How to increase my transfer limit on zenith bank

Looking for how to increase my transfer limit on zenith bank, it is very much possible be it on the interest banking, mobile app or ussd code.

Zenith bank transfer limit depends on the type of channel that you’re using for the money transfer.

For example, they have a limit for atm, ussd code, mobile app and internet banking, with online or internet banking having the highest transfer limit.

Usually zenith bank initial transfer limit on ussd transfer code is N20k but can be increased to a maximum transfer limit of N500k.

How to increase my transfer limit on zenith bank

To increase transfer limit on ussd code, you have to get yourself zenith bank token hardware.

Through the use of the token hardware, you can transfer up to N1,000,000 per day.

For those using the bank mobile app, you’ll noticed that it was pegged at N20k zenith bank daily transfer limit, but you can easily increase it.

how to increase my transfer limit on zenith bank?

Simply login to your zenith bank mobile app, and click on settings like shown on the pic below;


After you clicked on the settings button, next window you’ll see transfer limits.

Click on it and and an indemnity form will pop up on your screen. Kindly accept the indemnity and move on to the next step.

Select your account and scroll down to select transfer type.

If you want to send money to another account like bills payment etc.

You should tap on the third party transfer.

However, if it’s the normal zenith bank money transfer, you tap on zenith transfer.

Click on the limit amount and type in the maximum amount that you wish to transfer in a day.

Please note that the maximum amount you’ll enter is two million naira, and if you want to exceed that, you’ll have to visit the bank.


Upon going to any zenith bank branch near you, request that you want to increase your daily transfer limit from the pegged two million naira.

The bank will give you a form to fill and after everything is done, you are good to go.

You can transfer up to ten million naira using your zenith bank mobile app if it’s a corporate account, and five million naira if it’s a personal account.

How to increase my transfer limit on zenith bank.

Internet banking has an edge over other means of transfer or payment. This is so thanks to the zenith bank hardware token.

Normally you can send up to three million naira on zenith bank using your internet banking account.

If it’s a corporate account, you can send up to five million naira without requesting for it to be increased.

However, if you wish to increase my transfer limit on zenith bank on internet banking, you can do that by visiting any zenith bank branch.

Upon getting to the bank, move to the debit and credit card section and request that you want to increase your internet banking transfer limit.

If it’s a internet corporate account, chances that the bank will increase the amount to ten million, but if it is a personal internet banking account, i’m sorry but the daily limit can’t exceed five million naira.

In terms of atm transfer, the maximum transfer limit per day is two hundred thousand naira.

To increase it, you have to visit the bank and request for it.

But the bank can only give you a maximum transfer limit of five hundred thousand naira in a day.

If it is not okay for you, they will request that you use other platforms like the mobile app or internet banking which gives better transfer limit in a day.

How to increase my transfer limit on zenith bank.

How to register for zenith bank internet banking

Looking for how to increase my transfer limit on zenith bank, kindly register for zenith bank internet banking today.

For those that are yet to register their account, you can do within the space of thirty minutes.

You can’t enroll yourself but need to visit any of the branch around you.

Upon going to the bank, have these requirements with you;

There are requirements needed from you before you can register for the Internet banking, and they are;

  • You must have an account with zenith, be it personal or corporate account
  • You must have a working email address registered with the bank
  • Come along with your registered number with the bank
  • Make sure you have your account number with you

If you have a corporate account with the bank, notify them that you want to enroll for corporate account internet banking.

If it’s a personal account like the savings account, you tell them that also.

The reason is that the two accounts have different forms and ways of enrollment.

Though the banker will ask you the type of account you have with them.

You’ll be issued an internet banking form based on the type of account you have with the bank.

Having completed the form and everything is done properly, you simply sign in to your account

To get the best out of your daily transfer limit, simply buy the hardware token.

How to increase my transfer limit on zenith bank.

The last time i checked it was N3500, don’t know about the current price but you can budget like N4000 based on how things are right now.

Read more about zenith bank internet banking from this page

How to enroll for zenith bank mobile app

how to increase my transfer limit on zenith bank

Quite number of zenith bank customers are yet to enroll for their mobile banking.

For me i prefer it to ussd code or even internet banking, maybe because it is an application with beautiful interfaces.

And if you’re looking for how to increase my transfer limit on zenith bank, you should get your account enrolled for it.

First you have to download zenith bank mobile app for Android and also for ios.

Afterwards register your account for free.

To register your account, open the installed appand you’ll see the homepage, which consists of Login button, Register button, Open Account and Help.

Click on the register button.

Type in your account number and click confirm.

After that, you’ll be presented with three options or methods which you can register.

They methods are;

  • Through the use of token
  • Through the use of debit card
  • Through the use of otp

Using your naira debit card (atm card) to register is the best option for me.

So simply locate your naira debit card, check the number on your atm and count the last six numbers.

Tap on the debit card and it will mark it with red colour. You’ll have to type in the last six numbers on your atm, and also the pin number.

Having done that, click on the continue button.

Next is your login password which is a six digit numbers. For example 895656.

The password is what you will use to login to your Zenith bank mobile app, along with your bank account number.

So after typing in the password and confirm the password by typing it again, next is to type in your transaction pin.

This transaction pin is what you will use to finalize every transaction on the mobile app.

Simply type in the pin number and also confirm it by retyping it again. Then tap on confirm button.

Immediately you tap on the confirm button, zenith bank will send a notification message to your phone, notifying you about the registration.

To read more on how to register for zenith bank mobile app, use this link .

This is where i draw i round it up on how to increase my transfer limit on zenith bank, i hope that this article have really helped you to increase your daily transfer limit. Again please don’t forget to use the share buttons and share this post thanks.

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