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Gtbank Dollar to Naira Exchange Rate Today 2018

This post will give you the latest or the current gtbank dollar to naira exchange rate today, which covers the whole of 2018.

Gtbank is among the best bank in Nigeria that people uses to receive money from abroad to Nigeria especially in dollars. I have both gtbank savings account and domiciliary account and i receive money from abroad to my gtbank savings account and dorm account respectively.

Gtbank dollar to naira exchange rate is okay when compared to other banks in Nigeria and the cbn rate. I will say that gtbank have the highest exchange rate in Nigeria a the moment. If you want to buy dollar from guaranty trust bank gtbank charges almost the same with the black market though relatively cheap when compared with others too.

Let me say you want to use your gtb naira debit mastercard(atm card) to buy a product from abroad, gtb will charge you almost the same with the black market. But if you want to sell your dollar to them, for example receive dollar to your savings account, it will be very low.

The official bank exchange rate in Nigeria is N305 to $1 which is the cbn rate, but banks have their choice to increase the rate but will not go below it.

So you might be searching for gtbank dollar to naira exchange rate, below is the exchange rate today.

Gtbank dollar to naira exchange rate today

Gtbank dollar to naira exchange rate

You are buying from gtbank, it will be N368 which is similar to selling your dollar to the black market.

Buying $1 – N368

But if you are selling your dollar that is receiving cash through your gtbank savings account it will be N315 to one dollar.

Selling $1 – N315 

This is relatively low compared to black market which is one dollar to N369. This is the reason that anyone receiving money from abroad to Nigeria should create a domiciliary account and right now gtbank have dollar debit card right here in Nigeria. It’s not going to take anything from you to head over to any of their branch and create one for yourself.


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You can use your gtbank dollar credit card to make online payments outside Nigeria and the amount is quite okay for me.

That’s all i have on gtbank dollar to naira exchange rate today, if you have question or inquiry, Afribankonline I here to assist you thanks.

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