16 thoughts on “How to upgrade my access bank account”

  1. My name is awongo wariboko I bank with access bank since I open this bank account online and it was peaceful I but money to my account now bank now I can’t take money again I don’t understand with is opening to access bank please and please were am I right now only have pos no bank to lay my complain when I was but the money why did my account take the money if I can’t take it back when I need it

    • In this type of situation try to contact your bank account manager or the access bank customer service representative. You will provide the necessary requirements for the upgrade or update through online like the email address or whatsapp.

      I’m very much sure of zenith bank.

      Use these info to contact access bank; email address: contactcenter@accessbankplc.com and phone numbers are +234 1- 2712005-7, +234 1-2802500, 07003000000, 01-2273007

  2. What is happening to my access account number I can’t even withdraw any money from it and there is money in it

    • You have funds but can’t withdraw?

      One of the major causes of this problem is in the case of a frozen bank account. Maybe the bank has frozen your account and this prevents debit transactions.

      Don’t deposit money into the account until the problem is resolved.

      On Monday I recommend you to go to the bank cause this isn’t something you will have to call them to sort it out online or through voice call.

  3. Hi, good day. I opened an account at access bank with the utility bill required and my NIN expecting they would open a regular account for me since I’m of the legal age but they didn’t. It was tier 1 account they opened so I was wondering why they would do that cos my mom do use my account for her business transaction too.

    • If i may ask how did you know the bank opened a level 1 account for you?

      Did you tried to transfer or deposit more than 50k into the account and it didn’t go through?

      Please explain.


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