All Gtbank Sort Code in 2020

Gtbank sort code are digit numbers used to identify a particular guranty trust bank branch in a state or a city, commonly used for money transfer.

Let me give you a detailed meaning of what sort code is. A sort code is a bank code used to route money transfers between banks within their respective countries via their respective clearance organisations.

The gtbank sort code, which is a six-digit number, is usually formatted as three pairs of numbers.

For example 12-34-56. It identifies both the bank and the branch where the account is held. In some cases, the first digit of the sort code identifies the bank itself and in other cases the first two digits identify the bank

Some countries have what they use to call, for example Ireland do call it national sort code, but here in Nigeria, we do call it sort code. So Gtbank sort code varies from branches to branches or states to states as they are different. Below are complete list of guranty trust bank or gtbank sort code for all gtb branches in 2020.

Gtbank Sort Code For All Gtb Branches

All Gtbank Sort Code

Below is the list of all Gtbank sort code in 2020



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