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Gtbank is one the best banks that offers good internet banking to its customers, which one can use for easy, faster and effective mode for banking in 2019.

Having used gtbank internet banking or maybe gtbank online banking as some might say as well, i haven’t experienced glitches using it for my transactions. Sometimes one might experience shut down which you can’t be able to do anything until the bank rectify it, haven’t seen such since i’ve been using gtbank internet banking.

Gtbank online banking is good for you and i, it is so convenient that making payments is way better than before. You can use it for online payment, utilities payment, and just yesterday used it to pay for my dstv subscription and EEDC power electricity without going to their office. Did that right inside my workplace and within space of seconds i’m done.

You can use gtbank internet banking to pay for flight ticket or commercial bus ticket and i’ve done that with God is Good motor(GIGM). You can check your account balance, number, request for statement of account or bvn number and all these 24/7 avaliable to you. I don’t see any reason why you haven’t enrolled for gtb internet banking and whereas it is free to register. This is on the go type of banking, as you will have your banking services everywhere you go as long as there’s internet connection in your area.

How to register for gtbank internet banking

Some websites will tell you download and fill the form bla bla bla, but what i will tell you is go straight to an gtbank branch near you. Speak with the customer care representative and tell the person that you want to create a gtbank internet banking account, the customer care representative will issue a form for you to fill. Right inside the bank complete all the required details needed from you, give the form back to the customer care agent and he/she will tell you the next thing to do.

First you must have a working email address cause this is where they(the bank) will send you an initial password and username which you are required to change it within two hours. Check your mailbox to see if they have sent the username and password, if they did then immediately log in to Gtbank internet banking page, type in the details sent to you and right there without wasting time, change the username and password immediately.

Gtbank internet banking

Gtbank usually have a device for it and you can inquire from the customer care agent for an assist, or better still use your phone if you have internet data. After you’ve successfully changed the initial password and username, login with your your new details and enjoy gtb guranty trust bank online banking.

The reason why i recommend people to go the bank is because if any issues arises or maybe you got stuck in the process, the customer care agent will help you out effectively.

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That’s it on gtbank internet banking, and i know that this post will be of help to you in registering today.

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