Ecobank USSD Transfer Code – How to Transfer Money From Ecobank to other Bank

This post will educate you on ecobank ussd transfer code and how to transfer money from Ecobank to other bank in Nigeria 2017.

If you are Ecobank customer, this is 2017 and you should be using Ecobank mobile banking or easy banking to save yourself the stress and time especially during money transfer.

Ecobank began operations in 1986. It operates as a universal bank, providing wholesale, retail, corporate, investment and transaction banking services to its customers in the Nigerian market. The bank divides its operations into three major divisions: (a) Retail Banking (b) Wholesale Banking and (c) Treasury & Financial Institutions. Ecobank  also offers capital markets and investment banking services. During the fourth quarter of 2011, Ecobank Nigeria acquired 100% of the shareholding in Oceanic Bank, creating the expanded Ecobank Nigeria Plc. As of December 2011, the expanded Ecobank Nigeria controlled total assets valued at approximately US$8.1 billion (NGN:1.32 trillion), making it one of the five largest banks in Nigeria at the time. At that time the bank had 610 free-standing branches, making it the second-largest bank in the country by branch network.

Ecobank ussd transfer code was introduced by Ecobank to enable their customers perform transaction with faster and saves time. You can call that easy banking or Ecobank mobile banking. Please note that Ecobank mobile banking is of two types, one requires internet that is using the mobility app and the other doesn’t require internet which is the Ecobank transfer code.

Benefits of Using Ecobank Transfer code

MobileMoney from Ecobank lets you send and receive money, make payments and buy airtime. It’s a clever electronic wallet that lives on your phone and links your mobile quickly and safely to all your banking transactions.

Key features and benefits:

  • Deposit and withdraw money
  • Send money to friends and family for them to redeem at our agents
  • Receive money
  • Purchase airtime and internet data bundle
  • Pay for bills, goods and services
  • Check your account
  • Agents and small businesses can make collections electronically

All the features listed above, you will have your finances on your fingertips through Ecobank ussd transfer code or Ecobank money transfer code.


1. Registered number with Ecobank Nigeria, Uganda, Tanzania and Kenya.

2. You must have your atm card with you for this to go through. No atm card, then forget about Ecobank money transfer code .

3. Any type of phone can be used br it smartphone or Nokia touch as long as it has a key pad and number buttons.

How to transfer money from Ecobank to other bank using Ecobank USSD Transfer Code

Ecobank ussd transfer code or Ecobank money transfer code is listed below.

Ecobank ussd transfer code

For Ecobank Nigeria transfer code, use *326#

For Ecobank Kenya transfer code use *335#

For Ecobank Uganda transfer code use *235#

For Ecobank Tanzania transfer code use *150*18#

After dialing the Ecobank ussd transfer code, please carefully follow the the onscreen guide and transfer money from Ecobank to other or Ecobank and also for other purposes.


Diamond Bank Transfer Code

UBA Money Transfer Code

To check Ecobank account balance or recharge airtime or internet data, for Nigeria dial *326# and select the option you want.

That’s it on ecobank ussd transfer code, Ecobank money transfer code or Ecobank mobile banking. If you have any inquiry or questions feel free and drop it on the comment box.


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