Best guide on uba magic banking

Seeing it for the first time, you might be wondering what uba magic banking is all about.

Is it something that relates to magic or what’s with  magic in uba banking.

Wells when you hear or see uba magic banking, kindly know that they are talking about their *919# ussd code.

Every bank has a nickname for their ussd code.

For example, zenith bank *966# is called eazybanking, gtbank *737# is called simple banking etc.

This is so with united bank for africa magic banking.

It has nothing to do with magic, but rather what the bank is trying to say is that you have your banking services 24/7 available to you and everywhere you go.

What is uba magic banking

When you see uba magic banking then you should know it is nothing but just their mobile ussd code, which is *919#.

With *919# uba magic banking code, you have your banking services always with you and everywhere you go.

The services includes airtime recharge, money transfer, paying of bills, checking of account balance and number, changing of naira debit card pin number, opening a new bank account etc.

It is very convenient to bank customers, especially in terms of money transfer and buying of airtime.

Features and benefits

The features and benefits of using *919# code includes the followings;

  1. Very convenient to bank customers
  2. You can easily transfer or send money from your uba account to another account right inside your house, office or workplace
  3. It doesn’t require internet connection or data bundle
  4. You can use the uba magic banking code on any type of phone, be it smartphone or java phone
  5. Buying of airtime, paying of bills like electricity or subscribing for dstv, gotv or startimes is made easy using the *919 ussd code
  6. You can check your bank verification number, account number or account balance by dialing the code on your mobile phone
  7. Request for a new debit card or block your atm card
  8. It is 24/7 available to customers.

It always surprises me when i see people say they don’t use uba magic banking, mobile app or even internet banking.

Can’t remember the last time i bought airtime from dealers, or walk down to dstv office to subscribe for monthly subscription or go to the bank for money transfer.

Using the ussd code  gives you the opportunity to have your banking services always with you.

How to activate uba magic banking

uba magic banking code


Before you can use uba *919# magic banking, you need to first activate your account for it.

Doing so will only take you thirty seconds and you’re ready to start using the code for money transfer, buying of airtime and others.

To get started, dial *919*0# on your phone. 

You will see welcome to uba magic banking display on your screen.

Below it is the option to sign up for the magic banking.

Simply do that by typing in 1 in the space provided for it.

After that, you’ll be presented with two options to select from, they include;

  • Account with pin
  • Prepaid with  pin

If you only have a prepaid account with the uba, kindly select the second option, and if not, then you’re to select account with pin.

This is followed by typing in your ten digit account number and also the last four digits on your uba naira debit card (atm card).

Please when you see last four digits, that means you should use the last numbers on your atm card.

For example, your atm card number is 4056789633230096.

The last four digits are 0096 .

Note When you see or hear debit card numbers, kindly know that it is the 16 digit numbers in front your atm card.

After that you’ll see referral ID, kindly skip it and proceed to the next which is typing in the four digit pin for uba magic banking.

Kindly type in a four digit pin numbers of your choice and that will be your ussd code pin for any transaction.

Having registered your account for the uba ussd code, you can finally transfer money using the *919# code.

That’s it on uba magic banking registration and as you can see, it isn’t difficult to register your account.

You’re finally set to use the *919# which is banking on the go.

The first that will entice you is buying of airtime from your uba account.

You can buy for yourself or for another person or phone number not registered with the bank.

To do that, simply dial *919*Amount# on your mobile phone to buy airtime for yourself or phone number registered with uba.

To buy airtime from your uba account to another number or for others, dial *919* Phone number* Amount#

Note that to buy airtime requires you to type in the four digit pin for the transaction.

Second is money transfer. Using uba magic banking code to send money is very fast and very convenient, but you’re only limited to one hundred thousand naira in a day.

To send money to another uba account, simply dial *919# and select option 5 which is money transfer. You will see choose payment method which states;

  •  UBA account
  •  UBA prepaid card

Again if you’re not a prepaid account owner, kindly select the first option which is uba account.

Type in the amount you want to send, followed by recipient account number and lastly your four digit ussd pin.

In the case that you want to send money to other banks like zenith, gtbank, first bank, fidelity bank, fcmb etc, dial *919*4# or *919*4*account number*amount#. 

Checking of account balance is made easy using uba magic banking code.

To check your Uba account balance, dial *919*00# and your account balance will display on your screen.

Note that checking of account balance also gives you the opportunity to see your account number, this comes in handy if you’re trying to figure out your account number.

Another benefit of the magic banking i love so much is paying of bills right inside my house.

You can as well do that and pay for cable TV subscription like dstv, gotv, startimes, CTL etc and electricity bill or even book for a flight.

To pay bills from your uba account, dial *919*5# and follow the on screen instruction.

I don’t see the reason why as a bank customer you’re not making use of the uba magic banking code.

We’re using it thanks to the advance in technology and it is well secured as long as you keep your pin number to yourself.

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So if you’re a uba customer, nothing stops you from enrolling into the uba magic banking today.

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