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Ecobank Money Transfer Code: How to Transfer Money from Ecobank to Other Banks

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This blog post will teach you about ecobank money transfer codeand also how to transfer money or funds from Ecobank to Other banks.

This mode of banking is actually called mobile banking or you can say ecobank mobile banking. This type of banking doesn’t require internet connection especially if you are not using their mobile app. You can transfer money, pay your bills, recharge airtime, check your account balance etc with your phone.

Ecobank money transfer code works on any type of phone or device a long as a can send and receive sms. You can also get more features on this mobile banking b downloading ecobank mobile app for mobile banking.

Main Benefits of using Ecobank Money Transfer Code

There are lots of benefits of using the ecobank money transfer code and it includes the following;

1. Check and manage your finances 24/7

2. Transfer money from Ecobank to Other banks or ecobank too

3. Pay bills or make payments

4. Buy airtime or data bundle through your ecobank bank account.

5. Block Card / Cheque Request

6. Locate nearest Ecobank Branch / ATM

7. Check Forex Rates among others

8. Check your account balance etc.


Ecobank money transfer code extensively requires the followings;

1. Mobile device that can send and receive sms

2. Sim card registered with ecobank account

3. Debit card(which performing transfer with mobile banking app)

How to Transfer money from Ecobank to Other Banks

To transfer money from your ecobank account to other bank dial *326# and follow the on screen guide. You will see many options like top up airtime, data plan, payment of bills and send money from Ecobank to other bank, check account balance etc.

Ecobank money transfer code

From those using android phone or ios(iPhone and ipad) download the below

Ecobank mobile banking app for Android

Ecobank mobile banking app for iOS(iPhone & iPad)

And that’s it from m on ecobank money transfer code and how to transfer money from Ecobank to other bank(s). If you’ve got any questions questions, inquiries or complaints you can do that through the comment box thanks. 



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