Uba transfer code | uba ussd code

On this post, we’ll be looking at the UBA transfer code or you can as well say UBA Ussd code which is mostly used to transfer money from United Bank for Africa account to other bank account.

And this doesn’t require internet connection at all.

Uba transfer code by far the most convenient and fastest way of banking or money transfer,  as it saves lots of stress and time an it is really banking on the go.

Uba ussd code or probably uba transfer code of *919# as we popularly call it, is a must if you have an account with the united bank for Africa.

UBA Ussd Code Features

Very convenient | fast money transfer | airtime purchase | data purchase | checking of account balance | opening of new account | No Internet | Cardless withdrawal | 24/7 available

The UBA transfer code is one of the best mobile banking in Nigeria, as it is hard to see network error or issues during money transfer or airtime top up.

You can use it for money transfer, buying of internet data, checking of account balance etc.

Your financial services is 24/7 always with you and everywhere you go unless there’s no network in that area.

You may be thinking that this is just for money transfer, the answer is No. 

As there are many  features of the UBA Ussd Code. 

All you need to do is to dial the code and see more features.

I don’t bank with UBA, but the information right here is based on the research i did using a friend sim number linked to UBA account.

From there i gathered lots of information about the uba transfer code and how it works.

First let’s know what is UBA transfer code or uba ussd code.

What is UBA Transfer Code

This is a uba Ussd code or uba code for mobile phone or smartphones, used for a quick or easy banking which includes money transfer, account opening, paying for bills etc.

This can be done on a mobile phone or smartphone and best part is that it doesn’t need internet or data bundle.

The ussd code for uba we are talking about is the *919# which is the mobile banking code for United Bank for Africa.

Before you can start using the *919# uba Ussd code, you will first activate your sim number and thereby getting a four digit pin number which you will use for each transaction you did.

To activate your number isn’t a difficult one at all, wouldn’t take up to thirty seconds and you’re good to go. Just follow the steps below.

How to Activate UBA Transfer Code (Getting the pin)

To activate UBA transfer code is the process of getting a pin number which you will use for each transaction.

To get the pin,

  • Dial *919*0# on your mobile phone
  • You’ll see welcome to uba magic banking and select 1 to sign up uba bank code
  • After you entered 1 in the space provided for it, you’ll be given two options to select from.
  • They are account with pin, and the other is prepaid with pin
  • If you have prepaid account with uba, kindly select prepaid with pin. But if not, the option for you is account with pin
  • Next is to enter your ten digit uba account number and also the last four digits on your naira debit card (atm card)
  • On the next window, kindly skip the referral ID and proceed to the next which is to enter your preferred pin number for uba mobile banking code
  • You’ll have to confirm the pin number you entered and this pin is what you’ll be using for transfer code for uba

After getting everything successfully done which includes your pin, you’re ready for the uba transfer code.

With this you can transfer money from your uba account to any other bank account.

This method is the current procedure to activate uba bank transfer code or uba ussd.

If there’s any changes to this, i will update this post with the new method.

But note that i will always update this post with new updates or changes made.

How to transfer money using uba mobile banking code

Uba transfer code


There you can transfer money from uba bank account using uba mobile banking code, one is UBA to UBA account, and the other is UBA to other bank account.

This process involves the use of the uba transfer code.

The two have different Ussd code in transferring money.

Let’s start with the first code which is how to send money from UBA to UBA account.

From UBA to UBA account using uba transfer code

To send money from your uba account to another uba account, simply dial *919# and select option 5 which is to send money.

You will see choose payment method, which states;

  • 1. UBA account
  • 2. UBA prepaid card

Mostly, it is usually the first option which is UBA Account that you should select.

When you select your option, for unregistered user you will see the option to register your sim number.

However, if you’ve registered and gotten a pin number like i stated above, go ahead and continue.

Next is to type in the amount, followed by the recipient account number and your pin number to finalize the UBA money transfer.

Please check the name you typed properly that it matched your recipient name, before clicking on the send button.

So this is how to transfer money from uba using the popular uba mobile transfer code.

From UBA to other account 

In the case that you want to send money from your uba bank account to another bank like like zenith bank, gtbank, access bank etc, the procedure is quite different.

To send money from uba to other bank, simply dial *919*4# or *919*4*account number*amount# on your mobile phone.

This is followed by entering your pin number to send the money to the recipient.

Let’s say you want to send N60000 to chudi, you should dial *919*4*0023456886*60000#, next on the screen is to type in your four digit pin number and finally click on the send button.

NOTE When using the UBA transfer code to transfer money from your account to another account, please don’t be in too much haste to finalize it.

Properly check the name on your screen before clicking on the send button.

I’ve seen someone who made a mistake by transferring money to a wrong person.

You should relax and type in the requirements but don’t waste too much time, else the transaction will be canceled.

Uba mobile transfer code to other banks is *919*4# or you can simply dial *919# and select transfer.

Why i prefer to dial the three digit code is because sometimes banks do change their ussd code options, and you may type *919*4# and it is no longer for money transfer.

The transfer limit for this is one hundred thousand(N100,000) per day.

To transfer higher than this amount, go to uba and request for a token.

Apart from the Uba money transfer code, there other codes that are very helpful in terms of quick banking.

Let’s start with airtime purchase.

How to buy airtime from uba using the uba ussd code 

To buy airtime from your uba account using uba ussd code or probably the uba transfer code of *919# to your number registered with the bank, simply dial *919*Amount# on your mobile phone.

To buy airtime from your uba account to another number or for others, dial *919* Phone number* Amount#

For Example

You want to buy N1000 airtime for Mike, dial *919*08022222222*1000#. The limit for airtime purchase is N5000 per day.

How to check uba account balance 

There’s no need of going to the bank looking for how to check uba account balance, you can easily do that on your phone and at your comfort zone without going to the bank.

This involves the use of the uba ussd code or the uba code for checking of account balance.

Every transaction you made, your account balance will be displayed on your screen.

But in the case that you urgently needed to check and know the amount left in the bank, then use the code below to do it.

To check uba account balance, dial *919*00# which is uba account balance code and your balance will display on your screen.

You can as well dial *919# and select the option that states check account balance.

Note this attracts a fee of N15 per check, so please don’t over do it.

How to pay bills using uba

You can pay bills like electricity, dstv, Gotv, transportation booking from your uba account.

To pay bills from your account, dial *919*5# and follow the on screen instruction.

Uba Cardless ATM Withdrawal

UBA cardless atm withdrawal is the process of withdrawing money from any uba atm without the use of the atm card.

People are using it especially this year.

To use the cardless atm withdrawal, you will first dial the UBA transfer code, and select the option for it.

Better still dial *919*30*Amount# and follow up.

I will give more insight on uba cardless withdrawal in my next post.

There are more features on the UBA ussd code, just dial the *919# and explore more.

The importance of uba ussd code

The importance of the uba ussd code is too many, i will only list the key ones.

  • Gives users access to fast money transfer.
  • Good mode of payment for business men and women.
  • Reduces stress for its users like going to the bank or atm to transfer money, going to stores to buy airtime or make payment.
  • It creates a cashless economy in a society.

The uba transfer code doesn’t require internet connection, but you must have network access in your phone.

The only disadvantage of this is that if you find yourself in a remote area where there’s no network connectivity, sorry you can’t access the *919# code.

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That’s it on the uba transfer code or the uba ussd code as it is rightfully called.

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