Register for natwest online banking app

Download natwest online banking app, which is used for mobile banking services like money transfer, checking of account balances etc.

Before you can use the natwest online banking app, you will first have to register for online banking and with the details like username and password, you will use it to login to your account.

Mobile banking has really replaced the use of automated teller machine popularly called the atm, in terms of money transfer, bills payment, checking of account balances etc.

Please note that the your profile details can be used on the natwest mobile app banking, online banking through browser or telephone banking.


1. Your mobile number

2. Your personal details, such as name, address, and date of birth

3. Your account number, sort code, and debit card number


1. Check your balance

2. Make transfers and payments without a card reader

3. Log in with your fingerprint

4. Get Cash without a debit card

5. Pay someone using just their mobile number

How to register for Natwest online banking app

Natwest online banking app


First you need to download the natwest online banking app here.

If you are using android it will automatically detect it and send you to google play store to download it, and same with ios(iPhone and iPad) will automatically send you to apple store to download the app.

2. After downloading and installing the natwest mobile banking app, have these details readily available with you before you can create your online banking account.

They includes;

  • Your UK or international (in specific countries) mobile number. We’ll use your mobile number to text you an activation code.
  • Your personal details – this includes your full name, date of birth, and post code. This helps us identify you as a customer, and allows you to register.
  • Your NatWest account number and sort code – this again helps us to identify you further.
  • Your 16-digit debit card number. Entering your debit card number can help you get access to Online Banking faster, but not having it won’t stop you registering for the app.

3. Next step is to open or launch the natwest online banking app and register using the above details.

4 . To register, tap on the sign up link, you’ll be asked to create a passcode. This passcode has to be at least five digits long. It’s what you’ll use to log in to the app after you’ve registered.

Whilst you should make the passcode memorable to you, you can later turn on fingerprint or facial recognition login, so you won’t need to keep entering it.

5. You’ll be asked to enter your Customer Number. If you haven’t yet got one, this is where you can register for Online, telephone, and mobile banking. Simply tap ‘What’s my Customer Number?’.

6. Follow the instructions and complete the registration form. Here’s where you’ll be asked for your personal details as well as your bank account information.

7. Create your Online Banking PIN and password. You’ll use these to log in to Online Banking at a desktop. The instructions on-screen will tell you the exact way to create these details.

8. Verify your details – your Customer Number will be shown in the app, and you’ll need to confirm your PIN and password, that you just created. Then – you’ll be logged in and good to get started with banking on the go.

You are have finally enrolled or registered for natwest online banking app.

To login to your natwest online banking app is so easy, if you are using android and ios, you do that through fingerprint login and face id login if you’re using iPhone x.

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Note Payments without a card reader are limited to a total of 5 transactions totalling £500 per day. You must be aged 16 and over.

Fingerprint login is available on selected iOS and Android devices.

Get cash allows you to withdraw up to £130 every 24 hours at any NatWest, Royal Bank of Scotland (in Scotland), or Tesco ATM, as long as it’s within your daily withdrawal limit.

You must have at least £10 available in your account.

Paying your contacts is limited to a total of 20 payments totalling £250 per day.

You must be aged 16 and over. Pay anyone who has natwest online banking app or is registered for Paym.

And that’s it on natwest online banking app which enables you to have your financial services or information 24/7 available with you.

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