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UBA USSD Transfer Code: How To Transfer Money From UBA To Other Bank

To all the uba bank customers, here you will learn about uba ussd transfer code and how to transfer money from uba to other bank.

United Bank for Africa (UBA) Plc, is a Nigerian multinational financial institution. It is one of Africa’s best and most resilient banking Groups with operations in 19 African countries and offices in three global financial centers: London, Paris and New York.

UBA transfer code or mobile banking is also one of the best we have in Nigeria. For easy banking or money transaction, you can use uba mobile banking though it requires the amount you want to transact with.

Benefits of using UBA USSD Transfer Code(mobile banking)

The benefits of using uba transfer code or mobile banking are listed below.

  1. For easy banking.
  2. Transfer money from uba to other bank 24/7 at any location be it your home or office.
  3. You can buy airtime(credit) or internet data through your bank account. Available 24/7.
  4. You can pay bills like electricity bills, dstv, konga etc.
  5. You can easily check your account balance without calling the customer care or going to the atm.

There are tons of benefits associated with uba money transfer code, which you need to check them by dialing the transfer code. But first you need to have the requirements before you can transfer money from uba to other bank or use the uba transfer code.


1. Registered sim card with uba. That is the number used in creating bank account with uba bank.

2. Naira Debit Card(atm card). You can’t use the uba mobile banking or transfer code if you don’t have your atm card with you. Again it must be a valid atm card that haven’t expired.

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How to transfer money from uba to other bank using uba ussd transfer code

If you get all the the requirements, you can proceed with the uba ussd transfer code


1. First you will have to create a pin for uba mobile transfer code. I will recommend that you use the password you used for your atm.

2. Dial *919# and follow the onscreen guide.

3. To send money to a UBA Account, dial *919*3# and follow the on-screen guide.

4. To send money to other Nigerian banks, dial *919*4# and follow the on-screen comand.

This uba ussd transfer code serves many purposes and you can use it to buy airtime for yourself or anybody within the country.Uba ussd transfer code

Uba ussd transfer code

To buy airtime with uba bank account, dial *919*Amount#. For example *919*100# and if you want to buy airtime for someone or number not registered with United Bank for Africa(UBA) dial *919*Phone Number*Amount#. For example *919*08031234567*100 and this will require your atm digits to finalize it.

To check uba bank account, dial *919*00# and your balance will display on your screen. Note that if you continue doing it you might spend up to N100 cause it attracts N5 per one.

Do you have any problem, inquiry or question based on uba ussd transfer code and how to transfer money from uba to other bank, Afribankonline is here to assist you.





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  1. Hey,i I’m a zambian with a uba prepaid card..currently in china..I’m unable to transfer funds because it keeps requesting for a six digit transfer code which apparently isn’t being sent to my phone number..i contacted my bank in zambia but there’s no progress

    1. Molly you want to transfer fund or money from your uba bank account and you are currently in China. Please if i may ask, have you ever used this your bank account to transfer funds before? Or maybe this is your first time.

      Do you want to transfer money from your uba account in Zambia to your other bank account in China?

      Molly if you want to transfer funds from your uba account and for the very first time using the USSD Code, you will have to create the code by yourself. The code is like a pin or a password and you can do that just once. Uba don’t have to send you a code unless it is UBA INTERNET BANKING.

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