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How Much is Dollar to Naira Today(Black Market)

How much is Dollar to Naira today, black market exchange rate, bank rate and cbn exchange rate 2018.

Here in this post, you will get the latest dollar to naira exchange rate which includes cbn rate, bank rate and black market rate today. You will need to bookmark this page and keep checking on it to get your latest or current info on dollar exchange rate today in Nigeria 2018. 

One thing you should know about the dollar naira exchange rate on cbn and bank rate is that they are very close or almost the same. Then it depends on the bank to increase their their rate in order to favor their customers.

In 2016, it naira was extremely poor that it was sold for N505 per dollar in the black market and parallel market. This was a huge bad effect to the economy as cost of goods were at high rate, but right now in late 2017, things seems to get bit better. So let’s take a look at the dollar to naira today.

How Much is Dollar to Naira Today

To get the latest update on how much is dollar to naira today, first let’s start from the the cbn exchange rate in Nigeria.

CBN  naira dollar exchange rate


This is the cbn naira dollar exchange rate which is the official rate and applicable to all banks.

Dollar to Naira Bank Rate;


Dollar to naira today –  bank rate is almost the same like the cbn rate when buying from them but when selling it almost like the black market rate.

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Dollar to naira black market exchange rate 

How much is dollar to naira today

The black market dollar to naira exchange rate is undoubtedly the best, and if you have been receiving money to your naira account, you should try and get a domiciliary account. With a domiciliary account you will receive your cash on the foreign currency.


Looking at the three different ways to exchange your dollar to naira, black market is the best for you to get more value for your dollar. For example you have $300 and used bank exchange rate which goes direct to your savings or current account, it will be $300 × 315 = N94500. Buy if it’s black market it will be $300 × 360 = 108,000 and the difference which is N13500 from the bank rate.

All these dollar to naira exchange rate today fluctuate every seconds or minutes, but any new changes i will update it immediately.

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So that’s it for today on How Much is Dollar to Naira Today: CBN, Black Market And Bank Rate. 


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