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Ecobank Internet Banking: How to Register For Ibank

Learn how to register for ecobank internet banking and also get your ecobank ibank code to enjoy online banking right from your smartphone.

Ecobank fastest and reliable online banking system in Nigeria. Their services is 24/7 available to their customers as long as you have good internet services around you. Ecobank e-banking platforms is user friendly, convenient and above all, safe – all thanks to Rapport, the Banking Security Software used by Ecobank.

Ecobank internet banking service is built according to the highest encryption specifications—128-bit secure encryption—and complies with international Internet security standards. This ensures that Ecobank establishes a secure link with you every time you perform an online transaction. So any information you send can only be interpreted by the Ecobank Internet Banking system.

Please Note;

Always access Internet banking by typing the correct URL ( into your browser.

Never click on a link in an email that takes you to another website.

Do not enter your personal details either in the email or on the website.

Use up-to-date anti-virus software and a personal firewall.

Don’t use Internet cafés or computers that are available for use by the public as they may have spy-ware installed on them to capture your login credentials without your knowledge.

Benefits of Ecobank Internet Banking

Ecobank internet banking

Below are some benefits of using ecobank online banking.

  • View account balances and print statements
  • Transfer money within Ecobank and to other banks
  • Make international Transfer
  • Request cheque books and stop cheques
  • Set-up standing orders
  • Update your contact details
  • Make fixed deposits
  • E-mail Ecobank and get feedback

How to Register For Ecobank Internet Banking

Okay you may be asking how to register for ecobank internet banking, below is how you can go about it.

First you need to fill the Ecobank internet banking form. This Ecobank online banking application form is known as the e-product form and deed of indemnity.

Download the e-product and deed of indemnity form from the Ecobank internet banking form from Here

Fill the e-product form with the appropriate information. Make sure you “check” the Internet banking option. The information required as basic information like contact and banking details.

Also fill the deed of indemnity form and submit both forms to the nearest Ecobank branch.

4. The bank will send you an email with your login details after they had processed your application.

5. Goto the Ecobank Website and click LOGIN.

6. You would be required to enter your login details, enter the information sent to you by the bank.

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7. After submission, you would be required to change password and after doing that, you had successfully registered for Ecobank Internet banking.

8. Get yourself acquainted with the platform and happy banking online using Ecobank online platform.

And that’s it you can start using ecobank internet banking today. If you have any questions or inquiry please feel free to ask.


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