Best guide to gtbank transfer code (A How-to Guide)

Guide to gtbank transfer code, this is what this post is all about. Giving you all that you need to know about the money transfer code.

This is 2021 and there are lots of people who don’t know about the Gtbank transfer code, this post is for you.

All you need to know about the mobile money transfer code.

Key Takeaways 

  • Gtbank transfer code is *737#
  • The code doesn’t require an internet connection like the internet and mobile banking app
  • You mustn’t use the Gtbank code for transfer on a smartphone, it supports any type of mobile device that uses a sim card
  • A most convenient form of money transfer and bill payment
  • Attracts a fee or transfer charges of N10 per each transaction or transfer
  • 24/7 available to the bank customers

What is gtbank transfer code

This is the question, what is the code all about.

First, I want you to know that this code *737# is properly called the bank ussd code, or maybe you can call it Gtbank ussd transfer code.

You need to understand what the ussd code is all about before moving over to the next, and which is the Gtbank transfer code.

Ussd, whose full meaning is unstructured supplementary service data is is a global system for mobile communications (GSM) protocol that is used to send text messages.

Ussd code isn’t just for banking purposes or services, it can be used for wireless application protocol (WAP) browsing, prepaid callback service, menu-based information services, and location-based content services.

The ussd code is mostly used in Nigeria in terms of banking services and it has been helpful to us.

Back to the topic, Gtbank code for transfer

What is gtbank transfer code 

This is a ussd code used for banking and money services. It can be in form of a money transfer or bill payment.

It also involves buying airtime through one’s bank account and also includes checking of account details.

But as the name implies, Gtbank transfer code only involves the money aspect and which is money transfer.

When it comes to buying airtime, checking of account number and balance, checking of bvn code, blocking of ATM card, the opening of an account, etc, that gtbank ussd code.

But the code for transfer involves the monetary aspect of the service.

This includes;

  1. Transferring money to another bank account
  2. Payment of bills like cable TV, schools fees, electricity bill, etc

The Gtbank transfer code supports all types of mobile phones and devices, as long as they make use of the sim card.

Again you’ll have network service to be able to use the ussd code, and it must be on the registered number with the bank (gtbank).

How gtbank transfer code works

Before a bank customer can start using the Gtbank ussd code, he or she needs to register his or her account and phone number.

During the registration, you’ll be issued a pin (personal identification numbers) for every transaction performed using the ussd code.

Note that you’re to make your choice of personal identification numbers (pin) just like the atm card.

Every transaction you make will require you to enter your pin to complete the transaction.

Atm requires you to enter your pin before proceeding with the money withdrawal, but this on the other hand requires you to complete your transaction using your pin at the end of the transaction.

When you have successfully registered your account for the Gtbank transfer code or ussd code, get your pin for the transaction, then you’re good to go.

Now I will show you how to register and activate gtbank transfer code.

Let’s get started.

On the phone number used in opening gtbank account, dial *737# on your mobile phone.

Note that I said on the mobile number used in opening your gtbank account.

That mobile or phone number you filled in the form during account opening, that the number you’ll dial the *737#.

If you have misplaced the number, kindly retrieve the number or probably go to the bank to change it.

Dial *737# on your phone, and select option 11 by typing the number 11 which states next.

Gtbank transfer code

When you type in the number 11, click on send.

It will display other options for you to select, right there you’ll see where it states pin and which is the number three.

The third option on the list.

Type 3 to select pin and click on send.

Gtbank code for transfer

You’re almost there.

When you enter the number 3, the next window is to finally create your pin for Gtbank transfer code or ussd code.

Now, pay closer attention.

You’ll be given four options to create your personal identification numbers (pin) and with gtbank, it is a four-digit code or numbers.

The likes of the first bank are five digit numbers.

First, be sure of the pin which you want to use for the Gtbank code for transfer. You can as well use your atm pin and that isn’t a problem at all.

Use a pin that you’ll remember and not forget.

Having done that, select the option on the given list.

As this is your first time and you’re after how to register and activate gtbank transfer code, you have to select create pin.

Gtbank transfer code

If you have a debit card (Atm card) select the 1st option, if you don’t, then select the second option.

I recommend you to activate the Gtbank transfer code using your atm card, it is way secured and the best.

Having created your pin for the Gtbank ussd code, you’re good to go.

Set and ready to use the mobile ussd code on your smartphone or Java phone.

With this, I hope you have understood how the transfer code or the ussd work, moving over to the next and which money transfer.

How to transfer money using transfer code for Gtbank

Gtbank code for transfer

Here we go on how to transfer money from your bank account to another account using the Gtbank transfer code.

By now, you’re set and ready to use the Gtbank ussd code for money transfer.

Let’s get started.

To transfer money from gtbank your account to another gtbank account, simply dial  *737*1#.

Enter the amount want to transfer and click on send, and enter the account number of the recipient.

Finally, enter the pin you created for the Gtbank code for transfer and complete the money transfer.

If you want to transfer money from gtbank to another bank, simply dial  *737*2#. 

Note If you’re to transfer more than N20k from your bank account to another account, you must use the debit card (Atm card).

This is why I said that you should have the atm card with you as long as money transfer through the phone is concerned.


To transfer money from gtbank to another gtbank. 

You want to transfer N50k to your friend named buddy.

You type *737*1*50000*1234567890#

To transfer from gtbank to another bank. 

Again you want to transfer N50k to Chuka who is using Zenith bank.

Simply dial *737*2*50000*1234567890#.

You’ll be asked to select the recipient bank, having selected the recipient bank name, the name of the recipient will display on your screen to confirm that you’re sending the money to the right person.

You can finalize the transaction by entering the four-digit pin you created for the transaction or money transfer.

Note gtbank money transfer through phone attracts a fee of N15 per transfer.

This is how to transfer money from gtbank using the Gtbank transfer code.

Where the problem lies 

The Gtbank code for transfer gives you the option to transfer N20k in a day if you don’t have a naira debit card (Atm card).

With a naira debit card, you can transfer up to N200,000 in a day.

To transfer more than one hundred thousand naira, you’ll h to get a hardware token which gives you the opportunity to transfer up to N1M (one million naira.)

The hardware token cost N3500 though I don’t know if the price has since increased.

Do you need to transfer more than N200,000 without a hardware token? 

If your answer is yes, then see the solution below.

What is the solution to Gtbank transfer code?

Mobile banking app.

Download and install gtbank mobile banking app and you can transfer up to five million naira without using the hardware token.

The Gtbank transfer code is really superb but I prefer the mobile banking app to it. If you don’t want to get that, then you can go for their internet banking.

Gtbank internet banking.

For now, let’s continue with the Gtbank code for transfer.

Right now I know that you’ve understood what gtbank transfer code is all about, the purpose, how it works, and how to transfer money the ussd code.

Moving onto the other uses the Gtbank ussd code.

I repeat gtbank ussd code of *737# and not the money transfer code.

This will be of a lot of help to you.

How to buy airtime using the Gtbank ussd transfer code 

In our daily life, airtime recharge is a necessity and some of us spend N5000 a day on airtime recharge.

The Gtbank code for airtime is a lot helpful as you don’t have to move around looking for a place to buy airtime or credit card as we call it in this country.

With the airtime recharge code, you can buy airtime at any given time even by 3 am in the morning.

You don’t have to step outside, in your house or office simply dial the code and the amount and that’s it. You have bought airtime through your gtbank account.

To buy airtime from gtbank account to your registered number with the bank, simply dial *737*amount#.

Your line or number will be credit the amount, and your bank account will be deducted from the amount recharged.

There’s no fee when buying airtime from gtbank account.

To buy airtime from gtbank to another phone number, simply dial *737*amount*phone number#.

For example, *737*200*08035555555#.

Remember, you’ll be required to complete the airtime purchase using the four-digit pin.

If you’re buying the airtime for your registered phone number with gtbank, you don’t the pin.

However, if you’re buying for another phone number, you must enter the four-digit pin.

That’s how it works.

This is how to buy airtime from gtbank using the ussd code or the Gtbank transfer code.

What of mobile data plan?

This isn’t left out either, many Nigerians spend up to N3000 on internet mobile data and banks have made it easier for you and me.

You can easily buy internet mobile data using your gtbank account.

To do so, dial *737*4#. 

Select either for yourself or for others and enter the recipient phone number and also select your preferred data depending on the network you’re using.

Note gtbank airtime recharge limit is N10,000 per day. You can’t recharge more than ten thousand in a day using the Gtbank transfer code.

I recommend you to be very careful during airtime recharge. The reason that you may want to recharge N1000 and will make a mistake and type N10000.

That’s it, you can’t return the money back to the bank or to your bank account.

I repeat the money is not refundable. 

If you make such a mistake, the only solution is to look for people in need of airtime and sell it to them through transfer.

I mean network transfer like the popular mtn share and sale.

That’s all I’ve on gtbank airtime recharge code using the Gtbank transfer code.

How to check gtbank account balance and number 

No more going to the bank to check your account balance, calling the customer service representative, or queueing on the line to check your gtbank account using the automated teller machine.

If you still do that, you need to stop.

I repeat you need to stop that.

Transfer code for Gtbank has made it pretty much convenient for every gtbank customer and checking of the account number, account balance or even your bank verification number is a lot easier than before.

Why would you want to go to the bank to check your account balance, account number, and bank verification number?

Why calling the customer service representative or using the automated teller machine (atm) for such service.

You can check all these right inside your house or anywhere you found yourself.

I hate it with passion when someone will queue on the line just to check account balance or do a money transfer.

It pisses me off a lot, and no matter how hard you try to explain to them, they won’t care at all.

Seriously that’s crazy.

Why would I go to the atm to check my account balance or do a money transfer in 2020 whereby I can do using my phone.

Honestly, I don’t really understand why some people love stress.

To check gtbank account balance and account number, simply dial *737*6*1#. 

Again to check bvn on gtbank, you have to dial this code again *737*6*1#. This displays both your gtbank account number, account balance, and bank verification number (bvn).

This also attracts a fee of N10 anytime you dial the code.

However, I have the best way to check gtbank account balance, account number, and a bank verification number.

That is using the Gtbank mobile banking app and Gtbank internet banking.

I won’t lie, they provide more efficient and effective banking services than the Gtbank transfer code.

And for me, I prefer the mobile banking app and internet banking more to the Gtbank code for transfer.

Gtbank cardless withdrawal 

When you hear about gtbank cardless withdrawal, this simply means the process of withdrawing money from the automated teller machine (Atm) without using the atm card as we call it.

Cardless withdrawal has been around for some time now though most people prefer to use the debit card withdrawal method to the cardless withdrawal method.

What I’m trying to say is that Gtbank transfer code gives you the privilege to withdraw money from the atm using the cardless withdrawal method.

I’m not going to explain that in this post, but if you would want to know more about the Gtbank cardless withdrawal, go through this link for more.

Blocking of card

Do you know that you can use the Gtbank transfer code to block your debit or even visa credit card?

You don’t think so?

That’s true. If your atm card or debit card is lost or stolen, you can quickly block the card without rushing to the bank or calling the customer service representative.

It’s so easy and convenient, and I can tell you that I’ve done that a few years back.

To block your debit card on using Gtbank transfer code, simply dial *737*51*10#. 

You’ll enter your account number.

Note whenever you see nuban number, this means account number.

Your bank account number. I know a lot of you will completely get confused thinking and trying to figure out what nuban number is.

When you enter the nuban number, enter your card details and pin. Kindly follow the instructions and block your stolen or lost debit or credit card.

You can see that Gtbank transfer code is a lot helpful than you think.

Paying of bills 

One of the features of the Gtbank ussd transfer code I so much love.

Has really helped me a lot in paying my dstv monthly subscription and electricity bill.

When it comes to paying or subscribing to my dstv or gotv package, I prefer to use the Gtbank mobile banking app.

It displays all the listed and available dstv bouquets for you to select, this isn’t so with the Transfer code for Gtbank.

Still, you can still use the Gtbank ussd code to pay for your bill payment.

To subscribe your dstv or gotv using the Gtbank code, dial *737*Amount*SmartcardNumber#”

For example, *737*2565*1030550683#

The amount will be deducted from your phone and also a hundred naira bank charges.

You can use the Gtbank code for other payments like electricity, school fees, transportation, etc.

Bill payment attracts a fee of N100, and I’m sure of cable TV subscription and electricity payment.

This is how to pay your bills using the Gtbank transfer code.

Features of Gtbank ussd code 

Below are the features and benefits of using the Gtbank ussd transfer code in 2020.

  1. A most convenient form of banking services
  2. Save the stress of queueing in the line, waiting to transfer money or check account balance
  3. Money transfer made easy especially for those with a corporate account
  4. You can request a naira debit card using the Gtbank transfer code or ussd code
  5. Easily block your credit card or debit card using the ussd card without calling or going to the bank
  6. A new customer can open a new bank account using the Gtbank ussd code
  7. A customer can easily check his or her loan balance using the Gtbank transfer code Gtbank code for transfer

For the betting lovers, gtbank made it a lot easier for you to bet your favorite sports using the Gtbank transfer code. 

You don’t have to go to the betting house and queue up because you want to bet.

Just stay in your house, dial the Gtbank transfer code of *737#, continue to select the next option until you see where it states sports.

You’re good to go with your betting.

Lot’s of people are using this method to bet without heading over to the betting house to cast their betting.

Gtbank transfer code vs mobile banking vs internet banking 

If you ask me which is the best and which I recommend to you, I will say gtbank mobile banking app.

The reason that it offers a lot of banking services and one can activate the mobile banking app without going to the bank. Internet banking is really superb and the best, but you need to visit the bank to complete the registration.

The only edge internet banking has over mobile banking is that you can transfer more than five million naira and you’ll be issued a hardware token.

This isn’t the case with the Gtbank transfer code, you’re limited to N200,000 in a day.

If you’re the type that hates going to the bank, I strongly recommend the Gtbank mobile banking app.

You can send or transfer up to five million and the interface and navigation are so cool and beautiful. Bill payment is a lot easier to understand and to use for payment.

Both the Gtbank internet banking and mobile banking app gives you the option to see your bank verification number (bvn), account number, and account balance without paying any dime.

With Gtbank transfer code, you’ll have to pay N10 to check your account details or information.

Don’t miss:

What is Gtbank to gtbank transfer code?

The answer is simply *737*1# and you follow up by entering the recipient account number. On this, you don’t have to select the bank as it is gtbank to gtbank.

Gtb to Gtb

What is Gtbank transfer code to other banks? 

The answer is simply *737*2# and you enter the recipient account number, followed by selecting the bank.

The recipient name will display to verify that you’re sending to the right person, finalize by entering your four-digit pin.

This is where I come to the end of this post on the Gtbank transfer code. I’m open to your questions and don’t forget to use the share buttons to share this post.

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