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Download UBA Mobile App Apk(UBA Mobile Banking)

Download UBA Mobile App Apk for android or even for iPhone and iPad users.

UBA mobile banking App has been useful to us in terms of cash transaction which makes it easy for us to initiate bill payments and other services from the comfort of our office and homes without experiencing the general protocols involved in the current banking halls.

Previously, the Uba mobile app was known as U-Mobile but it has recently been updated to UBA Mobile Banking and with this comes various services which were not found in the former app.

Features of UBA Mobile App

Uba mobile app Apk

Facial acknowledgment: This means that they have updated it from finger print to facial recognition, in other words, no one can unlock this app without your approval because the security won’t recognize the face of another person except the real owner of the account, other usage like securing of the login details with biometrics in other to keep our personal information safe from others with the help of finger print security and facial recognition
Note: The finger print authorization is still valid depending on the choice of the user.

2. Share transaction receipt on social media platform: Is it not amazing to know that the UBA Mobile App have been updated to the standard that you make a transaction, get the receipt and share it on social media. This is to minimize cash transaction issues.

3. Night mode: Just like your normal cell phone where you can dim the brightness at night, you can also apply the format in the UBA Mobile APP in other to change it to night mode, it is really helpful at night for you to change the background light to gray or any other dim colour that will help protect your eye.

4. Customize your transaction details: that is to say that you are in better position to decide how you want to process your transaction either by using your transaction pin, finger print or facial recognition.

5. Personalize your background picture: this means that you can change your profile background at any time you want unlike before the profile was fixed no one could change it, but the updated one has made it easy to change at your own will.

6. Indemnity profile: this means you can change your limit at any time of your choice, that is to set your desired transaction limit

UBA Mobile Application allows users to conduct financial transactions & do lots more from their app. This is perhaps the best news for customers who wouldn’t want to step into the banking hall to conduct a financial transaction.

Furthermore, Using the Uba internet banking app has many advantages which may include; obtaining your account balance and a list of a customer’s latest transactions, recharge phone airtime and do as much as fund a transfer between two accounts.

Benefits of UBA Mobile App

United bank for Africa Mobile app can carry out most of your day to day transactions. Below are some of the features of the mobile app.

1. Intra bank – transfer Between Uba bank account (s)
2. Inter-bank transfer between Uba bank and other banks.
3. Airtime recharge –Easily perform Airtime Top-up
4. Pay bills such as Electricity bills, Cable Tv e.t.c
5. Check your account balance
6. Generate copies of bank statement

Download UBA Mobile App Apk

For alleged Android users use the below link to download the latest uba mobile bank app apk.

Uba mobile banking app apk

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