Zenith bank daily transfer limit explained

Zenith bank mobile transfer is one of the best and convenient means of money transfer.

But the question is what is zenith bank daily transfer limit?

knowing the limit on transfer helps you to understand the maximum amount of money you can can send to a recipient in a day.

Every bank have its transfer limit as long as you’re using a mobile money transfer to send money from your account to another bank account within or outside your bank.


  • Zenith daily transfer limit is one hundred thousand naira (N100,000)
  • The daily one hundred thousand transfer limit is applicable to internet and mobile banking.
  • To transfer more than one hundred thousand naira from your zenith bank account, you need to get yourself a zenith bank token ID.
  • Current account daily transfer limit is higher than savings account.

What is zenith bank daily transfer limit

Zenith bank daily transfer limit is the maximum amount of money a customer can transfer or send to another bank account in a day.

The daily transfer limit is one hundred thousand naira.

For those using zenith bank internet banking or mobile app, can be able to transfer up to one hundred thousand naira without the use of a token hardware.

For zenith bank ussd code, you’re only limited to twenty thousand naira daily or more than that using zenith bank naira debit card.

So if you’re using zenith bank internet banking  or their mobile app for money transfer, you’re limited to a daily transfer of one hundred thousand naira respectively.

For zenith bank daily transfer limit on automated teller machine (atm), it is pegged at N150k per day.

If you’re not satisfied with the daily transfer limit and wants to increase your daily limit from the initial one hundred thousand to five million naira on savings account, then you need to buy zenith bank token hardware.

How to increase zenith bank daily transfer limit

Zenith bank daily transfer limit


You will have to simply walk into any zenith bank branch around you and speak with the customer service that you want to purchase their token hardware.

The hardware token costs N3500 and if you have enrolled for internet banking banking, you should have one.

With the hardware token, you can increase your zenith bank daily transfer limit to five million naira if you’re sending to a zenith bank account or two million naira if you’re sending to other banks.

If you have the hardware token, simply login to your zenith bank internet banking page or the mobile app.

Go to settings and transfer limit.

Still on the page, select zenith transfer if you’re sending to another zenith bank account, or third party transfer if you’re sending to other banks.

Select your account and the maximum transfer limit.

NOTE The maximum transfer limit for zenith to zenith is five million naira (N5,000,000), while zenith to other banks is two million naira (N2,000,000) respectively.

So kindly type in the amount you want to send and click on the confirmation button.

Having done that, generate a token using the zenith bank token hardware.

First type in your zenith bank pin followed by the token which you generated and immediately a success message will display on your screen.

With  that you have successfully increased your zenith bank daily transfer limit from the initial one hundred thousand naira, to five million for zenith bank account or two million naira for other banks.

For those using the zenith bank mobile ussd code, you need to enroll or register for mobile banking.

If you don’t want to stress yourself by going to the bank just to register for internet or online banking, you should use the mobile app.

It’s almost the same with the internet banking and especially with the recent update on the zenith bank mobile app.

All that you can do on zenith banking internet banking page, you can do the same on their mobile app including a high zenith bank daily transfer limit.

To register your account on the zenith bank mobile app doesn’t require you going to the bank.

Just download and install the app and within ten minutes, you should see your dashboard.

I’ve already made a post on how to get your account registered on the new zenith bank mobile app.

If you wish to get started right now, kindly go through this page to learn how to register register for zenith mobile app.

For internet banking, you must visit any of the zenith bank branches to get yourself enrolled.

But bear in mind that it doesn’t take time and it is free of charge unless you’re buying the token hardware which is three thousand five hundred naira.

Getting your account registered for internet banking or the mobile app is compulsory if you want to increase your zenith bank daily transfer limit.

Also the token hardware can help you to transfer above one hundred thousand naira if you’re using the zenith bank *966# ussd code.

With the token hardware, you’re limited to a daily transfer limit of five hundred thousand naira using the *966# zenith bank ussd code.

The daily transfer limit is quite different if you’re going to the bank to make a money transfer to another account.

You can choose to transfer all the whole money in your account to another account and in turn close the account the account if you want to.

There’s no maximum daily transfer limit for transfers performed right inside the bank, but their is a minimum limit.

The bank can tell you that the minimum amount they can transfer right inside the bank is one hundred thousand naira, below that use the atm or mobile transfer.

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So with you’ve get to know and understand about zenith bank daily transfer limit, and how you can increase it if you are not satisfied with the said amount using the token hardware.

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