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First Bank Transfer Code *894# – How To Transfer Money From First Bank To Other Bank

First Bank Transfer Code / how to transfer money from first bank to another bank or first bank. 

To all customers of first bank Nigeria, in this article, you will learn how  to money transfer from first bank to another bank or also first bank which is generally called easybanking. First bank transfer code have made it easy and possible for you to transfer money from first bank to another bank or even pay your bills or recharge airtime in your house without going to the bank.

First bank transfer code is not just to transfer money from first bank but you can as well top up airtime on your phone, pay bills, check your account balance etc. All these can be done right on your phone without the need for internet that is you can perform transaction both on First bank transfer codesmartphone or ordinary mobile phone.

First Bank Transfer Code *894#

First bank transfer code *894# is a quick, convenient, secure and easy way to perform your banking transactions (Transfer Money, Check Balance, Buy Airtime, Pay Bills and lots more) anytime and anywhere, using any type of phone without internet (data). All Individual account holders with phone numbers enrolled on the Bank’s SMS alert platform. Joint, corporate, and multiple signatory accounts are not eligible for this service.


You can transfer money, buy airtime for yourself and others, check your account balances, make purchases, pay your bills, open accounts etc.

First bank transfer code

How to Register for First Bank Mobile Banking

First bank transfer code

If you have an existing FirstBank debit card(s) linked to your account(s):

  • Simply dial *894*0#
  • A list of masked debit card numbers linked to your account is displayed
  • Select your preferred debit card
  • Enter the 4-digit Personal Identification Number (PIN) for the selected debit card
  • Create a new 5-digit PIN
  • Your number is now LIVE on the FirstBank USSD Quick Banking Service

How to use First Bank Transfer Code *894#

You as a customer of first bank, if you dial the *894# code, you will see two options which states;

1. Quick Banking- Follow prompts to access the listed services for FirstBank account holders ONLY.

2. Firstmonie- For electronic wallet- based transactions. This product is available to both account holders and non-account holders.

You will have to select the first option unless you want the electronic wallet transaction. When you select the first option which is first bank Quick banking you will see list of options like open account, check account balance, transfer funds, top up airtime etc. You will have to select the option you want and follow the on screen command. But first you must have to register by dialing *894*0# and create a 5 digit pin code as your password.

First bank transfer code

Reason for this is because of security cause someone or a fraudulent person might use your registered sim number to transfer money to his account or top up airtime without your notice. So the pin code acts as a security to your first bank mobile banking

How to Transfer Money From First Bank to Another Bank

One of the best features of the first bank transfer code or money transfer code, that is how to transfer money from first bank to another bank. It is so easy and all you have to do is on your phone, dial *894# and select the option that states transfer funds or you can dial *894*amount*account number#.  For example *894*50000*00123456789# and you will be asked to input your pin, after doing that you will see the full details of the person that you are transferring money to. Click OK to confirm it is and you have transferred money to that person.

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It usually takes a 1-2mins and the receiver will receive an alert of the transaction.

How to buy airtime from first bank Nigeria

To buy airtime or airtime top up from first bank, dial *894*amount# for yourself or *894*amount*phone number#. For example for yourself dial *894*200# and for another person dial *894*200*08033388888#

To check first bank account balance dial *894*00#

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That’s it i have on first bank transfer code and how to transfer money from first bank to another bank, if you have any inquiry or something to add to this please feel free to do that through the comment box thanks.




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