Gtworld vs gtbank app comparison

Guranty trust bank is the only bank that offers two different mobile banking app to its customers, that is the Gtbank app, and the gtworld app.

Sometimes bank customers get confused about the two mobile apps, that’s brings me to this post on gtworld vs gtbank app comparison.

After this post, you can go ahead and chose the Gtbank mobile app that suite you best.

Gtworld vs gtbank app

Guaranty trust bank offers the two mobile apps to their customers for a swift banking services, one is older, while the other is the latest app.

The older version is the Gtbank app, while the newer version is the gtworld app. When gtbank released the Gtworld app, I thought they would discontinue the Gtbank app, but they didn’t.

Instead they made it possible that you can use the two apps even at same time.

Let me go to the comparison of gtworld vs gtbank app.

1. The Design

Honestly I found the design of the gtworld app very fantastic compared to gtbank app. The color of the gtworld app look sharp and vibrant, while the older version looks dull and not vibrant at all.

Gtworld app homescreen is really fantastic especially with the icons which provides easy navigation on the application, but the case is completely different from gtbank app as you will see only your transaction history.

That’s very awful especially when you compare that with other bank mobile apps. However, the gtworld app offers the latest banking interface that you will enjoy.

Below is the homescreen for gtworld mobile app.

gtworld vs gtbank app
Gtworld mobile app

Below is the homescreen for gtbank mobile app (older version).

gtbank app
Gtbank app

When you take a look at the two photos above, you will see that the gtworld app looks lot better than the Gtbank app. You can navigate on the gtworld app without tapping on the hamburger menu as all the features are on the homescreen.

The case is different from the gtbank app.

To navigate on the older app, you must tap on the hamburger menu, from there you will see all the features on the application like transfers, payments, airtime and data, etc.

For the design, I rate the gtworld app 8.5/10 and the Gtbank app 4/10.

The design of the older app is very awful and not enticing at all. If you compare it with the new uba app, zenith app and first bank app, you will understand the reason gtbank introduced the gtworld app.

The first comparison of gtworld vs gtbank app.

2. The Features

The two mobile apps featured the same thing except for the fact that you can easily check your bvn on the gtworld app, but can’t do the same on the Gtbank app.

I don’t understand why gtbank didn’t make the provision of checking of bank verification number using the older version of the bank app. So if you want to check your bank verification number on using the mobile app, you must use the gtworld app.

Another feature that is lacking on the Gtbank app is  account swift on / off.

The account swift on / off gives you the opportunity to turn off all services on your gtbank account. This includes internet banking, mobile banking, gtworld app, atm/pos, ivr and all services.

In case you suspected any foul play on your bank account, you can use the gtworld app to turn off services on your bank account. One major feature that is lacking hundred percent on the Gtbank app except for the ability to block atm.

Other interesting features lacking in the older app includes the social, GTlocate, iReport, GTTraffic.

You can contact the bank using the social media pages, which you can get through the gtworld app. You can locate the nearest gtbank branch around you using the GTlocate feature and your phone GPS.

I love this features very much especially contacting gtbank through their social media pages, and also looking for the nearest gtbank branch around me.

This, you won’t find in the Gtbank app. For this gtworld vs gtbank app comparison, the gtworld app win in this category.

3. Gtworld vs gtbank app functions

This is very essential, how the two apps function. In this category, gtbank app take the lead. I noticed some hitches while using the gtworld mobile app, while I didn’t since five years of using the Gtbank app.

The older version of the app is simple and lightweight. The gtworld app is quite lightweight but one might experience bit of difficulty while using the app. Though with recent updates, the bank made some nice upgrade to the app.

Any other function on the two mobile apps are the same. You need a transaction pin to finalize any transaction on the mobile app.

Generally, gtbank mobile app can be lot annoying, and this happens if the bank are having a technical issue. Sometimes gtbank mobile app can stop working for about 45 minutes, the longest I’ve seen is three hours.

That very day I was so pissed off cause I was to transfer money to someone.

If you use the bank mobile app, you will practically understand what I’m saying. The truth is, I only experience this issue on my gtbank mobile app. I haven’t seen this on my zenith bank mobile app or even my first bank app.

Tecnical issue is very common in gtbank mobile app, no difference on gtworld vs gtbank app based on this aspect.

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Which app do I prefer

gtworld vs gtbank app: I prefer the gtworld app more than the Gtbank app. The Gtbank app looks old and outdated though they do update the app. I love the fact that one can switch off services on its own account using the gtworld app, such feature is completely lacking on the Gtbank app.

You can use the gtworld app to locate the nearest bank branch around you, using the Google map. Again this feature isn’t available on the Gtbank app.

Lastly is the interface and the design.

The gtworld app interface is very beautiful, look modernized and easy to navigate through, compared to the Gtbank app. The older version looks way old and outdated for a mobile banking app.

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This is the end of gtworld vs gtbank app  comparison, you can download the two mobile apps on your phone and compare them to see the one you will prefer to use. For me, i prefer the new gtworld app than the old version gtbank app.

2 thoughts on “Gtworld vs gtbank app comparison”

  1. Thank you for making this post. I use the gt bank app and when i noticed some people use the gtworld i’d always wondered what the difference was. The gtworld certainly looks like having more functionality but i still think I’d go on with the gtbank app and then use the web for internet banking if i want to do more advanced stuff

  2. before i was thinking that gtbank&gtworld’re not the same..but now that i read this page i realize that almost thesame just that gtb is an old-version while gtw is new version,sharp,vibrant and well design.tnx iuv gtworld.


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