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How Much is Euro To Naira Today: CBN Rate, Bank Rate And Black Market

How much is euro to naira today, CBN Rate, Bank Rate and Black Market. This post was concocted for readers, guests and others to provide update on the present situation and rate of the country’s native currency against foreign currencies. In that sense, this particular write-up aims at providing information on the euro to naira today exchange rate.

The value of the EURO (€) is at a figure that it hasn’t been against the Naira ever not until about 16 months ago.

Quickly​, I would run through the reasons for the decline of the Naira against the EURO (€) in the consequent paragraphs​.

Really, you don’t need a Banker to explain to you the reasons behind the currency fall; neither do you need an Economist. The daily doings and activities of you and I as well as some government officials are factors running the value of the used-to-be valued Naira down the drain.

Fall in Global Oil prices, high dependency on imported goods, currency hoarding activities by Bureau de Change operators, ineffective and inefficient Government policies, little exportation activities, lack of manufacturing will and zeal etc. are some of the reasons why the Naira is in such dilapidated state. Luckily, the Naira has even tasted some improvement as it has risen significantly to some extent lately.

How much is euro to naira today

So let’s start from euro to naira today CBN RATE;

N361 – to buy €1
N362 – to sell €1

Euro to naira today BANK RATE;

The euro to naira today Bank Rate is slightly above that of CBN rate especially if you are banking with Gtbank or diamond bank.

N415 – to buy €1
N430 – to sell €1

Euro to naira today Black Market;

N424 – to buy €1
N430 – to sell €1

Receiving money through your naira savings account doesn’t make sense for a bit but rather you should create a domiciliary account and receive you money. The euro to naira today black market is the best of it, you will get all the value for your money or huge gain when transacting with the black market.

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Overview on the Euro

The Euro is the currency used by countries found located in the Euro zone of the continent Europe. The countries that makes use of the Euro currency includes; Austria, Belgium, Germany, France, Finland, Estonia, Italy, Greece, Malta, Portugal, Netherlands, Spain, Slovakia, Slovenia, Luxembourg etc.

How much is euro to naira today

The Euro occupies the fifth position in the list of the most strongest currencies in the world today. The Euro is the second largest reserve currency and also the second most traded currency in the world today after the United States Dollar (USD). Records have it that as at 2013, more than 210 million people worldwide had traded with the Euro currency. The symbol of the Euro is € and it has an inflation rate of -0.6%.

That’s it from me on how much is euro to naira today, CBN Rate, Bank Rate and Black Market.


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