How to check bvn on phone using 3 methods

This post is a detailed guide on how to how to check bvn on phone, and i’ve tried to provide you with the best methods that you can use to check your bank verification number.

You can use any type of mobile phone, be it a feature phone like java or a smartphone.

Again it doesn’t require internet connection at all.

Is no longer a new thing that one must enroll for bank verification before he or she can make use of banking services.

Services which includes cash withdrawal, money transfer, bill payment or even checking of account balance etc.

Well it is said that the reason for the introduction of bank verification number, popularly called bvn is to curb fraudulent activities in the banking system.

How to check bvn on phone.

BVN is compulsory in Nigeria which every bank account holder must enroll to, and in the case that you’ve done so, but have forgotten your number.

This post contains a detailed guide on how to check bvn on phone.

First let me explain what bvn is all about and why it why it was introduced.

What is bank verification number (bvn)

(How to check bvn on phone)

BVN which was introduced in Nigeria under the Central Bank of Nigeria Act 1958 to reduce fraud in the banking system.

It was implemented by the Central Bank of Nigeria to curb or reduce illegal banking transactions in Nigeria.

Since 2015, it is a must that every bank account holder must have their account linked with a bank verification number.

How to check bvn on phone

I got lots of requests on how to check bvn on mtn, airtel, glo or 9mobile network.

The code to check bvn is *565*0# and when you dial it on your mobile phone it displays your bank verification number.

This is for those that have enrolled for the bank verification number and can’t retrieve it, this is how to check bvn on phone.

First i will start with checking your bank verification number on the four prepaid network we have in Nigeria, this includes mtn, airtel, glo, and 9mobile.

How to check bvn on mtn, airtel glo and 9mobile

  • If your looking for how to check bvn on mtn, on your mobile phone simply dial *565*0#
  • How to check BVN on Airtel, simply dial *565*0#
  • How to check BVN code on 9mobile: simply dial *565*0#
  •  How to check BVN on Glo, simply dial *565*0#

If you look at the above codes, you will see that they are the same, this tells you that the code to check bvn is *565*0#.

This code is applicable to banks, if you’re looking for how to check bvn on Gtbank, Access bank, uba, first bank Nigeria, zenith bank, fidelity, wema bank, fcmb, eco bank, union bank, stanbic ibtc etc, know that the code is *565*0#

To check bvn on phone attracts a fee of N20, and this is applicable to all bank and network.

Apart from the above code, banks also have a way to check bvn on phone, and this is by checking your account balance and number.

For example, if you dial a bank ussd code *737#, you will see the option to check account balance, this in turn gives you both the account balance, and also your bvn number.

Sometimes i use this method to get my bank verification number on my phone using the gtbank *737# ussd code. However, this is not applicable to all banks.

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However, checking of account balance or number also attracts a fee of N15 or N10 though it differs from bank to bank.

Checking of bvn on phone through internet banking and mobile banking

how to check bvn on phone


Apart from *565*0# code for checking bvn or using bank ussd code, internet banking and mobile app have always been my best option to check bvn.

Honestly this is my best way to check how bvn number on phone, this includes internet banking or the mobile banking.

These two methods requires internet connection, but you won’t be charged like using the *565*0# code.

All you need to do is enroll for internet banking or register for mobile banking.

So you need register for your internet banking or you can as well download your bank mobile application on play store or apple store.

Register your account on the application and login to the mobile app.

Launch the bank mobile app, depending on how the navigation is, you’ll see your bvn on the settings page or on the option menu.

For example, if i want to check my bvn using the zenith bank mobile application, i will click on the option menu, go to settings and scroll down.

I will see my bvn and if i click on it, it displays my bank verification number.

If i’m using gtbank gtworld mobile app, immediately i tap on the option menu by the left corner, it displays my bvn on top of the screen.

So to check bvn on phone using your bank mobile app depends on your bank mobile application and it’s navigation.

Same goes to mobile banking app, having downloaded and registered your account, on the home screen on the mobile app you’ll see your bvn number.

This only requires you to login to your account and view your bvn without your bank deducting money from your account.

This is actually the way which i do check my bvn anytime i’m in need of it, though i’ve it said on my phone notepad.

Let me repeat this again, code to check bvn on phone is *565*0# and it is for all network and on your registered sim number with your bank.

How to enroll or register for bvn

If you haven’t enrolled for bvn and wants to do that, the only way is to visit your bank branch and request that you want to enroll for bank verification number.

You can’t do online cause the bank need to take your fingerprint and your picture as well.

It doesn’t take time unless there is a network issue which tends to delay the process.

You’ve to go with your ID card and permanent voters card is allowed.

Please after you’ve given your bank your details for the bvn, try to check and confirm that the information or the details the bank typed is 100% correct, and this includes the name arrangement.

If your name isn’t properly arranged, this will hinder you from linking to your other bank accounts.

How to check bvn on phone.

After everything is done, your bank will give you your bank verification number (BVN) and you can note it down on a piece of paper for future use.

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I hope i’ve helped you on how to check bvn on phone, i’m open to your questions and suggestions but better still contact your bank for issues and solutions.

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