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Nigerian Banks And Their Slogan in 2018

Get the complete list of nigerian banks and their slogan which will motivate your passion in banking.

Right now i have provided all the commercial banks in  Nigeria and also their slogan for you guys. And i must say that it is advisable to know your bank slogan and many of the these Nigerian banks slogan really have inspirational message to their customer.

So let’s head straight to the Nigerians bank and their slogan we have as at 2018.

Nigerian Banks and their slogan

Below are the complete list of Nigerian banks and their slogan as of July 2018.

Access bank

Founded in 1989 with its headquarter located at Plot 999c, Danmole Street off Adeola Odeku/Idejo Street, Victoria Island, Lagos, Lagos State, Nigeria, is originally a corporate bank, the organization acquired personal and business banking platforms from Nigeria’s International Commercial bank in 2012. Access Bank is presently one of the five largest banks in Nigeria in terms of assets, loans, deposits and branch network.

Access Bank plc is a large financial-services provider. As of December 2015, the bank had an asset base in excess of US$12.2 billion (NGN:2.412 trillion), and shareholders’ equity valued at approximately US$1.86 billion (NGN:367.8 billion).

January 2012: Access Bank announced the conclusion of its acquisition of the former Intercontinental Bank, creating an expanded Access Bank, one of the largest four commercial banks in Nigeria with over 5.7 million customers, 309 branches and over 1,600 Automated Teller Machines (ATMs).

Access bank slogan – passion for excellence

You’ve got to say that access bank really have passion for excellency cause their customer service is out of this world.

Diamond Bank Plc

Founded in December 20, 1990 by Dozie pascal, and with its headquarter located at Victoria Island, Lagos, Lagos State, Nigeria.

Diamond Bank PLC began as a private limited liability company on March 21, 1991 (the company was incorporated on December 20, 1990). Ten years later, in February 2001, it became a universal bank.

In January 2005, following a Private Placement share offer which substantially raised the Bank’s equity base, Diamond Bank became a public limited company. In May 2005, the Bank was listed on The Nigerian Stock Exchange. Moreover, in January 2008, Diamond Bank’s Global Depositary Receipts (GDR) was listed on the Professional Securities Market of the London Stock Exchange.

Diamond Bank slogan – Your Bank 

There’s no doubt that Diamond Bank is one of the most popular bank in Nigeria with millions of customers across the country, so their slogan really says it all.

Fidelity Bank Plc

Fidelity Bank of Nigeria was incorporated in the year 1987 and began its operations in 1988. It initially started with a Merchant Banking license.

Fidelity Bank converted to a commercial bank in the year 1999 in an attempt to grow, as a private limited company and became a Public Limited Company also in the year 1999, in the month of August. It re-branded to Fidelity Bank Plc that year.

It secured its Universal Banking License in February 2001 and also obtained its International Banking License in the year 2011. Fidelity Bank of Nigeria has grown to a stable banking institution, during the 2005 Nigeria Banking consolidation, Fidelity Bank acquired FSB International Bank Plc (“FSB”) and Manny Bank Plc to become one of the top financially stabled banks in Nigeria Fidelity Bank currently has presence in all the States and Major cities in Nigeria, over the years the bank has been reputed for its financial stability.

Fidelity bank slogan – we are fidelity, we keep our word

First City Monument Bank(Fcmb)

The entity from which the fcmb was founded City Securities Limited, was established in 1977 by Oloye Subomi M. Balogun, the Otunba Tunwashe of Ijebu, a Yoruba tribal aristocrat. First City Monument Bank Ltd. was incorporated as a private limited liability company on 20 April 1982 and granted a banking licence on 11 August 1983. It was the first bank to be established in Nigeria without government or foreign support. On 15 July 2004, FCMB changed its status from a private limited liability company to a public limited liability company and was listed on the Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE) by introduction on 21 December 2004.

In November 2010, both FinBank and First City Monument Bank (FCMB) announced that FCMB has expressed interest in acquiring shareholding and become the strategic investor in FinBank, another Nigerian commercial bank that was undercapitalized. In February 2012, following regulatory approval, FCMB acquired 100% shareholding and began integration of Finbank in its existing operations.

FCMB is a large financial services provider in Nigeria, offering retail banking, corporate banking and investment banking services to large corporations, small and medium enterprises, as well as individuals. As of December 2011, the bank’s total assets were valued at US$$3.65 billion (NGN:593.3 billion), with shareholders’ equity of approximately US$772.2 million (NGN:117.4 billion).

Fcmb slogan – my bank and i 

Fcmb slogan is one of the best Nigerian Banks slogan that i love so much, and not only that the bank is very good and so their customer service is.

First Bank of Nigeria

First Bank was Founded in 1894 (as Bank of British West Africa)
1979 (renamed First Bank of Nigeria), is a Nigerian multinational bank and financial services company headquartered in Lagos. It is the biggest bank in Nigeria by total deposits and gross earnings. It operates a network of over 750 business locations across Africa, the United Kingdom and representative offices in Abu Dhabi, Beijing and Johannesburg set up to capture trade-related business between geographies.

As of December 2015, the Bank had assets totalling NGN3.9 trillion ($12.2B according to 2017 exchange rates). The Bank’s profit before tax for the twelve months ending 31 December 2015 was approximately NGN10.2 billion. FirstBank’s ownership is diversified, with over 1.3 million shareholders. The bank was founded in 1894 and is Nigeria’s oldest bank. It converted to a public company in 1970 and was listed on the Nigerian stock Exchange (NSE) in 1971. However, as part of the implementation of the non-operating holding company structure, it was delisted from the NSE and replaced with FBN Holdings Plc. in 2012.

FirstBank has been named “The Best Bank Brand in Nigeria” for five years in a row – 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015 – by The Banker magazine of the Financial Times Group, and “Most Innovative Bank in Africa” in the EMEA Finance African Banking Awards 2014.

First Bank Nigeria slogan – Banking for Good(new slogan as at 2017) 

Guaranty Trust Bank(Gtbank)

Founded in 1990 with its headquarter located in 635 Akin Adesola Street, Victoria Island, Lagos, Lagos State, Nigeria, is a Nigerian multinational financial institution, that offers Online/Internet Banking, Retail Banking, Corporate Banking, Investment Banking and Asset Management services.

The Gtbank was formed in 1988 by over 35 young Nigerians in their thirties, spearheaded mostly by Tayo Aderinokun and Fola Adeola, but also included Femi Pedro, Gbolahan Osibodu, Femi Akingbe, Akin Opeodu and others.

On 26 July 2007 GTBank became the very first subsaharan bank and first Nigerian joint stock company to be listed on London Stock Exchange and Deutsche Börse. The IPO raised US$750,000,000.[3]

In the same year, they successfully placed Nigeria’s first private Eurobond issue on the international capital markets.[4]

The GTBank USD 500,000,000 Eurobond was the first ever Benchmark Eurobond issue by a Nigerian corporate and the second Eurobond programme by GTBank in the last 5 years.

Gtbank slogan – wouldn’t you rather bank with us 

Skye Bank Plc

Founded in 2006 with the headquarter located in 3 Akin Adesola Street
Victoria Island, Lagos, Lagos State, Nigeria, is a large financial services provider in West Africa and Central Africa. With headquarters in Nigeria, the bank maintains subsidiaries in Sierra Leone, the Gambia, the Republic of Guinea, Liberia, Angola and Equatorial Guinea. As of September 2010, the bank’s total assets were valued in excess of US$3.9 billion (NGN:611.5 billion), with shareholders’ equity of approximately US$630 million (NGN:98.4 billion).

The origins of Skye Bank date back to 1989 when Prudent Bank Plc., was incorporated as a limited liability company. In 1990, the bank was issued a license as merchant bank. That same year, it rebranded as Prudent Merchant Bank Limited. In 2006, Prudent Merchant Bank Limited merged with four other banks to form Skye Bank Plc.:

EIB International Bank Plc.
Bond Bank Limited
Reliance Bank Limited
Co-operative Bank Plc.
In January 2011, the bank introduced a Naira-denominated MasterCard debit card, called “MasterCard Verve”, the first of its kind in Nigeria. The bank also offers Internet banking and mobile banking.

In 2014, the bank acquired Mainstreet Bank Limited.

Skye bank slogan – the sky is big enough 

Union Bank of Nigeria

Founded in 1917 with the headquarter in 36 Marina, Lagos Island, Lagos, Lagos State, Nigeria, is a large commercial bank, serving individuals, small and medium-sized companies, as well as large corporations and organizations. In July 2009, it was rated the 556th largest bank in the world and the 14th largest bank in Africa. As of Mar 31, 2018, the bank’s asset base was estimated at NGN1, 381 billion (US$4.1billion). The shareholders’ equity at that time was estimated at NGN286 billion (US$851 million).

The bank was founded in 1917 as Colonial Bank. In 1925, Barclays Bank acquired Colonial Bank, changing the bank’s name to Barclays Bank (Dominion, Colonial and Overseas) or Barclays Bank (DCO). In 1969, Barclays Bank DCO was incorporated in Nigeria, as Barclays Bank of Nigeria Limited, to comply with new banking laws enacted in 1968.

In 1971, the shares of the bank stock were listed on the Nigerian Stock Exchange. In the same year, 8.33% of the bank’s shares were offered to Nigerians. The following year, the Federal Government of Nigeria acquired 51.67% ownership of the bank, leaving Barclays Bank Plc. of London with 40% ownership. In 1979, that 40% was sold to Nigerian individuals and businesses to comply with then recently enacted banking and investment laws. The bank changed its name to Union Bank of Nigeria Plc, to reflect its new ownership structure.

In 1993, the Federal Government of Nigeria completely divested its ownership in the bank. Subsequently, Union Bank of Nigeria Plc. acquired the formeeUniversal Trust Bank Plc and Broad Bank Limited. It also absorbed its former subsidiary Union Merchant Bank Limited.

Union bank slogan – big, strong and reliable 

United Bank for Africa(UBA)

Nigerian banks and their slogan

Founded in 1949 with the headquarter in UBA  House, 57 Marina, P.O. Box 2406, Lagos, Lagos State, Nigeria, is one of Africa’s largest financial institutions with operations in 20 African countries and 3 global financial centers: New York, London and Paris. UBA has more than fourteen million customers and over 1,000 business offices and customer touch points globally.

UBA has been operating in Africa since 1949, referred to then as the British and French Bank Limited (BFB). It took over the assets and liabilities of BFB and was incorporated as a limited liability company on 23 February 1961 under the Compliance Ordinance (Cap 37) 1922.

In 2005, it completed one of the biggest mergers in the history of Nigeria’s capital markets with the business combination with Standard Trust Bank (STB) Plc. From then, it continued to expand to Ghana, Benin Republic, Côte d’Ivoire, Burkina Faso, Guinea, Chad, Cameroon, Kenya, Gabon, Tanzania, Zambia, Uganda, Liberia, Sierra-Leone, Mozambique, Senegal, Congo DR, Congo Brazzaville and Mali. Followed by its pioneer Initial Public Offer in the Nigerian banking industry in 1970, UBA got listed on the Nigerian Stock Exchange, where it is publicly traded under the symbol “UBA” and it is the first Nigerian-headquartered bank to launch Global Depository Receipts, which are unlisted.

In 2006, the bank pioneered the interconnection of its then 428 African branches making it the largest online real time branch network in Africa. Africans are able to withdraw or deposit money in any of these branches regardless of where their accounts are domiciled. Since then, the bank has remained in the forefront of technology innovation in the African banking space, launching the first artificial intelligence Virtual Banking Robot in the African market early 2018.

Uba slogan –  UBA says U can 

Zenith Bank Plc

Founded in May 1990 with the headquarter in Zenith Heights, Plot 84, Ajose Adeogun street, Victoria Island, Lagos, Lagos State, Nigeria, is a large financial service provider in Nigeria and Anglophone West Africa. As at 31 December 2016, its total assets was ₦:4,739,825 million with shareholders’ equity of ₦:616,353 million.[2] The shares of stock of the company are listed on the Nigeria Stock Exchange and the London Stock Exchange.

Zenith bank slogan – in your best interest 


Which was founded in 1986, is one of the commercial banks licensed by the Central Bank of Nigeria, the national banking regulator.

It operates as a universal bank, providing wholesale, retail, corporate, investment and transaction banking services to its customers in the Nigerian market. The bank divides its operations into three major divisions: (a) Retail Banking (b) Wholesale Banking and (c) Treasury & Financial Institutions. The bank also offers capital markets and investment banking services. During the fourth quarter of 2011, Ecobank Nigeria acquired 100% of the shareholding in Oceanic Bank, creating the expanded Ecobank Nigeria Plc. As of December 2011, the expanded Ecobank Nigeria controlled total assets valued at approximately US$8.1 billion (NGN:1.32 trillion), making it one of the five largest banks in Nigeria at the time. At that time the bank had 610 free-standing branches, making it the second-largest bank in the country by branch network.

Ecobank slogan – the pan African Bank 

Keystone Bank

Keystone bank was founded in 2011, Victoria Island, Lagos, Lagos State, Nigeria being the headquarter. The bank is one of the commercial banks licensed by the Central Bank of Nigeria, the national banking regulator.

On Friday 5 August 2011, Keystone Bank Limited was issued a commercial banking license by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN). On the same day, CBN revoked the banking license of Bank PHB. Keystone Bank assumed the assets and some liabilities of the now defunct Bank PHB.

On 22 March 2017, Asset Management Company of Nigeria announced that Keystone bank had been sold to investors for 25 billion naira ($81.5 million). It was sold to Sigma Golf-Riverbank consortium.

Keystone Bank offers banking services to large corporations, public institutions, small to medium enterprises (SMEs) and individuals. The bank is a large financial services provider in Nigeria. As of December 2012, the bank’s total assets were valued at US$1.916 billion (NGN:307.5 billion), with shareholders’ equity valued at about US$213.3 million (NGN:34.23 billion).

Keystone bank slogan – Never say never 

Stanbic IBTC Holdings

Founded in 1989 with the headquarter in I.B.T.C. Place, Walter Carrington Crescent, Victoria Island, Lagos State, Nigeria, is a financial service holding company in Nigeria with subsidiaries in banking, stock brokerage, investment advisory, pension and trustee businesses. Stanbic IBTC Holdings is a member of the Standard Bank Group, a financial services giant based in South Africa. Standard Bank is Africa’s largest banking group ranked by assets and earnings operations in 20 African countries and 13 countries outside Africa.

Stanbic IBTC Holdings PLC. came to being as the result of a merger between Stanbic Bank Nigeria Limited and IBTC Chartered Bank Plc. in 2007, then adopting a holding company structure in 2012 to comply with the revised regulatory framework advised by the Central Bank of Nigeria requiring banks to either divest from non-core banking financial services or adopt a holdings company structure.

On 24 September 2007, IBTC Chartered Bank Plc merged with Stanbic Bank Nigeria Limited. Stanbic Africa Holdings Limited on behalf of Standard Bank tendered an offer to for the acquisition of additional IBTC shares in order to attain majority shares in the merged business. This resulted in SAHL having a majority shareholding 50.75% up from 33.33% as at the merger date. The business name was subsequently changed to Stanbic IBTC Holdings Plc and resumed trading on the NSE.

Stanbic IBTC bank slogan – Moving forward 

Heritage Bank

The bank which was founded in 1989, with the headquarter located in 292B Ajose Adeogun Street, Victoria Island, Lagos, Lagos State, Nigeria, is one of the commercial banks licensed by the Central Bank of Nigeria, the country’s banking regulator, with a National Operating License.

Heritage Bank Plc is a large financial services provider in Nigeria. Currently licensed as a National Bank, it offers banking and financial services in the country, including the South, West, Southeast and the North. As of December 2015, the total asset valuation of the bank was estimated at about US$1.7+ billion (NGN:483.4 billion). Its shareholders’ equity is worth at least US$88 million (NGN:25 billion), the minimum capital requirement by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), for national banks.

The bank traces its roots to the late 1980s, when it was founded as Societe Generale Bank (Nigeria) (SGBN), by the late Dr. Olusola Saraki. In January 2006, the Central Bank closed down SGBN on account of failure to meet new minimum capital requirements of US$155 million (NGN:25 billion) for a National Bank. SGBN successfully challenged the closure in court. In December 2012, CBN re-issued SGBN’s banking license, but as a regional bank. The bank re-branded as Heritage Banking Company Limited and reopened for business under the new name on 4 March 2013.

In October 2014, Heritage Banking Company Ltd successfully met the requirements of the Asset Management Corporation of Nigeria (AMCON) and the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) toward owning 100% shares in Enterprise Bank Ltd.

On 27 January 2015, AMCON officially transferred ownership of Enterprise Bank Ltd to Heritage Bank Plc.

Heritage bank slogan – The right bank makes a difference 

Wema Bank

Wema Bank was founded in 1945, 54 Marina, Lagos State, Nigeria being the headquarter.

The bank was established on May 2, 1945, as a private limited liability company (under the old name of Agbonmagbe Bank Limited). Wema Bank is Nigeria’s longest surviving indigenous Bank. It was granted a commercial banking license and commenced banking activities during the same year. Wema Bank converted to a public limited liability company in 1987. In 1990, the bank was listed on the Nigerian Stock Exchange. It trades under the symbol: WEMABANK. It was granted a Universal Banking License in February 2001.

In 2009, the Bank underwent a strategic repositioning exercise spearheaded by a new management team that has seen its finances and profile rise considerably which finally culminated into its taking a sound strategic decision to operate as a commercial Bank with regional scope in South South Nigeria, South West Nigeria, Lagos and Federal Capital Territory in 2011.

In December 2011, Wema Bank became the first sub-Saharan African financial institution to fully deploy the Finacle 10.2 Core Banking Application which has greatly enhanced its branch and e-banking service offerings to customers whilst reducing system downtime and improving access to banking services.

In December 2015, the Bank became a national bank, with capital base of over N43.8billion having met the regulatory requirements for the National Banking license as stipulated by the Central Bank of Nigeria

They introduced the card control feature on their mobile banking app.

Wema Bank launched the first fully digital bank in Nigeria- ALAT by Wema in May 2017. With ALAT, they have won various local and international awards including the World Finance Award 2017 for the Best Mobile App and Best Digital Bank in Nigeria.

Wema Bank slogan – people banking on people 

Sterling Bank

Sterling Bank is one of the old generation Bank which was founded in 1960 and the headquarter which is Sterling Towers, 20 Marina, P.M.B. 12735, Lagos, Lagos State, Nigeria.

The bank provides services to individuals, small businesses (SMEs) and large corporations. As of December 2016, the bank’s branch network numbered 187, distributed throughout Nigeria with total assets valued in excess of NGN:834 billion and shareholders’ equity estimated at about NGN:85.6 billion).

Sterling bank slogan – one customer bank 

That’s all i have on Nigerian banks and their slogan, if you have new update on this topic, please don’t hesitate to share with us here.



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