Dstv payment through bank account via phone

Looking for the best dstv payment option on your mobile phone, look no further as i have the best methods for your dstv subscription payment.

There’s no doubt that dstv is the best cable TV in Africa and Nigeria in general, with millions of subscribers each month.

Days are gone when you go to any multuchoice office around in order to subscribe for monthly subscription, you can stay in your office, house, work place or anywhere and pay for your dstv.

How do i make dstv payment on via mobile phone?

I’ve got the answer for you.

Dstv payment via mobile phone

dstv payment through bank account


Below are the methods for your dstv payment or subscription payment of any package in year 2020 via your smartphone or feature phone.

1. Through bank Account

Dstv payment through bank account is the most convenient way which you can pay dstv via phone in Nigeria or even any other country.

Paying through your bank account comes in three different ways, they are: through ussd code, internet and then mobile banking.

Paying through ussd code

Unstructured Supplementary Service Data popularly called Ussd code is a digit number which is used by telecommunication, banks etc for services.

For example *737# or *966# ussd code.

Through ussd code, you can make your dstv subscription payment without visiting any multuchoice office or using the internet.

To pay for dstv using your gtbank account via phone using the *737#, dial *737*smart card number#.

You will be given an option to select the package you want and type in your ussd pin number and finally confirm the payment.

For first bank account holders, you dial *894# and you will see option for bill payment, click on it and you will see dstv subscription.

This also goes to other banks in Nigeria, you can contact your bank to inquire about their ussd code for dstv subscription payment via phone.

Paying through internet banking

Another means which you can make dstv payment in 2020 is internet banking. This requires you to first enroll for it and select bills payment option.

If you don’t have internet banking account, contact your bank and inquire on how to enroll yourself. Currently, banks allow user’s to register for internet without visiting the bank, you can register through online.

If you have internet banking account, login using your details. Click on the option and on the menu, you will see bill payment (depending on the bank you’re using).

On the bill payment, you will see lots of options for you to select, and this includes cable TV.

If you click on the cable TV, you will see dstv/Gotv, startimes etc.

Select dstv/Gotv and it will bring another window where you’re to select the package you want to pay. Use the on scree instruction to complete your payment.

Dstv payment through internet banking doesn’t attract any other additional fee, other than the said amount that you’re required to pay.

Dstv payment through mobile banking

This is the last option if you want to use your bank account to for your monthly dstv subscription.

I mostly use this method for my dstv subscription payment and it is way better for me.

Mobile banking is the process of using your bank mobile app to make payment from your account or other transactions.

Just like the internet banking, it requires internet and you also need to register before using it.

If you’re new to mobile banking, just type your bank mobile app and download it from the play store or Apple tunes.

Launch the application on your phone and it will require you to sign up before using it.

You must have an active phone number and email address, and it must be that which you used in creating bank account your bank.

Registration on any bank mobile app isn’t a difficult one, just click on the sign up button and follow up using the onscreen instructions.

If you’re through with the registration, sign in and you will first see your account details though it depends on the bank.

Click on the option menu and you will see see bill payment or maybe services, select cable TV and finally dstv.

To make dstv payment using your bank mobile app, simply tap on the package you want and it includes Access, Family, Yanga, Confirm, Compact, Compact Plus, and finally dstv premium.

Select the account number you want to use for the payment and type in your pin number to confirm the payment.

You will receive a successful message on your screen which indicates that your dstv payment is a success and your package should be showing.

Dstv subscription payment through mobile banking doesn’t attract any fee, it just the amount attached to the package that you’ll pay only.

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2. Dstv subscription payment through quickteller

Quickteller is another method which you can use to pay dstv via phone in Nigeria. Below is how to pay for dstv using quickteller.

You have to first create account with quickteller  and sign in to your account. Click on the option menu and select pay bills.

On the search button, type in dstv and you will see dstv subscription. On the next screen, type in your email address, phone number and smartcard number and click on the continue button.

Select the package that you want to subscribe to and click pay. It will take you to another page where you will type in your debit card (atm card) number, name and the security pin.

So enter your smartcard number, name written on it, expiry date and the three digit cvv pin written at the back of your atm card and tap on continue.

The last step is to enter your atm card pin number and click on continue. You will receive an otp message on your registered phone number with your bank account, and which you are to type in the otp number.

Finally tap on pay and that’s it, you’ve finally made your dstv subscription payment via your phone.

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So far, this two are the methods which i use for my dstv payment and they are perfectly working for me. However, if you have other methods, please kindly share with us thanks.

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