Best investment opportunities in Nigeria 2022

I decided to come up with a complete list of best investment opportunities in Nigeria 2021 and the financial aspect that yields a good return on investment.

This blog post contains all the financial investment that you can invest in, in this country.

Also included some other good investments that aren’t related to finance like the real estate or agricultural investment.

Investment matters a lot in today’s economy, and it is recommended that if you’re from 18 years and above, you should have an investment account with you.

Having investment opportunities in Nigeria comes in many ways, and depending on your financial standings.

With one hundred thousand or even fifty thousand naira, you can have an investment in Nigeria.

There are lots of them though it is wise to do a proper investment in order not to lose at the end.

Is so wrong to see a full-grown man or woman with a career, but they are not investing.

What they care about is having food on the table morning, afternoon, and night and they are happy with that.

Is not as if they don’t have the finance, no, they don’t just believe or want to invest.

There are tons of reasons why you and I should be investing especially with the situation at hand.

Because of the lockdown, many people have turn into begging. Even some civil servants or workers, and majorly the reason for that is because of not planning ahead of time.

Not thinking of the raining days and no savings whatsoever.

In as much the salary being paid to the majority of the workers here in Nigeria especially the nonfederal government workers is quite very poor, but that shouldn’t be the reason why we can’t have proper planning, savings, and investment.

The truth is this, the lockdown has thought many us a lesson which I don’t think will repeat itself.

When you ask the reason why I should invest? 

I tell you that they are so many of them, but I will list the major reasons why investment is important in today’s world.

Investment Opportunities In Nigeria 2021.

Why investment is important

1. HIGH RETURNS Investment brings higher or greater returns to an investor.

For example, you have fifty million naira with you, instead of dumping it in your house or maybe in your savings account, you invest with it.

You will see yourself getting a monthly return of two hundred to five hundred thousand naira.

2. HELPS IN RETIREMENT: We are in a country where payment of gratuity is very difficult, especially the non-federal government workers.

Not only the payment of gratuity is difficult, but also the monthly pension payments.

Most state governors find it very difficult to pay it religiously, they do that once in three or five months.

Then the question is, after retirement what’s next? 

If you didn’t plan ahead of retirement here in Nigeria, the truth is that you will suffer a lot. Especially retirees whose children are still in school.

But if you’ve been saving and investing your funds when you’re still in service, after service you won’t be crying of non-payment of pension funds.

I know it is not easy at all to save money especially with the meager salary paid to workers, but with proper planning, savings and investment, it will be of help to you in the future.

3. CREATE WEALTH: This is one major reason why investment is important, it creates wealth.

All these rich men and women you’re seeing today, what makes you think is the reason that they are rich today.

The answer is investment, investment, and investment.

Without investing his funds into cement production etc Mr. Aliko Dangote wouldn’t be the richest man in Africa, without investing in technology Jeff Bezos wouldn’t be the richest man in the world today.

If you invest your money, it grows in the long run and generates wealth for you.

But always bear in mind that everything revolves around a proper investment.

4. ACCOMPLISHING OUR FINANCIAL GOALS: This is another major reason why we do invest, to accomplish our financial goals.

Since I turned 25, every new year I always ask myself this question, what will I accomplish this year.

I always go to the financial aspect which is all about money.

I love money so much, I won’t deny it and irrespective of the fact that they preach to us that it is the root of all evil, God knows that I don’t care about that saying at all.

I’m always thinking and calculating how much will I be earning if I invest this money for this particular thing and this duration.

My mum always tells me this, Amara my daughter you’re a woman and of age. You should be thinking about marriage and not money this, money that.

But the truth is this is the way I’m. I can’t imagine going from January to December without achieving any financial goal.

OMG seriously no way, I will cry a river.

In this life, irrespective of your level in life and qualifications, you need to set your financial goals.

Your financial goals may be by year-end, you’ll save money to build your house, buy a new car, buy plots of lands, etc.

Or maybe your financial goal is that by December 31st you’ll have twenty-five million naira in your account.

Let me not bore you down with the importance of investment and go straight to the investment opportunities in Nigeria that yields high returns.

Investment opportunities in Nigeria 2021

investment opportunities in nigeria 2021


Let me repeat this again, this post isn’t just about financial investment opportunities in Nigeria, but includes all the opportunities that I know will be very helpful to you.

But I will start with the financial aspect first before moving to the others.

Investment Opportunities In Nigeria 2021

Please note when you’re thinking of investing your money in a particular thing, you should ask yourself this question.

Do I need a long term or short term investment?

What type of investment should I go for, is it risk-free or very high risk?

What will be the returns on the investment?

And lastly, do I have adequate capital to go for this particular investment or this very Investment Opportunities In Nigeria

So all that I’ve listed below are long and short term investment opportunities in Nigeria, high and low risk with low and high capital needed from an investor.

1. Federal Government Bonds

The number one investment opportunities in Nigeria is the federal government bonds.

Bonds are one of the best means of investing our funds and it generates a good percentage of interest.

For the newbies, this is a type of instrument which is issued by the federal government of Nigeria through the DMO for an agreed period of TIME.

On this type of investment, you’re lending money to the federal government and in turn, earns interest on the investment until the maturity of the bond when the initial payments will be returned.

Banks issues bonds to investors and I’m a hundred percent sure of the first bank.

I got to notice that all banks are into it and some have increased their minimum amount to one hundred thousand naira, though with ten thousand naira you can still invest in bond here in Nigeria.

Note The minimum amount required by the primary market is 50 million to 100 million naira respectively. 

Aside from banks, there are investment houses, brokers that you can buy bonds from.

FGN bonds are the best works similar to the treasury bills where an investor makes a bid.

The bid can be rejected or accepted based on the percentage interest rate the federal government is willing to accept.

One advantage of the bond is that it is risk-free and also tax-free.

To buy bonds in Nigeria, I will advise you to go to the bank especially if it is your first time. Speak with the customer service and they will direct you to their investment section.

The bank will give you their requirements and in turn educate you more about it especially how it works. Afterwards, you can go ahead to invest.

Note that it runs from one or two years to twenty years, depending on the agreed terms and conditions.

2. Treasury bills (investment opportunities in Nigeria)

The second investment opportunities in Nigeria are the treasury bills which is one of the best means of financial investment.

Treasury bills are short term investment securities issued by governments to finance national borrowing requirements.

It usually comes in three tenors which are 91 days which is the least tenor or duration that you can invest in the T-bills.

182 Days which is the second tenure or duration that you can get on the treasury bills in Nigeria.

And the last is 364 days which is the longest period that you can invest, actually a duration of one year.

It works similarly to the FGN bonds where investors make their bid depending on the rates the federal government through the central bank is willing to pay.

Note The minimum amount required by the primary market is 25 to 50 million naira.

However, you can still buy it as low as N10,000 from brokers or merchants and N100,000 from banks.

The interest offered by the central bank is the same, though ranges from price and duration.

While banks, merchants, and brokers have their own interest rates as well.

The interest rates range from 1.25% to 12% under normal circumstances or even as high as 14%.

You can go through here to read more about treasury bills in Nigeria.

3. Stocks (Financial investment in Nigeria)

Stocks are good investment opportunities in Nigeria, but with a high risk. But that doesn’t take the fact that is the best investment opportunities in Nigeria.

There’s this saying that goes by, to be successful in this life, you must pass all the hurdles which involves risk.

Without taking risks you can’t succeed in this life and that is just the truth.

Shares are stocks, with high returns investment. Before you can invest in the Nigerian stocks exchange, you need to first get yourself a licensed stockbroker.

The likes of Zenith bank plc, gtbank do sell stocks, so you can visit the bank for an inquiry.

If you want to invest in the Nigerian stock exchange and get a very good returns investment, then you need to have a very good stockbroker.

Else you will lose all your money. I’ve known quite a number of persons that invested in stock and didn’t get any returns.

Everything sank including the principal.

4. Mutual funds

Aside from treasury bills and the others, an investment opportunities in Nigeria with monthly returns in this country is the mutual funds.

It is not as high risk as buying stocks and doesn’t even require a huge sum of money to invest with.

With ten thousand naira you can invest in mutual funds here in Nigeria, there are lots of good brokers out there with good rates.

I always prefer going with Stanbic ibtc bank mutual funds and their rates are okay.

For the newbies, mutual funds are a type of short term investment, whereby a firm, organization, or a financial institution pools cash from different investors for the purpose of investing in the money or capital market.

When an organization is buying stocks that are the capital market and it carries a high risk, but when they are buying from the money market which includes bonds, T-bills, they are money market instruments with low risk.

Most organizations prefer to buy from the money market than the capital market.

There are two major types of mutual funds, they are the Open-End Mutual fund and the other one which is the Closed-End Mutual fund.

Organization prefers the Open-End Mutual funds cause it does not have restrictions on the number of shares that the fund can issue to current and new investors.

The interest rate on mutual funds can go as high as 7 to 8 percent depending on the amount you want to invest and also the duration.

Note In financial investment, the higher the money and duration, the higher the interest rate offered to you. 

When it comes to tax, I can’t really say that mutual funds are tax-free because some firms or organizations will tell you no tax, while others will say 5% tax.

So tax or fee on the mutual funds depends on the organization you’re investing in.

To invest in the mutual funds, kindly contact a broker or preferably go straight to the organization and request that you want to invest in mutual funds.

If it’s Stanbic ibtc bank, you can contact them or go to any of their branches.

You’ll be issued a form to fill with the said requirements which include the minimum amount, your means of identification, address, and a passport.

You can read more about Mutual funds in Nigeria and how it works.

So mutual funds come fourth on my list of financial investment opportunities in Nigeria, and with monthly returns.

5. Fixed deposit

The fifth on the list of good investment opportunities in Nigeria is the fixed deposit.

Irrespective of the fact that banks and other merchants are offering low-interest rates at the moment, it is still a very good investment.

For the newbies, a fixed deposit account is an investment savings account offered by the bank and non-bank financial institutions to the public or investors with a high-interest rate.

No risk associated with a fixed deposit and it runs for the duration of one month to one year.

With N100,000 you can invest in the fixed deposit, and banks offer rates as high as 12% per annum.

Some brokers go as low as N10,000 minimum amount required to invest with them and with a good interest rate.

For me, I prefer investing in the bank to avoid having issues in the long run especially if I’m investing for a longer duration.

To invest in fixed deposit, and you want to invest in any bank of your choice, please go with your ID.

Voters card is allowed and also your passport cause you’ll fill a form and sign your signature.

Mostly the minimum amount required is one hundred thousand naira, though fcmb is N250k while access bank is one million naira.

To read more about a Fixed deposit, go through here.

So far, these are the financial investment opportunities in Nigeria that I know that can help you to achieve your financial goals.

Please If you have any financial investment that I didn’t add here, please kindly help me with that through the comment box thanks. 

So now I’m going off the financial aspect which includes banks, money and capital market to the others.

The other investment opportunities in Nigeria that yield high returns and they include the followings;

6. Land property / Real Estate

investment with monthly returns in nigeria


The truth is if you are looking for an investment with high returns in Nigeria, buying and selling of land or real estate development is the real deal.

The best investment opportunities in Nigeria at the moment.

I don’t know about your place, but here I’m, it is a big lucrative business.

You buy a plot of land for one million naira and by the next two years you sell it off for five million naira.

I’ve seen someone that bought a plot of land for N1.2M, sold it at N8M after four years. That’s a good bargain.

The land is one of the best assets you can have in Nigeria, and it appreciates over time.

If you have five million naira in your account, you can decide to invest in land property, instead of lending it to the federal government or the banks.

In space of two to six years, you will see that the land has appreciated and you can sell it off at the rate of fifteen million naira.

It is a good investment. All you need to do is to get a very good agent, get one for yourself, and be a hundred percent sure that no one owns the land that you’re buying.

Having done all the necessary things required from you, go do a dwarf wall around your plot of land and that’s it. Watch as they appreciate over time. 

You can also decide not to sell the land, lease it to individuals or organizations to use it for their needs, and you’ll be collecting a monthly or yearly payment.

Real estate development also involves building a house or an office especially in a very good site or location.

With five to six million naira, you can build an office, or stores and put it up for rent.

With that, you’ll be getting a good monthly return on your investment.

Investment Opportunities In Nigeria.

7. Agriculture

If you’re talking about investment opportunities in Nigeria 2020 and didn’t mention agriculture, then you don’t know what you’re saying.

I can’t do that cause apart from the land property and real estate, agriculture is a very big lucrative investment.

I’m not saying that you should start digging the ground or doing the dirty job by yourself, no my brother.

You just need a plot of land, get your workers to do the business for you.

Passing through some villages in Ebonyi state and seeing massive agricultural farming which includes rice, yam, and cassava (Garri), I said to myself with ten million naira, I can do this.

Their lands are relatively cheap and so their labor.

Here in Nigeria, the best agricultural investment you can do right now is Rice, Plantain, Cassava, Poultry, Snail, Cucumber, Garden egg, Catfish, palm oil, Wheat farming.

They yield good monthly returns for you.

Generally, investing in agriculture is an investment with monthly returns.

What is required from you is to have the capital, get a plot or more plots of land? Employ workers (laborer) to help you with farming.

When harvesting period reaches, advertise your products to the public and you’ll get wholesalers and retailers willing to buy from you.

Note Investing in agriculture doesn’t come cheap, it requires huge capital for a startup.

To enjoy your returns or profits more, get yourself your own land. Paying monthly or yearly land fees doesn’t make sense to me.

This is why I recommend that it is good to try and buy a plot of land for it. If you’re no longer interested in continuing with the business, you can sell off the land at a good bargain.

8. Mini Importation

Another list of the best investment opportunities in Nigeria is the mini importation business. Very lucrative and offers a good return on investment.

Have you ever thought of going into a mini importation business?

It is one of those investments that you can start with just a little capital.

Please if I’m saying going into mini importation, I’m not just talking about selling of Okrika clothes.

Mini importation comes in many ways and not just Okrika wears.

I myself, I’m into selling gadgets.

Do I have a shop that I sell my products?

The answer is NO.

Then how do I sell my products?

Through online. That’s the answer, I sell my products online which includes social media and jumia.

I buy products from Alibaba and aliexpress at a relatively cheaper price with little custom fees and sell it at a given price in Nigeria through Facebook, Instagram, and jumia.

I also have someone that goes to China and helps me to buy directly from the manufacturers.

The price is a lot cheaper compared to aliexpress and Alibaba.

With just ten thousand naira, you can start a mini importation business and enjoy lots of profits derived from it.

You can go through here to learn how to buy from aliexpress.

Investment Opportunities In Nigeria.

9. Daycare services (investment with monthly returns in Nigeria)

Another good investment with monthly returns in Nigeria is offering daycare services.

Opening a children’s daycare is very lucrative and works best if you’re in your own house.

You can decide to build a daycare center and employ two caretakers to be taking care of the kids.

The need for daycare services is increasing in Nigeria and this is so because of the increasing number of working-class mothers and also some lazy mother’s as well.

Daycare services are very profitable if you’re in an environment where there are good traffic and lots of young couples.

I have an Aunty who into this, she started it right inside her house and right now she earning a good passive income through that with just two employees.

How much do I need to start a daycare service?

It depends on how big you want it to be, how many kids you’re willing to accept, and the tools that you needed to be based on the numbers of kids you have in your creche.

Lots of medical practitioners are now venturing into it.

Apart from my Aunty, I know about three medical doctors that opened a daycare center and make good profits from it.

At least with 300,000, you can start good daycare services in your house and with the needed equipment which will attract the kids and their parents.

So that’s the number nine on my list of investment opportunities in Nigeria.

10. Water production

The last on the list of investment opportunities in Nigeria 2021 is water production.

Starting a bottling water company in Nigeria is a very lucrative and good business to invest in considering the population and the target market.

You have five million naira in your account, you don’t want to invest in land property or real estate or others listed here?

You can invest in water production like sachet and bottled water production.

This requires a huge capital like up to three million naira to start.

The cost of running a water production business is quite costly, especially with the epileptic power supply.

However, with a good business plan, good location, and market strategy you’ll be able to get back your capital within six months to one year.

Another profitable investment that you can venture into is Pharmaceutical Business. 

You must not be a pharmacist to venture into this, just get your license and also a licensed pharmacist to help you with that.

But note that it might cost you up to five million naira or more to start it, plus renting a store.

Investment Opportunities In Nigeria 2020.

Short term investments in Nigeria

Looking for short term investments in Nigeria?

I recommend that you go for treasury bills, fixed deposits, or mutual funds.

So far they are the best short term investments you can invest in Nigeria currently and with a low risk involved.

If you don’t want to invest your funds into the capital or money market, you can go for high yield savings accounts.

It will also help you to achieve your financial goals and runs for both short term and long term.

You can read more about the best high yield savings accounts in Nigeria through the link.

This is where I wrap it up on the best investment opportunities in Nigeria that you and I can invest in 2021. Please if you have any other that you can add to this, kindly do that through the comment box thanks.

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