The First bank transfer code 2021 (ussd code)

Quick banking or first bank transfer code or ussd code as you can call you it, is a way which one can send or transfer money from his or her first bank account to another bank account.

This is the most convenient way of money transfer thanks to the new modern banking era.

There’s so many features of the first bank transfer code which includes money transfer, airtime top up, account balance checking.

*894# is the first bank Nigeria transfer code or mobile ussd code which works on all mobile phone and applicable to all first bank customers.

How first hank transfer code works

*894 | Quick banking | Very convenient | Fast money transfer | Airtime purchase | Balance checking | Data purchase | Request for account statement | 247/7 available

For you to enjoy this first bank services,  you must be a customer with a linked bvn, debit card, and a registered phone number.

This works on any type of phone be it a smartphone or a mobile phone.

You don’t need an internet connection like the internet banking or the mobile app. You just only need to insert your registered sim number in your phone and you are good to go.

The first bank ussd code gives the customers the opportunity to have their financial activity on their fingertip 24/7 available.

You can buy airtime, transfer money, check account balance; request for statement of account, open a new bank account, make cardless withdrawal, check your bvn, buy internet data or pay bill for utilities etc.

But before you can use the first bank transfer code, you will have to first register in order to have your five digit pin number.

Without the five digit pin number or password, you can only buy airtime for yourself but not for others and you cannot transfer money to another account.

Creating a five digit pin password isn’t difficult as it won’t even three minutes of your time.

To Register For First Bank Transfer Mobile Code

Below is how to register for first bank transfer code or first bank ussd code.

  1. First dial *894*0#
  2. You will see list of debit card linked to your bank account
  3. Select your debit card(preferred) and enter the four digit password of the atm card.
  4. Create a new five(5) digit pin and this is the pin number(password) you will use for the first bank transfer code.

The pin number can also be changed by dialing the above code and follow up the process.

How to transfer money on first bank using the first bank transfer code 

First bank transfer code


To transfer money on first bank using the first bank transfer code, dial *894*amount*account number#.

For Example

I want to transfer money to a friend named Ezinne, i will dial *894*50000*023456789#.

It will bring out the recipient full name and i will go ahead and type in the five digit pin(password).

It will show successful or not, N50 will be deducted from my account.

Not that the first bank transfer code has it’s daily limit which is N100,000 while the mobile app is N150,000.

To transfer more than the said amount, you’ll need to have a first bank token ID.

You can go to the bank to request for the token ID or contact their customer service representative.

How to buy airtime on First Bank using *894#

Buying airtime through First Bank is easy, fast and 24 hours available. Since i’ve been using the first bank *894# to buy airtime, i haven’t experienced any hitches at all.

The truth here is that bank will tell you that their mobile ussd code is 24/7, but when you try to buy airtime or transfer money in the mid night, it won’t go through.

This isn’t the case with first bank, their mobile banking ussd code is top notch.

To buy airtime for yourself, dial first bank ussd code of *894*amount# and you will receive the airtime top up.

For Example

To buy N500 airtime, dial 894*500# on your phone. Your account will be credited with the said amount.

Here, you won’t be asked to type in the five digit pin as you’re buying for self.

To buy airtime for other’s on first bank, dial *894*amount*phone number#

You want to buy airtime(N500)for a friend or family called bobby, you should dial *894*500*08037777777#.

How to check account balance on first bank Nigeria

You can easily check account balance on first bank through the first bank transfer code without going to the bank or the atm.

To check your account balance, dial *894*00#, your account balance will be displayed on your screen.

Note that each account checking attracts a fee of N10.

How to check first bank account statement

This is one of the features of the first bank transfer code that i love, requesting of account statement through the ussd code.

To do this, dial *894*account number#. This also attracts a fee of N10 per check.

There are other features which you can get through this, like buying of internet data, opening of account etc.

Benefits of first bank transfer code *894#


There are benefits derived from the first bank transfer code, and which is pretty much good and essential for me and you. They are as follows;

  • Quick banking services to every user. Thanks to the first bank ussd code, banking is lot easier and faster with the quick banking features.
  • Most convenient type of bank service. You don’t have to argue that the first bank ussd code is the very convenient, especially when it comes to money transfer.
  • Mode of payment made easy like the utility bills which includes; Electricity bill, cable TV payment like dstv and gotv, transport booking etc.
  • Always available to the bank customer, as it states that it is 24/7.

Note this is only available on prepaid network like MTN, Glo, Airtel and 9mobile network.

These are the the network phone number required from the customer by the bank during account opening.

You may be wondering if the first bank transfer code of *894# is secured?

The answer is YES!!! 

With the five digit pin password, no one can have access to your bank account unless the person have or know the pin number you used.

In the case that your phone was stolen, and which contains the sim number used for the first bank ussd code.

The person won’t have access to your bank account as long as he/she didn’t type the correct pin number you used.

Disadvantage of the ussd code

Aside from the huge benefits derived from the first bank transfer code or probably the mobile ussd code, it comes with lot of disadvantages.

But with extreme caution and security, you don’t need to have any fear in enrolling for the first bank transfer code or any other bank ussd code.

The truth is, you don’t have to trust someone enough to give the person your pin number, be it your partner, brother, sister or even a friend.

I happened to give my younger brother my pin number to transfer money to his account, then i was sick.

What he did afterwards was to buy a sim number which he transfers N1000 or at least N500 airtime to. He will delete the sms notification the bank sent, so that i will not know about the transaction.

I noticed that a sum amount of money was deducted from my account and i didn’t receive any message for it, i had to check my account and found out that almost N3000 was deducted.

I immediately called the customer service to inquire about the deduction as i didn’t receive any notification for it.

I requested for statement of account and i noticed that my account was used for airtime purchase and i don’t know the purchase or the number.

When i dialed that number, it was switched off and i kept of wondering how did it happened.

I realised that my kid brother was the only one that knows my bank pin number.

I interrogated him stainley, and he confessed that it was him and explained how he did it. I forgave him and changed the pin number immediately.

So this can happen to anyone. In terms of money transfer, you will see the recipient name and the bank which the money was transferred to, and this makes it difficult for fraudulent act.

When it comes to bill payment like electricity bill etc, someone can use your account to pay for these bills.

If it is dstv or Gotv, you can detect the user by getting the decoder number the payment was made to, and inquiring from multi choice the name of the user. For others, it is difficult or close to none.

This is one of reason not to trust anyone with your bank account details unless you have a maximum trust and understanding with the person.

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