Gtbank gotv payment | How to subscribe for dstv

Gtbank gotv payment is made easy using the three methods of payments which doesn’t require you walking down to multichoice store to subscribe.

I do subscribe for dstv monthly subscription through my gtbank account and the methods is what i’m going to share with you guys on this post.

When i say Gtbank gotv payment, this also includes dstv, startimes, iRokotv, MyTv, Tstv etc.

Gtbank gotv payment (dstv)

The three methods i’m talking about which you can use to subscribe your gotv or dstv etc are;

  • Gtbank *737# ussd code
  • Gtbank internet banking
  • Gtbank mobile app

With these three available options, you can subscribe your TV cable using your gtbank bank account.

Let’s head over how to go about the Gtbank gotv payment.

1. Gtbank gotv payment using *737# ussd code

To pay or subscribe your gotv, dstv or any other cable TV, simply dial *737# on your mobile phone. Select the 6th option which is Cable TV. 

Next you’ll see on the screen is to enter your smart card number and this is followed by the amount you want to pay.

Through the smart card number, the bank detects if it’s dstv or gotv or any other cable TV.

Lastly type in your four digit pin and click pay.

You’ll see a successful payment display on your screen.

Note using *737# for Gtbank gotv payment does not require internet connection before you can use it to make payment.

No additional fee attached to it.

2. Using internet banking

Using internet banking is another way to pay for your gotv or dstv without visiting any multichoice office.

This requires a customer to login to their internet banking page and select bill payment.

Next is cable TV and select if it’s dstv, gotv, iRokotv or any other.

Enter your smart card number, and the amount you want to pay, followed by your internet banking pin.

You’ve successfully made Gtbank gotv payment and you can confirm it by going to your multichoice dashboard.

3. Mobile app

Gtbank gotv payment


Using mobile app is the last option for you, and i use this option to pay for my monthly dstv subscription.

I found it more convenient using the mobile app than using the *737# ussd code or internet banking.

Maybe that’s just my choice of payment.

To use mobile app for Gtbank gotv payment, you need to download and register your account. You can go through this page and learn how to register for gtbank mobile app.

After registering on the mobile app, open the application and go to bill payment / cable TV.

Tap on cable TV and select dstv/gotv. Enter your smart card number and select the bouquet.

Next is to pay the said amount and enter your pin number.

And that’s it, you’ve successfully paid your dstv or gotv payment using your gtbank account.

4. Using Quickteller

Using quick teller Gtbank gotv payment is one of the oldest method which i use to subscribe my cable TV back then.

Right now, i no longer make use of it.

But still it is a good option if you don’t want to use gtbank *737#, mobile app or internet banking.

All you have to do is to go to Quickteller website click on the menu and select pay bills. 

Type gotv, dstv or iRokotv depending on which one you want to pay.

You will see Gotv subscription and Gotv kenya.

Please select Gotv subscription and on the next window enter your mobile number or email address.

Enter your gotv decoder number and select the bouquet you want to pay for. Next window is to enter the amount you want to and your naira debit card details.

To make payment, you’ll receive a software token which you’ll use to confirm that the transaction is legal and of the consent of the account owner.

Enter the software token number and make the payment.

Note using quickteller for Gtbank gotv or dstv payment attracts a fee of one hundred naira.

If you’re not okay with that, you can use the other methods like *737# ussd code, mobile app or internet banking.

They don’t attract any fee like quickteller which is a third party website for Gtbank gotv payment.

If all these four options are not by you, the only option you have is to walk down to ant multichoice office and pay for cable TV subscription.

However, i don’t see the reason why in this modern day world with advance in technology that you with bank account isn’t making use of the banking on the go.

This is where i come to the conclusion of this post on Gtbank gotv payment and also how to subscribe for dstv using your mobile phone or smartphone.

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