

No need to dial any code that will zap N15 from your account, and this is also applicable to zenith bank mobile banking through their app.

All you need to do is to get yourself registered and explore all the features of the zenith internet or online banking.

Requirements for zenith bank internet banking

There are requirements needed from you before you can register for the Internet banking, and they are;

  • You must have an account with zenith, be it personal or corporate account
  • You must have a working email address registered with the bank
  • Come along with your registered number with the bank
  • Make sure you have your account number with you

Are you eager to enroll yourself and asking:

How do i register for Internet banking?

I’ve the answer to your question.

How to register for zenith bank internet banking

If you check several posts online, you will see where it is written that you can enroll or register for zenith bank internet banking online, that’s isn’t the truth.

The only thing that you can do is to download the online form and still go to the bank for completion.

So how do you get yourself enrolled today, i tell you that there’s no option than to go to the bank.

You head straight to any zenith bank branch near you, go straight to the customer service care and tell the person in charge that you want to enroll for internet banking.

They will issue a form for you to fill and submit back to them.

On the form, you will write your details which includes the names that you registered with the bank.

Please when requesting for the form, the customer representative will ask you if you have personal or corporate account with them.

Personal account is a non business account, while the corporate account is a business account, issued to business owners or firms.

Fill the form correctly without making any mistake, and mind you, you’ll also provide your bank account number.

Please recheck all that you’ve written before submitting it back to the customer representative.

Let me give you a view as to what the form looks like and what you’re to fill on it.

Like i said earlier, the zenith internet banking is of two categories, one is the personal account, while the other is the corporate or business account.

So i will start with the corporate account before going to personal account.

Corporate Account 

For corporate account owner’s, on the form, you’re to write your company’s name, address and the phone number.

Not only that, the company fax number and registered email address.

The form is categorised into four sections, one to two, three and four, and you are to complete all the sections on the form.

On the Contact Information which falls under company general is, you’ve two personal details to fill in.

One is the primary, while the other is the secondary contact person.

On the primary section, type in the Name of Primary Contact Person, followed by Designation, Office Telephone/Extension or mobile phone number and finally the email address.

On the secondary section is just like the primary, with the only difference being the Name of Secondary Contact Person.

Having completed the first section on the zenith bank internet banking form for the corporate account, next is to move to the number two section.

The section two is where you’ll fill your bank account details or information.

When you look closely, you will see a box categorized into two, the box is where you will List account number (s) to be activated on Corporate internet bank.

Inside the box(es) type in the number(s), you can add up to ten account numbers.

Note that you’re to indicate the account (s) to debit for payment processing. 

What is being said here is that after writing the account numbers you want to be activated on the zenith bank internet banking (for corporate account).

Beside each number is a box where you’ve to tick if you want the account to be used for payment processing.

You have to indicate by ticking inside the box, beside the account number you wanted to use for debit payment processing.

Same on the section 2, is where it is written daily transaction limit. You’re to select a maximum daily amount transferable from your account.

You need to think and come to a conclusion bef typing in any amount, cause it will be a long process to change it.

That marks the end of the second section on the zenith bank internet banking form.

Next is the section three.

On the section three part of the form, you’re to select the features that you want to use for your corporate account, with the zenith internet banking.

You will see options like account inquiry, payment and transfer, trade services, cheque/draft Services, online Cheque Confirmation, import duty payment, form M online, other bank’s debit and account activity.

Kindly go through the features and tick the ones you want, you can tick all the box on the form.

Finally you’ll sign and write the date.

The fourth and final option on the zenith bank corporate internet banking is user privileges.

On this section, you will add users that you want to have access to your account, and this is done by writing their names, indicating the type of services you want them to handle.

For example, you wrote Amaechi Amarachukwu Nora, as the name of the user, you indicated that you want Amaechi Amara to view account balance.

Then type in the account number you want Amara to check the account balance.

You have up to 20 names/users to provide with the account number assigned to them, and what you want them to do.

There’s a provision for authorization that you’ll sign on the form.

Below it is not for you, but for the bank to complete.

Having thoroughly checked what you have written, submit it to the customer care representative.

Please note that in any area that you’re confused, don’t hesitate to ask the customer care on what to fill or for guidance.

Personal Account 

There’s no stress at all in filling the zenith bank internet banking form for those with personal account.

Is just for you to provide your;


On the form, you will be asked if you have any other account (subsidiary or different name ) for which you intend to use this service.

If yes, you will have to write down the number on the box provided for it.

Sign your signature for approval and confirmation, and submit it to the customer care.

Having submitted the zenith bank internet banking form, you will also get a pin number for that which you will use to login to your account.

You can also purchase for hardware token, the last time i checked it was N3500, don’t know about the current price.

The token can also be used to login to zenith bank internet banking home, based on personal or corporate account.

And also the token or the pin number is used for 3rd party transfers.

To do that, go to the zenith bank internet banking home and login according to the type of account you have with the bank.

It maybe personal account or corporate account.

Bet i’ve answered your question how can i register for internet banking in zenith bank, and it’s so so easy especially for the personal account.

Apart from the internet banking, you can enroll yourself for their mobile banking, which requires you to download their app and register with your account.

The mobile banking also requires you to register using your account number and email address.

If your email address registered with zenith bank isn’t working anymore, you’ve to change it to a new that is working.

How to use zenith bank for online transfers

Zenith bank internet banking registration

Having registered and login to your account, next is explore and see all the features of the zenith bank internet banking.

You can even see your bvn number on the screen.

To transfer money online using the zenith internet banking, first login to the account.

Click on the option which is at the top left corner, and scroll to where you see transfers.

Click on it and you’ll presented with the option to transfer to zenith bank or other banks.

Again note that transfers that is for a 3rd party, which is other banks or account will require a pin number or token hardware.

Just like on the mobile app, type in the recipient’s number, followed by the bank name and the amount.

On the next page is the general information you typed in, crosscheck it and type in your pin number or token number you generated.

Click on submit button and that’s it.

When you open the zenith bank internet banking home, there’s so many options for you to select from, like bills payment, airtime and data top up, change email address and phone number, apply for a loan etc.

If you lost your atm card or mobile phone number registered with zenith bank, through their internet banking, you can block your lost atm or phone number attached to your bank.

You can also use zenith bank internet banking for your cardless withdrawal, is so surprising that in 2020, most people are not making use of cardless atm withdrawal.

You contact ZenithCare on: 234-1-2787000, 2927000, 4647000, 0700ZENITHBANK Or contact via email: zenithdirect@zenithbank.com

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This is where i round it up on zenith bank internet banking and to get yourself registered today, i’m here to assist you with questions based on the topic.

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    • Why are you making this comment on the wrong post?

      Kindly download the zenith bank mobile app and register your account. Open the app and tap on the hamburger menu button, scroll down to settings and tap on it. Finally tap on my bvn and you will see your bvn.


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