How to send money to Nigeria with PayPal

Some people are not aware that one can send money to Nigeria with PayPal account, this is what i’m going to guide you, on how to do it.

PayPal is one of the most popular means of sending and receiving money online, and it has really helped people to receive or send money to their friends or love ones.

How to send money to Nigeria with PayPal.

So right here we’re all be looking how to send money to Nigeria with PayPal.

But i want you to know that as at this time of writing this post, the recipient can’t transfer the money to his or her bank account.

How send money to Nigeria with PayPal

send money to nigeria with PayPal


Before you can send money to nigeria with PayPal, you will first create a PayPal account, if you have already done so can skip the below step.

How to send money to Nigeria with PayPal.

Creating account for yourself isn’t a difficult one as well, all you need to do is to go to their website, and which is PayPal and create your account.

Please make sure that your account details are the same with your bank details.

What i mean is that the names and date of birth are the same cause on the last step, you will verify your bank account.

  • Click on the PayPal link above and click on sign up
  • Choose personal or business account. I will advise you to select business account in case tomorrow you may start online marketing
  • Next is to provide your email address. Please please please, use a working email address as this is what you will use to receive payment
  • Next page is where you will enter your personal details. So please type everything correctly without making a mistake
  • On the business information, enter your personal details as well and this also includes your mobile phone number
  • Next page is to talk about your business page and what type of business it is
  • Select individual and then select anything as category and subcategory here and proceed you can omit the url option and leave blank and click continue
  • Next page is account holder information page where you are required to provide an identification document for verification
  • Select your nationality and please make sure that you’ve an ID for it cause you’ll verify your identity with it
  • After submitting your ID for verification, click on continue. Next on the screen is a thank you message for signing up and confirming your account
  • Head to your mail and verify your PayPal account

(How to send money to Nigeria with PayPal).

After the registration and verifying of your account, you will head to the last step and which is blinking your bank account to PayPal.

Go to your PayPal account page, you’ll see a notification on the right corner of your screen, click on it and you will see “confirm your email address and link and confirm your credit card”.

To confirm your credit card, click on the link that sys “link and confirm debit or credit card.

Next on the screen is NBC where you will type in the correct credit or debit card details and click continue.

Immediately after you click on the continue button, your bank deduct a certain sum of money from your account(usually $3).

But you need not to panic, the money will be reversed back to your account within three to twenty four hours.

How to send money to Nigeria with PayPal.

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Paypal offer a convenient way to send money to Nigeria for friends and family, and also to make payments for goods and services

Let’s see how to send money to Nigeria with PayPal.

If you’re using the mobile app, launch the application and sign in using your username and password.

Please know that the recipient must also have a paypal account before he or she can receive money through PayPal.

So on the application, tap on the send button which is at the bottom-left corner of Paypal app on your device.

On the left bottom of your screen, you’ll see access contacts, or you choose to type in the person Paypal email address.

Having typed in the recipient PayPal email address, tap it on the email to create a payment.

You’ve to confirm that you have the email address or phone number is correct before sending money so you don’t accidentally send it to the wrong person.

If you want to send money to Nigeria or to someone in another country, tap Send to friends and family abroad, and then follow the on-screen instructions.

Next is to enter the amount that you want to send to the recipient.

So kindly type in the amount, and use the arrow down button to select your preferred currency.

After that, you’re to choose the payment type, is it for friends and family or to pay for goods and services.

For goods and services usually involves paying for online services or bills payments.

It is left for you to choose the want that suite you by tapping on it.

I want you to know that type of payment you make determines the payment fees.

Personal payments are fee-less, but paying for goods requires a small fee for PayPal Purchase Protection.

The next screen is to select a payment method.

During account creation, all the payment methods you selected will be displayed on your screen.

Paying with a linked bank account or your PayPal balance is free.

A small fee will be applied for credit and debit card payments. The fee will appear below the payment type.

If your PayPal balance is less than the amount of your payment, PayPal will apply the balance and take the remainder from your default payment account.

Finally is to calmy review all that you’ve typed in, before you make a mistake of to send money to Nigeria with PayPal.

So go through it and if everything is correct, tap the button at the bottom of the screen to send the money to the recipient.

If everything is successful, the recipient should receive the money within 60 seconds or maximum of five minutes.

If you send money to Nigeria with PayPal, the recipient will receive a notification on his or her email address about the payment.

Like i said, the issue we Nigerians are having is receiving the cash into our local bank account.

What i mean here is to transfer the money from PayPal account to our bank account.

The money received on Nigeria PayPal account stays on PayPal and you can only use it to make online payment and nothing more.

I’ve tried to understand the reason for this but i can’t seem to find out the actual reason, and it is really frustrating that even in 2020, the issue is still there.

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This is actually how to send money to Nigeria with PayPal account, any changes on receiving money from PayPal account to local bank account, i will quickly update it for you guys.

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