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Mini Importation Business Guide[How To Start It]


Mini importation is another business opportunity that many Nigerians wants to venture into but how to go about it becomes another question.

Detailed Guideline On Mini Importation and free guide

This posts deals with free mini importation guide, what is mini importation, requirements, buying the right products, shipment, custom duties, how to advertise your products and finally best place to sell your products. 

What is Mini Importation

From my own understanding, mini importation is the process of importing goods or products on a very small quantity which involves less capital. Goods that involves in mini importation are usually not heavy but rather light weight. 


If you want to start mini importation business, the very first thing you should try and get is dollar debit as banks have banned using naira debit card to make payments online.

Another thing you should have is a smartphone or a pc with internet connection, a valid email address preferably, and a valid home address. At this moment i will ask you to have up to N30,000 and upwards if you really want to start this mini importation business. 

Before going into this business, you should try and consider products that will sell and make profits for you especially as a start up. Okay let me tell you this, products that sells well are;

Smartphones and phone accessories 

Computer and computer accessories 

UK and US used phones


Gadgets like phone chargers, usb cables, flash drives, DVD Player, smart watch, and other accessories

Shoes and bags, wrist watches, sandals etc. 

Home accessories and baby’s wears. 

Mini Importation Websites

TThese are the best websites for mini importation business;

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So let’s use the first and the easiest, aliexpress for an example. 

First thing is to create account with aliexpress please use your real name and valid contact address.

When you finished creating account with aliexpress, it will show a congratulatory message and to which a verification url will be sent to your mail. Go to your mail and click on the url to verify your account and  another congratulatory message will display that your registration is complete. 

Whats next is to explore the website and order for your desired products. When ordering for products, first use the search bar to navigate to what you want, i recommend to tick free shipping and in ship to make sure it’s showing Nigeria flag.

Again in the option menu please select top rated products to avoid fake products and also type in the price you want for the product. 

Search results will display and before you order for a product, first check the reviews from other customers. 

Please check the percentage of each seller and if it is from 95% and above this indicates that the seller is reliable and genuine and also i recommend you to check out for the shipping duration and let it be between 1-3 days. 

After that click buy now and it will show a page for the shipment address, confirm the address you want and the total amount required to pay. If everything is correct click place order and you will require to input your debit card details. 

Ifyou are using Mastercard or Visa card please select the right option and click pay my order. The amount for the order will immediately be deducted from your bank account and you will receive a confirmation message on your email address about the payment which will also contain your tracking number. 


Buying products online requires the buyer to keep track of what he or she ordered for and in mini Importation  you are required to keep extensive track of your order.

If the shipment is through DHL, go to and input your tracking number and click track. It will show you how far it has gone.

Many sellers use Escrow when buying things online especially international website, with escrow the seller won’t receive the money till the order is delivered to you. You can use Google to know more about escrow. 

Mini importation from the United States is not so easy and i will make a separate article on that and it includes sites like amazon and eBay. 

Another thing that you should note is that if your order is $500 and above, for sure you will pay custom duties while order from $450 to $300 will pay little amount and from $250 will pay nothing. Sometimes buyers ask these websites to devalue the money so as to avoid custom duty but not all website(s) do this type of thing. Only eBay is where such us applicable. 

How to Sell And Advertise Your Mini Importation Business

Let me tell you this, do you know that many sellers on Konga and jumia are mini importers. Some of them don’t have a shop as it’s just their house and the products.  So you can also do the same for start up. 

To sell your products join konga and jumia as it will help boost your products. There are thousands of buyers on Konga and jumia, looking for things to shop on and as a startup it will help to get you exposed if you have a good product, quick delivery and nice ratings.

To advertise your products use Facebook and do Facebook ads to boost your sales. Twitter will also help but Facebook is better. Nairaland will help you especially if it involves smartphone like Android and phone accessories or computer and computer accessories. But generally i recommend Facebook. 

This is all i have for mini importation business free guide and how to start importation business in Nigeria. Any question feel free to ask thanks.