Gtbank personal banking

You may be wondering what gtbank personal banking is all about, you don’t need to worry as i’ve provided you with the best details about it.

Gtbank personal banking is a common or popular form of banking, which features an individual banking like opening a savings or current account, private banking or collecting loans from the bank for your personal use. I will say it is a day to day banking services they gtbank give to their customers for their personal needs.

When you open a gtbank savings or current account, use it to transfer money, withdraw cash, pay bills for utilities, top up airtime or purchase internet data plan with your account, it is gtbank personal banking.

Another is that you used your account to collect loan, make online payments through your gtbank Mastercard, all is called gtbank personal banking. So you can say it is that which you as a bank customer use for the self purpose of performing or enjoying banking services derived from your bank(gtbank).

Benefits of gtbank personal banking

Gtbank personal banking

The benefits derived from using this type of banking are listed below;

1. Ability To Save And Withdraw Money

Through gtbank personal banking, one can save money through saving account or current account and have them withdrawn at any given time.

2. Easy And Faster Money Transfer

Right now you don’t really need to send money to someone through the post office or nipost, or carry the physical cash with you to the bank. Through online or offline money transfer, you can easily receive or send money through your account at your convenient place at any given time.

3. Loan

Gtb personal banking gives room for customers to collect loan from the bank, which a non bank customer will never receive.

4. Easy bill Payment

One good feature you will get through this type of banking. You can make online or offline payments like buying and paying for products online , paying for utilities like dstv, gotv, electricity bills etc through your account right inside your house, office etc.

5. Request for credit or debit card

Cards are very useful in this modern banking era, for online payment, airtime purchase or money transfer, card is needed and be it debit card or credit card. So if you don’t have a personal banking account, there’s no way that you can request for a card.

6. Interest Rate

I know that many will doubt this but the truth is that banks gives interest rate especially if you have a lump sum amount of money in your account. The interest rate may be small, but they do give it. So Guranty Trust Bank personal banking gives interest rates to Gtb customers and that’s the truth.

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So right now, i believe that you’ve understood what gtbank personal banking is all about. If you’ve any questions based on this topic, feel free to comment through the comment box below.

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