Martin Lewis Money Saving Expert: What You Should Know

You might have been hearing about martin lewis money saving expert, but you don’t really understand who the Martin Lewis is, what is all about the money saving expert.

In this post you will know who is Martin Lewis money saving expert, and his work.

Who is Martin Lewis

Martin Lewis was born in 9th May 1972 Withington, Manchester. He studied government and law at the London School of Economics, before branching into broadcast journalism at Cardiff University.

After graduating, he landed a job in this field, working as a producer for BBC Radio Five Live.

Since then, the finance journalist has appeared on a number of different TV shows as a money expert.

Why is Martin Lewis famous?

Martin Lewis is best-known for being the founder of Money Saving Expert, which he set up in 2003.

Just like the websites name suggests, its posts advice and consumer finance information for Brit.

Money Saving Expert has won a variety of different awards, with the Times claiming the webpage is one of “ten that stun with sheer insight or inspired rich media”.

After launching his successful site, Martin was invited to act as an expert on a wide variety of different telly programmes.

You’re likely to have spotted him making weekly appearances as Financial Editor on This Morning and Good Morning.

Martin Lewis money saving expert

What TV shows has Martin Lewis featured on?

As well as being a daytime TV regular, the 45-year-old has worked on his own shows.

Since 2012, he has co-presented The Martin Lewis Money Show on ITV alongside Loose Women’s Saira Khan.

He has also featured on It Pays to Watch!, Tonight, Good Morning Britain, Watchdog and Lorraine. You can can’t visit Martin Lewis money saving expert on his website through this link here and know more about his money saving expert scheme.

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That’s all i got for the the famous Martin Lewis money saving expert, don’t forget to visit his website to know about more.

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