How to get bvn number | Bvn Enrollment

This post covers all you need to know on how to get bvn number be it home and abroad.

I was suprised when i visited the bank today and saw a quite number of bank customers enrolling for bank verification number.

I got to realise that not every bank customer have enrolled and gotten their bvn.

The one that really got my attention is a blog reader that enrolled for bvn in 2018, but claimed that the bank didn’t issue her the bank verification number, and would love to get it.

So this post will give you a full details on how to get bvn number even if you’re not in Nigeria.


  • To enroll for bvn in Nigeria is for free and no charges
  • To enroll for bvn from abroad attracts a fee of $40
  • You can’t have access to your money if your account isn’t linked to a bvn
  • A bank customer is only liable to have one bank verification number
  • You can link your bank verification number to all your bank accounts

How to get bvn number

how to get bvn number


The first i will discuss is for those who are yet to enroll for bank verification or don’t have a bank verification number.

If you find yourself in this category, and your here in Nigeria, you can do that at any of your bank branches around you.

How to get bvn number.

What the bank will require from you is just your ID if the case may be, your phone number number, address, fingerprint and picture with your profile details included.

Simply head over to your bank and speak with the customer service representative that you want to enroll for bvn.

The customer service representative will issue a bvn enrollment form for you to fill.

Kindly complete all that is required from you and wait for the next step which is take a photo shot of your face.

After your passport photograph have been taken, next is your fingerprint.

This involves both your left and right five fingers.

After getting your fingerprints, everything should be done in couple of few seconds or minutes and your bank verification number should be issued to you.

NOTE one of the issues that result in the delay of issuing bank verification number to bank customers is network hitches.

If the bank start having network issues in the process of registering your account for a bvn, you may likely not to get your bvn same day or even come back to start all over again.

This is the only way on how to get bvn number if you’re right here in Nigeria.


I’m writing this for those living outside Nigeria that still haven’t enrolled for bank verification number.

You can still get bvn number be it home and abroad.

I got to know about this thanks to this lady ADEOLA FAYEHUN and this is really working, especially for those residing in the United states, United kingdom, and Canada respectively.

There’s this company called Avante global services which helps Nigerians in abroad to enroll for bvn without coming back in Nigeria.

However,at this moment of coronavirus coupled with the lockdown, they seemed not be enrolling individuals for bank verification number.

So you need to wait till the lockdown to be over in order to get yourself and your account enrolled for a bvn.

To enroll for bvn through Avante global services, you need to book an appointment with them through their website.

When you open the website, you’ll select any of he enrollment centers, and the include;

  • New Jersey, USA
  • Dallas, Texas, USA
  • Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania
  • Shenzhen, China
  • Tokyo, Japan

You’ll have to select your desired date on the calender provided on the website.

Below the date is a bvn enrollment pre-registration form.

On the form contains name, date of birth, nationality, etc.

Kindly complete the form and click on the book now button.

After that you’ll be contacted for your bank verification enrollment.

Please Note it cost $40 to enroll for bvn through Avante global services and you need to go along with a means of identification which can be an international passport and also a passport photograph.

After the enrollment, you’ll need to email the ID given to you by avante global services to to notify them about your bvn enrollment.

Afterwards, they will send your bank verification number to you through your email address.

This is second method on how to get bvn number for those outside Nigeria.

Having gotten your bank verification number, you can link your bvn to your account by yourself or maybe contact your bank account manger to assist you with that.

For those that have enrolled for bank verification number, but have forgotten it and looking for how to get your bvn number.

Simply dial *565*0# on your registered sim number, your bank verification will be displayed on your screen.

Doing this attracts a fee of N25 and applicable to the four networks we have; mtn, glo, airtel and 9mobile.

Another method on how to get bvn number is through internet and mobile banking.

In order to check your bvn faster and without any charges, internet banking and mobile app is the best.

How to get bvn number be it home and abroad.

If you haven’t enrolled for internet banking, you can enroll for mobile banking.

The mobile banking includes mobile app and ussd code.

To enroll for mobile banking through mobile app or ussd code doesn’t require you going to the bank.

All you have to do is to download your bank mobile app and register your account on the bank mobile app.

Same goes with ussd code. Dial your bank ussd code and register your number to get started.

How to get bvn number be it home and abroad.

Please you have to do this using your registered sim number with your bank.

After you’re done with the registration, next is how to get bvn number.

You can easily do that by checking your account balance or account number.

Your account balance, number and bank verification number will display on your screen.

Apart from internet and mobile code, the last option on how to get your bvn number is by visiting your bank.

Move straight to the customer service section and request that you would to retrieve your bank verification number.

The customer representative will ask you to provide your account number and afterwards issue your bvn to you.

NOTE You can’t get bvn number by calling your bank or sending a mail to them.

They will still ask you to visit any of their branches or use internet and mobile banking.

How to get bvn number be it home and abroad.

Another thing you should note is that you can’t send someone be it your sister or brother, or even your parents to help and get your bvn number.

You must come in person in order to retrieve your bank verification number.

You can use bvn code or code for bvn which is *565*0# to get bvn number right here in Nigeria.

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That’s all I have on how to get bvn number be it home and abroad or how to enroll for bank verification number (bvn).

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  1. I create another kuda account and make a deposit but have problem to send out or recharge now, saying my bvn has been linked to kuda account.

    • Honestly I don’t really understand this post, please explain better.

      It your bvn has already been linked to your kuda account, you should be able to make a debit transaction unless your account is frozen.


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