How to check bvn number online (check bvn details online)

Having said about checking of bank verification number on phone, on this post is how to check bvn number online.

There are three major methods which you can do and i’ve already discussed on this post.

Some people only know how to check their bvn by dialing *565*0# ussd code, which only gives you the ussd number.

But this involves online method just like the topic states, how to check bvn number online and to check bvn details online.

However, if you’re looking for how to check the name on my bvn then you should use the online method.

Before going into how to check bvn number online, let me give an insight on what bank verification number is, and why it was introduced in Nigeria.

BVN Overview

Bank verification number popularly know as bvn was introduced in Nigeria by the central bank of Nigeria in the month of February 2014.

But the scheme came into effect in 2015, which was made compulsory that all the bank account holders must enroll for the bank verification number.

Failure to do so, a bank customer can receive money into his or her account but cannot withdraw or transfer money to another person.

Bank verification number is a type of registration of customers in the financial system using biometric technology.

Biometric technology involves the process of recording a person’s unique physical traits such as fingerprints and facial features.

How to check bvn number online and check bvn details online.

According to central bank Nigeria (CBN), The objective of the BVN initiative is to protect  bank customers, reduce fraud and further strengthen the Nigerian banking system.

This in turn helps to check fraud in the Nigeria banking system cause there’s no way two persons can have the same biometric information, which includes fingerprints, face and profile details.

BVN enrollment isn’t a difficult one if there’s no network issue, but currently there’s no stress in doing so.

All you need to do is visit your bank and request for the bvn enrollment form, complete and hand it over to the bank customer representative.

Your biometrics will be taken, and these includes your picture and also your fingerprints.

After everything is done, the bank will issue you your bank verification number.

A bank customer is liable to have only one bvn, and which you can link to other bank accounts if you have any.

How to check bvn number online and check bvn details online.

This posts covers what you’ve been searching for, how to check bvn and most especially if focuses on get your bvn.

How to check bvn number online

How to check bvn number online


If you have enrolled for bvn and have misplaced where you wrote, or completely forgotten it, i’ve provided you with the best way on how to check bvn number online.

How to check bvn online

  • Through internet banking
  • Through mobile banking
  • Through bvn validation portal

The last on the list which is bvn validation portal helps you on how to check bvn details online. 

These details include your name, date of birth and address, but it attracts N25 from your bank account.

Through Internet Banking

Internet banking is one of the best way to check bvn online, and it doesn’t attract any fee, or any charges attached to it.

It is one of the best method which i use anytime i’m desperately in need of it or looking for how to check my bvn.

It wouldn’t even take me more than fifteen seconds and i’ve seen my bank verification number using my internet banking account.

How to check bvn number online through internet banking.

All you need to do is register for internet banking which is hundred percent for free, create your account, get your username and password and login to your account.

Immediately you login to your internet banking page, on the top left corner of your screen, you’ll see your bank verification number (bvn) displayed on your screen.

Though this depends on your bank internet banking homepage or navigation.

You can copy it and save it on a note pad for future use or even don’t bother to do so unless you found yourself in a remote area where there’s no internet access.

How to check bvn number online through mobile banking.

Through Mobile Banking

Mobile banking is my very best way of on how to check bvn number, all it requires is to download your bank app and register your account and you’re good to go.

Registration is for free and requires just your email address and phone number which you used in opening your account with your bank.

Having downloaded your bank mobile app  and creating your account, sign in and click on the option menu.

You’ll see your bank verification number displayed on your screen.

However, this mostly depends on the bank that you’re banking with.

I’m sure of gtbank, zenith bank, wema bank and first bank allows their customers using the bank mobile app to check bvn online .

Just like the internet banking, having a mobile banking account through your bank mobile app is hundred percent free and no fee attached to it.

How to check bvn number online.

How to check bvn details online

If you’re confused or thinks that there’s an error with the name, date of birth or how the bank arranged it, and looking for how to check bvn details online, i have the solution for your.

All the methods which you will use to check your bvn number only shows the eleven digit number and that’s all.

In the case that you want to link your bvn to other accounts and you couldn’t because of mismatch.

The first solution is to check how your name is written and also your date of birth.

This is where bvn validation portal comes to rescue.

The portal helps you to validate your bvn, but you are not going to go to that process, all you need to do is to check bvn details online through the portal.

How to check bvn number online and check bvn details online.

Through BVN Validation Portal

This method is different from the two above, this requires you to have or know you bvn number, go to the bvn validation portal and type in your bvn and date of birth.

Click search and it will take you to a page where you’re required to pay a sum of N25 from your bank account through your naira debit card.

After you’ve done so, the portal will show you your bvn details online, which includes your name, date of birth, date of registration and your address.

From there you can see if your name was written properly and arranged the way it should be.

If the reverse is the case, you can’t link your bvn to other accounts especially if the name arrangement didn’t tally.

For example your name is Chukwuemeka Obi Nelson, which Chukwuemeka is your first name, obi is the last name and Nelson is your middle name.

The bank made a mistake and filled Obi as your first name, and Chukwuemeka as your last name with Nelson as the middle name.

With this, you can’t link your bvn to your other account unless you’ve it corrected.

This i will discuss on the next topic, how to correct bvn name, or name arrangement.

How to check bvn number online and check bvn details online.

How to check my bvn date of birth

I’ve got some few persons asking this question, how to check my bvn date of birth.

If you care to read this post from the beginning to the end, you’ll see where i ststed that to check your bvn details like name, date of birth etc, you need to visit the bvn validation portal.

The bvn validation portal has all your details as long as you have enrolled or registered for bank verification number and note that it is a bvn checker.

So if you’re looking for how to check my bvn date of birth, please kindly use the bvn portal link and get all your details.

Another way on how to check bvn number online is by contacting your account manager or through bank email address.

The bank will ask you questions for clarification that you’re indeed the owner of the account, before giving it to you.

But many a time they wouldn’t, and will ask you to visit their branch for collection.

How to check bvn number online and check bvn details online.

Bvn online registration

Here in Nigeria, there’s no bvn online registration, you need to visit your bank to register for bank verification number.

Even if you’re residing abroad, you’ll only book for a date, which you will then visit the office to get yourself enrolled.

The reason why there’s no bvn online registration is because the bank need to capture you, and also your fingerprints which can’t be done online.

So if you have not enrolled your account for bank verification number, please visit your bank and do that immediately.

Registering for bvn won’t take up to thirty minutes and you’re done with it.

After you’re done with everything, you will have to use the above procedure on how to check bvn number online or to check bvn details online.

To learn more on how to register your account today, kindly go through this post and learn more about it.

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 With this, I’ve round it up on how to check bvn number online or to check bvn details online. Please kindly use the share buttons to share this post. 

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